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Mediavel Cherokee Revival

Pacific Coast Cherokee Regathering
*** (Pronounced "aw-nee") ***

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- - - HISTORY and HERITAGE - - -

01. A Very Brief History of the OLD CHEROKEE (Glossary)

02. A Review of the Development of the PACIFIC COAST CHEROKEE

03. Understanding Our Heritage From the MEDIAVEL CHEROKEE

- - - CRAFTS and CLOTHING - - -

04. Modern Mediavel Cherokee Heraldry: SNOWFLAKE GALLERY , or... Realm (Web Site) HERALDRY , or... Astarian (Web Site) BUTTON ART , or... Vinlander (Viking Era) FLAG ART , or... Web Site SHIELD ART

05. Mediavel Cherokee ART and BEADWORK

06. A Peek at Mediavel Cherokee FASHION and DRESS

07. Architecture of the Mediavel Cherokee: WOOD WORKS (Similar Viking buildings and construction)

08. Pacific Coast Cherokee ARTS and CRAFTS MARKET

- - - LITERATURE and LEGENDS - - -

09. Mediavel Cherokee Myths and Legends: AZOMARI (The Mysterious Blonde Cherokee Tribe?)

10. Mediavel Cherokee Myths and Legends: CHEKOTA (The Mythical Capital City and "Camelot" of the Old Cherkokee)

- - - FUTURE and POSTERITY - - -

11. Our Troubled Mixed-Marriage: The CHEROKEE and AMERICA

12. Details of the New ANi Homeland W.A.S.H.A. (The Scenic Highway and Our Industrial Park--in S.W.Washington State)

13. A Brief Review of Our proposed SPACEPORT. (To be in or near Our Industrial Park)

14. A Philosophical Peek at the CHEROKEE FUTURE (Our Homeland in Space--Wistaria)


15. The Amazing Connections Between CHEROKEE and VIKINGS

16. Mediavel Cherokee Theology -- the Strange Parallels between CHEROKEE and JEWS (An Israel in America???)

17. The Judeo-Christian Teachings of the Old Cherokee (The ANi Tribal Membership Course -- JChIN Doctrines)

18. The W.C.C.I.N. or "Quin": Philosophical Considerations in the Reconstruction of a Lost Tribe (and Nation) [Financial Disbersment]

Well, we have been trying to tell you that the MEDIAVEL CHEROKEE were NOT like other NATIVE AMERICANS. Perhaps, after reading these Articles, you will see why. (And, correspondingly, why WE believe it is so important to preserve their History and Heritage!)


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