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Brief Overview of the Viking RETURN (the Northern Renewal)

Want to know a little about us? What are we all about (in a nutshell)? Well, then, you are in the right spot! The new Scandinavia! So, sit back, settle in, and make yourself comfortable. (We want you to feel at home amongst all of us VIKINGS--Northmen, Norsemen, and Nordics!) So, take a peek, below. And discover what we are all about!

[Scandia Faith Flag] [Danish Flag--Jutes] [Finnish Flag] [Icelandic Flag] [Norwegian Flag--Angles] [Swedish Flag]

[Scandia Faith Shield]

The SCANDIA FAITH (Cross) Shield

One of the common icons or symbols that you will see in Our Web Site is the Scandia Faith Shield. This emblem is set on a regular Mediavel Shield, symbolizing the Mediavel Roots of Our Realm (and its Judeo-Christian Heritage). The field of it is Evergreen in color (like the Tannenbaum: the Christmas Tree) which has long been an emblem of the Northern Nations (and, in Ancient Times, even of the Northern Kingdom of Israel). Moreover, as an Evergreen, it symbolizes the everlasting life that Believers have through the Cross, even when the rest of the world all around is dead and dying (in Sin), as in Winter. Correspondingly, it is emblazoned with a large red cross because red is a favorite Nordic color (probably because the long grey days of dismal Winter weather and the blue-grey light of the gloomy overcast skies makes bright red a welcomed sight to Northmen) as well as a symbol for the Atoning Blood of Christ.

Moreover, according to legend, this was the color scheme and basic design use by Ivar Vidfadmi (600s AD) during his united reign of Scandia. Correspondingly, Scandinavian Nations have ever since used a similiar design, reputedly as a heritage from his realm and Golden Era!

[Gray Wolf - Viking Ruler (Benjamin)]

Another Famous (or Infamous???) Character ...

Out of the Frozen Lands of the North, comes the ...


The Emblem of the Legendary Ruler of the GahTSK (early Vikings)

Ah, yes, our Mediavel Mirth and Merriment strikes again! (New Viking Raids are coming! Look out!!!)

And, though he is probably a very distant relative of our KoNSvaRa (or Hebrew Viking Clan), Ivar is claimed to be part of Our FAMILY. And is also referred to by the more familiar name of Hebrew Family Tribe of BENJAMIN. (See Genesis 49:27) Now, Ivar Vidfadmi, the Mediavel Uniter of all Scandia, used this emblem--and apparendly for similar reasons. (Click on his name, for more details about him.) As well as the original Scandia Flag, above!

More on him, later (below) ... or click the picture, above, for VIKINGS, now.

[Viking Ship Shield]

Outline of the Componets of Our VIKING REVIVAL

The VIKING REVIVAL is a Scandinavian Outreach Program of the ZDK Foundation in association with the NORDESEL (or the modern Northern Peoples of God). We are a Nordic (Northern European) Cultural Religious Organization (Spiritual Realm) centered on the Northern Return or ShuVaH of Israel (Jeremiah 16:14-15)--and under the Parent Organization of the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation.

[Nordic Peoples Shield] CULTURAL FOCUS:
We focus on the Mediavel (Judeo-Christian) Culture of the early Vikings or Northern Peoples, which we believe was prominent among the Ancient Goths or GahTSK of Northern Europe (which later became the Mediavel Vikings). For, these Peoples were Descendants of Abraham, by Keturah, and migrated into the Scandinavian Region from the Ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel (Genesis 25:1-6; I Chronicles 1:32-33) and thus became commonly known as the Goths or Gotts (Ancient Peoples of God).

[Holy Scriptures Shield] DIVINE CULTURE:
We also promote the Laws of God, as found in the Holy Scriptures, which are the source of Divine Culture--the source that gave birth to the Viking Mediavel World. For, when these Peoples followed God and HIS Ways, they prospered and rose in power and influence--but when they turned from God, they waned and became poor and powerless (Proverbs 14:34; Isaiah 60:12). (See Our Library for more Cultural details on the Divine Mediavel Society.)

