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Web Site of the Northmen RETURN and Norsemen Renewal


Welcome! And, come on in! Visit Our VIKING REVIVAL (the Northern ShuVaH of Israel). Experience Our Divine Judeo-Christian Culture Wave. Feel the power of the Norsemen Renewal of the Northmen Return! Yes, your world is about to change. And change for the good! For the VIKINGS are Returning!

So, come on in! Find your Scandinavian Culture here--among the Ancient Northern Peoples of God (GahTSK or Goths), even in your own Northern Nation, below:

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  Era] [Finnish Flag] [Danish Flag--Jutes] [Swedish Flag] [Norwegian Flag--Angles] [Icelandic Flag]

So, don't miss out! Get in on all the fun--and excitement! (This could well be just the thing that your heart has been searching for, all along!) Now, just sit back! And relax! Make yourself at home. And, let us present to you, here, the best of this Viking Revial. And Our Futuristic Mediavel Scandinavian Culture!

VIKING REVIVAL Web Site Directory

Our VIKING REVIVAL has many Programs and Services. To access these, click on the COLOR HIGHLIGHTED CAPITAL WORDS as Links, below (or click on the round VIKING SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Revival Flame Shield] 1. Viking REVIVAL COURSE
-- The 6 plain, simple steps to setting your life afire for God (Judeo-Christian Faith in a nutshell: Spiritual Rebith or Salvation, Charismatic Engiftment, Guidance by God's Laws, etc.) Come and make your own personal RETURN with the other Vikings, back to God! (Transfer to Revival Chapel lessons.)
[Viking Ship Shield] 2. VIKING INTRO. LIT.
-- Get Our VIKING Quick Facts Sheets with simple, basic info on Our Ancient Scandinavian Heritage (and the Modern Northmen Return and Norsemen Renewal). Find out what the Viking Revival was, is and will become. And join the other Descendants of the Vikings in their rush to RETURN back to God as the GahTSK or Goths
-- Our more lenghty and detailed literature (with a bit more mature reading level) on the NORTHMEN Movement (and the Nordic Return forming Our rising Northmen Realm) Delve deeper into the Norsemen Ancient History and Mediavel Heritage (and come to grips with your own Scandinavian Heritage from your own fore-fathers and ancestors--who were the GahTSK or Goths with their Judeo-Christian Faith) ***
[K.I.C. Shield] 4. AMERICA'S FJORD
-- Photo tour of some scenes in the Columbia River Gorge (National Scenic Area and growing tourist trap for Nordics) And homeland of the VIKING REVIVAL and our motley crew of merry makers. Perhaps you will even join the KoNSVaRa or Viking Clan? Well, see our turf and territory, here. (Internet vacation!)
[Information (sun) Shield] 5. ABOUT OUR VIKING REVIVAL
-- A brief outline and over-view of Us and Our Realm (basic facts, important concepts, symbols, slogans, and main cultural ideas) and what the NORDESEL (or modern Northern Peoples of God) is all about
[Historical Literature (Scroll) Shield] 6. VIKING REVIVAL F.A.Q.s
-- Short answers to the questions commonly asked about Us (and Our VIKING Realm).

Includes replies to common criticisms and complaints that often get slung Our way. ***

[ZDK Library - North Tower] 7. ZDK LIBRARY (North Tower)
-- Special Collections on Vikings, Northmen, Norsemen and their Scandinavian Culture and Nordic History forming Our Scandinavian Heritage [Transfer to the ZDK Media and Information Center--under construction]
[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 8. SHADDOX KoNSVaRa
-- The Shaddox Viking Clan (and main administrators of Our Foundation) Photos of Our Leaders and links to biographical details about them. (Meet Our Administration!) And be prepared for their Mediavel merriment and mirth! (Jesters and jokes galore!)
[Revival Chapel Shield] 9. REVIVAL CHAPEL
-- The Center for Our Judeo-Christian Teachings (from heavy theology to light spiritual insight): Provides a popular program to put Our Doctrines in simple form that the common man can read and understand (Access to understanding Scriptural Teachings in other cultures!) [Transfer to Ministry of Religion.]
[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] 10. VARANGIAN UNITY
-- the atmosphere of toleration, mutual respect, and co-operation of the Mediavel (Christian) Russian Vikings or Eastern Northmen is brought forth for Our Future Realm, producing a Unity of the Faithful, those who believe in a ONE TRUE GOD, among Jews, Christians, and Moslems. [Transfer to KoReY Pages (Future)] ***

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield]


The Scandinavian Culture for our Northmen Return and Norsemen Renewal

While the modern world is very secular and takes a rather anti-God stance, Our Viking Revival is more Mediavel, and is very firmly rooted stand in the Judeo-Christian Faith. But, then, from Our Scandinavian History and Heritage, our ancestors were very much a Peoples of God or GahTSK (Goths)! And it is the FIRE of these Beliefs that is driving Our Northmen Return (and the Norsemen Renewal).

So, come and explore your roots (your Scandinavian Heritage)! Feel the Flow of the Spirit of God! And follow the other VIKINGS in Our NORTHMEN RETURN back to God. The NORDIC RETURN, or ShuVaH of the Northern Nations and Nordic Peoples, of Israel, is here! (Jeremiah 16:14-15) Don't let it pass you by!

MY! How you have grown!

Believe it or not, but this was the original Page that we put on the Web back in the Spring of '97! And, though it has changed and been altered a lot (along with having the whole ZDK Network expand out of it), the same basic Spirit is still here!

So, don't hold back! Come on! RETURN TO GOD WITH US!!!

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Support those who support us!

Visit their Nordic and Viking establishments in Our N-Mall (the famous Northern E-Mall). Click on portal (at left).

And please tell them that you saw it in the Nordic Z-Mall!

*** Under Construction ***

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield]

QUEEN AHQO - The Viking Heroine

Ever since we were inspired to write the tragic tale of this beautiful Nordic Princess, some years ago, it also became our desire to do something in her honor. And pursue the charites that were near and dear to her heart. And, now, God has opened the doors to do just that!

And, if you can help us in this process, please do so! See our QUEEN AHQO MINISTRIES (*** PG *** Area)!

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