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Studies in Cherokee History

Cherokee Migration - The Nation Shatters and Scatters

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Most of the (3) regular branches of the Cherokee Nation are to be found back East. So, where did the Pacific Coast Cherokee come from? And are they a 4th branch of the Tribe? Let us review Cherokee History to find out.

From Our Bronzemen History, we know that the Early or Old Cherokee Period ran from about 1300 A.D. to around 1730s A.D. (and the Mediavel Cherokee from about 1530 to 1730s). And their Homeland was to be found in Appalachia and what is now the modern States of North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennesee, and Georgia.

And, though we do not know that much about them, to say the least, Socially and Culturally, the Mediavel Cherokee were NOT like other Native Americans!

DeSoto made a brief visit to them in 1530s, while he was searching the South East for GOLD! Then the British Colonists "discovered" them in 1640s and rapidly developed a booming trade with the Nation (by 1670s).


Then, unfortunately, in the late 1600s and early 1700s. as European contact grew, the Mediavel Cherokee (as well as many other Native American Tribes) were hit by massive epidemics of Measles and Small Pox. As a result, historical records suggest that somewhere between 70% and 90% of the Mediavel Cherokee were wiped out!

This caused the Cherokee Nation to be split into 2 main factions.

First was the COLONIAL CHEROKEE, who were Europeanized (and "churchized") and thus sought to become more and more like the British Colonists.

Second, was a less distinct group, but whose main unity stemmed from wanting to return to the "Old Ways" of the other Native American Tribes around them. For, the Mediavel Ways of the Early or Old Cherokee had fallen into disrepute, as the Great Spirit had seem to abandon them in the Plagues! (And at this time, due to lack of population, there seems to be a heavy immigration of members of the Iroquois Tribe--for the Cherokke now became more and more like the Iroquois.)


Even worse, the Great Nation was further decimated in the 1830s by the U.S. government ordered ALL Cherokeemove from Appalachia to the Oklahoma Territory. Thus, both groups, Colonial and Native, were forcibly removed by the U.S. Army and made to march all the way to Oklahoma--producing the infamous TRAIL OF TEARS! (And many of Our People died along the way, and also in the new land from the harsh living conditions there!) And from this disaster, there emerged a splintering of the Nation.

A major Band attempted to escape to Mexico, but were stopped by the U.S. Army, and ended up settling in Texas. And though they stayed mostly together as a Band, they were never allowed to be officially recognized by the government as a TRIBE.

Another large Band attempted to escape to Canada but were also stopped by he U.S. Army, and ended up settling in the Everett (North of Seattle) Area in Washington State. And though they stayed pretty much together as a Band, they were never allowed to be officially recognized by the government as a TRIBE.

And a variety of small, splinter groups tried to make their escape from the Oklahoma Reservation into small communities of Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. (This was apparently the route that my mon's relatives chose, she being born in one of those Cherokee ESCAPE communities.)

Now, while other members of the Nation were removed from Appalachia by the Army, a small Band went and hid from the soldiers, up in the mountains Eventurally, this group emerged as the East Coast Cherokee TRIBE.

Most of those Cherokee, who went to Oklahoma, eventually banded together to become the Central (as they are in the center of America) or "Western" Cherokee tribe.

Dissidents from the Central Cherokee, under Redbird Smith, broke off from that Tribe, and formed their own Tribe.


Now, as time passed, dissidents from ALL of the above 3 Tribes (as well as many from the other splinter groups) began to leave their homes, and migrate to the Pacific Coast. Moreover, there was a major move of such dissatisfied members during the 30s and 40s, most of whom made their way to California (like my Dad). In addition, the Pacific Northwest (and especially the Columbia River Gorge--also known as America's fjord) seemed to attract many of them.

However, this is a very odd group or "Tribe". For, most of them are the lighter skinned (and often blue-eyed) Cherokee, who can more readily pass as WHITEMEN. Moreover, abandoning the hard life of the "Old Ways" on the Reservations, these Cherokee took up a much more progressive and Europeanized life-style. And many do not even want to remember that that are Cherokee at all! (And pretend that they were always WHITEMEN.)


Forming the 4th Tribe

And then, WE came along. For, the current BRONZEMEN MOVEMENT is Regathering many of these Pacific Coast Cherokee, and making our own Tribe of them, called the ANi (pronounced "aw-nee"). Now, we are NOT an officially recognized TRIBE, as of this writing. But, we are woking on it!

And to do this, we are Reviving the Mediavel Ways of the Early or Old Cherokee (which are long forgotten) and adapting them to our modern (high-tech) life-style--and even projecting them into our Future Utopia! Consequently, the ANi is NOT at all like Traditional Native American Groups or Tribes!

So, come! And try us out.


OLD CHEROKEE: the early or original Cherokee, from 1300-1730s (and now, mostly forgotten, or ignored)--including Mediavel Cherokee.

MEDIAVEL CHEROKEE: the "discovered" Cherokee, from 1530-1730s, which had such similarities with the older European Nations (Middle Ages)--hence Mediavel.

COLONIAL CHEROKEE: the Cherokee from 1730-1830 (and the one most popularly held, and known)

PACIFIC COAST CHEROKEE: dissident from the other 3 Tribes who moved to America's West Coast (and the more "Westernized" of the Cherokee Nation)

W.C.C.I.N. or "Quin": the West Coast Indian Nation (our subset of the Pacific Coast Cherokee)--bloodline Cherokee for Our TRIBE.

J.Ch.I.N or "Jenn": the Judeo-Christian Indian Nation (our cultural and religious arm for ALL who may wish to come--whether they are bloodline Cherokee or not)--Our Cultural Nation.

A.N.i or Adomah (Redmen) Nation: Our Tribal Union of both Quin and Jenn

BRONZEMEN: the popular ANi term for Our People, thus not only separating ourselves from typical Native Americans, but referring to our Faith--and that we are more than mere mud, but have been transformed by the fire and heat into a WORK OF ART!!!


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