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Cultural Focus of Our Pacific Coast Cherokee Regathering

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Well, we have been trying to tell you, that the Mediavel Cherokee (and the Old Cherokee) were NOT like other Native Americans. In fact, the Cherokee were often at warfare with the other Tribes over those differences! And, this distinctiveness was due, in a large part, to their unique cultural heritage. Yet this heritage is hidden in history, and shrouded with mysteries! And, as a result, it is often forgotten, ignored, and even purposefully burried (by those who do not like the TRUTH). So, what is this shocking and amazing Heritage?

OK, let's back up a bit. From Our Bronzemen History (in other Articles), we know that the Old Cherokee Period ran from about the 1300s A.D. to around 1730s A.D. DeSoto made a brief visit to them in 1530s and the British "discovered" them in 1640s and rapidly developed a booming trade with the Nation (by 1670s). But, then they were nearly wiped out in the Great Plagues of the 1730s--the Colonial Cherokee emerging from their ashes.

In the midst of this background, the Mediavel Cherokee Period has been set from around 1530, when DeSoto first made contact, to the 1730, when it was basically wiped out in the Great Plagues. (Only a few old timers remembering what went on--and the glorious civilization that WE once had.)

Now, again, what was so shocking and amazing about them?


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Well, when the earliest Colonial authors began to write about this Early or Mediavel Cherokee, in the 1700s, they interviewed elders (and old timers) who could remember back into the 1600s. And from the facts that they gathered from these independent eye witnesses, ALL these authors (Payne, Adair, Butrick, and Haywood) maintained that this Tribe or Nation was some kind of Semitic Group or Jewish Sect!

What??? Could this be possible?

Well, the historical record that these men left, show the Mediavel Cherokee observing the Jewish festivals listed in the Bible. Moreover tales of their mythology tell most of the main Old Testament Bible Stories, but in "Indianized" versions. (Abraham is there as Aquahami, and Moses is there as Washi. And Eve is there as Sheluva or the corn woman.) And they all held to a ONE TRUE GOD that they called YoH-Way-aH (strikingly similar to the Jewish YHVH). So, they sure sound Jewish to me, too!

However, they did not eat kosher, nor were they circumcized. Thus, it seems that they were not "orthodox", and therfore it would appear that they were some kind of Sadduccean Jew.

Yet, to compound matters (and muddy the waters), they also appear to have been Messianic. For they also taught the Trinity, along with a group salvation experience that they called the Cementation Ceremony. Moreover, they had a celebration known as the Bonding Bush Ceremony, which is a dance that uses a Cross symbol in a hoop. Thus, they must have also been Christian, and therefore some kind of Messianic Indians--being Jewish and Christian, both! (So, go figure that one out!)

Now, how could this happen? (Were all of these authors drunk? Or, deceived? Or, nuts?)


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Well, as fanciful as these tales may seem to the modern mind, there are some very interesting correlations that may have made this all possible--if you are open minded enough to consider them. So, let us look at the hard, cold FACTS.

The first thread of this mystery is provided by remains. Scientist tell us that most of the other Native Americans were in this area long ago. But, that remains of any kind of settlement in Appalachia did not start to show up until around 1000 to 1300 A.D. So, why there, then?

Well, from Viking history, we know that the Northmen had bases in North America, especially Greenland, and Newfoundland (in Canada, next to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River) at about 1000 A.D. and then mysteriously stopped going to America in about the 1300s. So, they fit with the time line.

The mystery is further revealed by those who study languages, and who tell us that the Cherokee language is close that that found above the Ohio River--and near the St. Lawrence, where the Vikings were, and at that time frame. So, did these two groups cross paths? It would seem so!

The confirmation of this contact is seen in Cherokee genetics. Many have a tallish, slim, Scandinavian style of frame--and frequently with blue eyes. And, usually a definitely lighter skin tone than most other Native Americans. Moreover, put two full blooded Cherokee together, and often a blonde child will pop out of that genetic combination--indicating a Nordic Ancestory in the Family Tree, somewhere!

Consequently, there is little doubt that the Vikings and the St. Lawrence "Indians" (or Iroquois) crossed paths, and thus formed the start of the CHEROKEE Nation!

[Nordic (Evergreen) Shield] Therefore, as a result, it seems that what happened is some Viking Group of Goths (Messianic--Jewish and Christian) made one of their famous raids on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, and carried off some of the Canadian Iroquian women. They then continued on South, looking for land to settle. When they got to the Carolinas, they found that the Appalachian Highlands were not occupied, for the local Native Americans found the mountains too cold and snowy (and filled with poisonous snakes). But, to the Vikings, that would have been "HOME" there!

And thus, it seems pretty certain that the Old Cherokee were started by the Vikings! (Consequently, as we have intuitively suspected, we really do have a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation here.)

Finally, it was the British who coined the phrase Mediavel Cherokee for this civilization of the Old Cherokee that they found (hence the Old English spelling of our modern "Medieval" Cherokee). And they did this, because the Judeo-Christian Culture of the Cherokee back then reminded them so of past "Medieval" Countries of Europe!


Philosophical and Theological Considerations

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Now, as WE were organizing Our BRONZEMEN MOVEMENT, philosophically, WE came to view the Mediavel Cherokee as part of the NORDIC RETURN of many of the Lost Tribes of Israel from the Northern Nations. (Jeremiah 16:14-15). This is a Theological concept known as NORDANITY. (See Our Articles in the Viking Revival for details on this.)

And correspondingly, we found that the Mediavel Cherokee, themselves, taught that they were orginally 12 Tribes, but that only 7 made it to Appalachia. (Sure sounds like Israel, to me!)

So, come along with us. (And maker your own RETURN to God!) And see this most amazing sight, as God restores the Kingdom of Israel through our Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation or the ANi.


Adapting Mediavel Cherokee Ways
To Our Future Utopia

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So, while the current BRONZEMEN MOVEMENT is aimed at regathering many of the Pacific Coast Cherokee, we are also building a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation. And taking the old, Messianic Ways of the Mediavel Cherokee, and adapting them to our modern, high-tech society (and preparing the way for them into our Future Utopia). Consequently, the ANi are NOT at all like Traditional Native American Groups! (But, then meither were the Mediavel Cherokee like the other "Indians" of their day!)

So, come! And try us out.


1. Much of the information on the Early or Mediavel Cherokee comes from the book THE CHEROKEE PEOPLE--The Story of the cherokee People, from Earlest Origins to Contemporary Times; by Thomas Mails, published by the Council Oak Books of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1992 (where Payne, Adair, Butrick, and Haywood are extensively quoted).

2. Supplemental information supporting Mail's work may be found in HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS and Their Legends and Folk Lore; by Emmet Starr which was orginally published in Oklahoma City in 1921 but was reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland in 2004.

3. Several other modern books on the Cherokee give mysterious hints and clues to this hidden Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee origination.


For more information on this controversial Messianic Culture (and the Hebrew-Cherokee Heritage), see also Our EMUSPATEL Section.

For more information on this hidden Viking Culture (and the Viking-Cherokee Heritage), see also Our VIKING REVIVAL Section.


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