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American VIKINGS

Cherokee History and Norse History Coincide!

One of the greatest puzzles concerning the Old Cheroke (and Mediavel Cherokee) is WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? In researching for Our Bronzemen Movement, we have uncovered an amazing connection between the Cherokee and the Vikings. Consider the details...

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Cherokee Origins:

Late Arrivals Among the Native Americans

Most of the other Native Americans seem to have come to this continent from either the Land Bridge over Alaska, or by boat over the Pacific from Polynesia (or perhaps the Ice Bridge over Greenland from Europe). In any case, they got to America a LONG TIME AGO!

However, Archeologist tell us that the Cherokee did not appear in Applachia until around 1000 to 1300 A.D. Certainly, centuries after all the other Native Americans were here. So, where were they before that? And how did they get to the Carolinas?

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Northmen "Discover" North East America!

The earliest Tales of Viking (or Goths) Explorers comes from the Vidfadmi Era of around 600 A.D. Irish or Celtic Monks record stories from this Time Period that tell of brave explorers journeying to new lands deep in the Atlantic Ocean. So, whether myth, legend, or fact, it shows that the Vikings were thinking about these kinds of trips from very early on.

The first verified "discovery" was by Lief Erickson in around 1000 A.D. and there followed a variety of other trips of exploration in the decades just after. Moreover, the Viking Exploration Base in New Foundland, Canada was confirmed by archeologist. The Vikings really were here, in America, and around that time.

Now, if you grab a Map, you will see that New Foundland is at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Now, why is that significant?

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Old Cherokee Language:

Roots With Those Above Ohio River!

Now, if you have ever tried to speak (or study) Cherokee, you know that it is a highly distinctive language!

Moreover, Linguists trace the roots of Cherokee to those Native American Tongues found North of The Ohio River. Or, in short, up in Canada. Or, to make it more plain and simple--ALONG THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER (where the Vikings were)!

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BRONZEMEN Conclusions:

Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Trail Together!

OKAY, now we are conjecturing. But, considering the facts, it seems very reasonable and rational to assume that something like the following was most likely to have occured.

The Goths or Vikings of the New Foundland Colony came exploring up the St. Lawrence River in around 1000 to 1300 A.D. There they found Native Americans where they bartered or traded for some Indian Maidens (or knowing Vikings, they probably just captured and carried them off--was this the reason for the retallitory raid of the Indians that drove that Viking Colony off???). Then, heading on down the East Coast of America, they came to the Carolinas. And there, they learned from the local Native Americans about the Appalachian Mountains, which were snow covered in Winter. Now, to the Native Americans, that was bad, and not welcoming, for the lowlands had a much more hospitable climate, so they never settled in the Highlands. But, to the Vikings, Mountains and Snow sounded like home. So, they stopped and set up a colony there, more than likely, intending to return and build up trade.

Now, the Viking Colony that was planted in Appalachia was composed of Viking men and Native American women. And for some reason, the other Vikings seem to have never come back. So, the Colonists became more and more Native American, as they inter-married over the generations. And as time progressed, the Cherokee emerged from this Viking Colony.

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Additional BRONZEMEN Connections:

Other Correlations Support this Viking Origin!

So, if this is what happened (and we believe that it is), then there are other things that also fit.

FIRST, one of the amazing things about the Cherokee is that you get two black-haired Native American sorts together, and every so often a blond child pops out! (And NO, there has been no infidelity involved!) Rather, the gene pool tends to show that there are Nordic Ancestors in the bloodline, somewhere. More than likely, from the Original Viking Colony.

SECOND, this accounts form why the Cherokee tend to be taller and slimmer built, than the other Native Americans. For it is a genetic throw-back to that Original Viking Colony, and Scandinavian form.

THIRDLY, the early European Explorers, who were first making contact with the Cherokee in the 1600s, report that the Mediavel Cherokee had some kind of Judeo-Christian or Messianic Religion! Now, how could this happen, except that some Jews brought it from Scandinavia and transmitted it to the Cherokee through that Original Viking Colony! (For more on this, see Our other Article on the CHEROKEE HEBREWS.)

CONSEQUENTLY, we really do seem to have a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation here! Not only in Our Past and Ancestory. But also for the basis and model for Our Future Utopia!

Food For Further Thought...

Was this VINLAND???

Well, the myth and legend of Vinland being down along the Coast of Eastern America, somewhere, was strong. So, the Carolinas and Appalachia would fit, geographically, according to the sagas.

Moreover, the Appalachian Region has a lot of naturally growing grapes.

So, have we found more evidence of a Viking America?


1- Much of the information for the early or Mediavel Cherokee comes from the colonial works of Payne, Butrick, and Adair, a lot of which is quoted in THE CHEROKEE PEOPLE--The Story of the Cherokees, from Earliest Origins to Contemporary Times; by Thomas E. Mails, published in 1992 by Council Oak Books of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2- Supplemental information confirming Mails work can also be found in The HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS and Their Legends and Folklore by Emmet Starr from Oklahoma City in 1921 but was reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore, Maryland in 2004.

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