ZDK LIBRARY - NORTH TOWER -- for various articles and materials on Our Divine Culture

[Historical Literature Shield] NORDIC RETURN:
Consequently, we strongly spread the Viking Revival or Northmen Renewal (the RETURN or ShuVaH of Our Times), which aims to bring back the Peoples of the Northern Nations to God and His Ways. In doing this, we follow the 3 Core Teachings of ZDK (and the Full Gospel): 1) the Blood Atonement of Christ on the Cross for the payment of Sins, and 2) the giving of the Gifts by the Holy Ghost, today. As well as 3) maintaining Holiness and Sanctification by obeying God's Laws (especially the 10 Commandments--and their related Scriptures). For more details, see Our Basic Teachings, or use the link, below:

VIKING INTO. LIT.--for simple articles on the elements of the VIKING REVIVAL (Northmen Renewal and Nordic Return)

Moreover, in the Varangian (Eastern or Russian and CHRISTIAN Vikings) atmosphere of openness and tolerance, we call upon ALL the Faithful, whether they be Descendants of Keturah (Nordic, Viking Christians), Descendants of Sarah (Jews), or Descendants of Hagar (Ishmaelites or Arabs - Muslims), for we are ALL Descendants of Abraham (by blood or adoption), for them to UNITE with us in this Holy and Sacred Cause of bringing a post-modern RETURN to God among the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants or T.A.D. (And a restoration of God's Divine Culture in Our Days). For more details on this, see Our Article on the Tri-Unity of the Faithful.

TRI-UNITY OF THE FAITHFUL -- for a summary of what UNITY of the Faithful will mean (in Our Future Astarian Nation or KoReY)

[Viking Ship Shield]


Since Vikings and Northmen are the center of Our Movement, we needed an emblem that would be readily recognizable to them. So, what better sign than that of a Viking Ship?

However, this is not an ordinary Viking Ship! For, you will note that it is set on a regular Mediavel Shield, symbolizing the Mediavel Roots of Our Realm (and its Judeo-Christian Heritage). Moreover, the broad, grey sea represents the world of the wicked (which we are safe from, in the boat of Believers). And the cloudy grey skies, the storms of evil that try to sweep through our lives and blow us off course. But, Our ship or ark is safely shielded by seven Viking Shields (also seen on the Navigation Bar), representing the Divine protection and help of the Spirit of God! Morover, we struggle to hold Our own on the stormy seas, with seven oars, reperesenting the Commandments of God (which we teach and obey). Moroever, the single sail not only forms a Cross (and symbol of Our Judeo-Christian Faith), but it catches the Divine Wind of the Spirit of God, and blows us on course into the Rivival Fires of the Faithful!

[Revival Flame (Campfire) Shield]

Need More Info About the VIKING REVIVAL?

We have plenty!

Come and enjoy!

So, try some of these more lengthy sources, below:

Our REVIVAL COURSE -- The 6 plain, simple steps to setting your life afire for God [Transfer to Astaria Ministry of Religion]

VIKING REVIVAL F.A.Q.s -- Answers to the common questions asked about Us (and Our Realm)

VIKING INTRO. LIT. -- Short Articles on the Current VIKING REVIVAL (the Northmen Movement and Nordic RETURN of the Northern Nations of Israel to God)

VIKING Future -- the Prophetic Future Viking Empire out among the Stars (Astaria or KoReY)

[Scandia Faith Flag]

The Scandia Flag of Ivar Vidfadmi

While the NORDESEL is but a Cultural Religious Organization in Our Days, (and we may like to look forward to the Prophesied Future, when we shall become a Nation out among the Stars), we also need to remember Our Nordic and Viking History and Heritage! The Scandia Flag of Ivar Vidfami is a very good reminder. For, in the Vidfadmi Era, Ivar managed to Unite all of the Northmen or Vikings into the Kingdom of Scandia (from which the modern term, Scandinavia, gets its meaning).

Reputedly, his Flag set the style for all later Scandinavian Flags. (And, appears to have even left its stamp on the Union Jack of Great Britain.) It has a Cross of Red (or 4 Pointed Star of Abraham) for the Blood Atonement of Christ; over another, larger Cross of White (or sometimes a White Lozenge) for the purity of the Body of Believers formed by the Faithful; and on a field of green for the masses of the Peoples out there who need to be reached by the Full Gospel--and brought into the Kingdom of God. (And, its Christmas colors of red, green, and white seem to reflect the importance of that Season to all Scandinavians!)

Thus, as a sign and symbol of the early Scandinavian Revival in the so called Dark Ages (during Ivar's Reign), it has become a common symbol for Our own VIKING REVIVAL in modern times!

For more on Our Mediavel Artwork (shields, buttons, etc.) see HERALDRY.

[VIKING Sheild]


Then, look up Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets. Or, use the handy link, below:
QUICK VIKING FACTS -- Short summaries on Our VIKING REVIVAL (and Scandinavian Renewal)

[Scandia Faith Flag]

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