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Our Family Hebrew Viking Clan...

ASTARIA's Rulers, ZDK.F Administration, Structure, and Photos

GREETINGS! Welcome to Our MiShPoKha or Family Clan! The Shaddox KoNSVaRa (or Hebrew Viking Clan) has a very colorful history and heritage. And is filled with many unique and talented individuals (as well as some clowns and merry-makers). We hope you will enjoy meeting them here. (And getting to know us better.)

So, let's meet some of those individuals of Our Clan and see what positions they hold in Our Realm's Administration. (As well as, get a good look at their face?)

Daniel E. Shaddox

[Daniel's 1st Picture][Daniel's 2nd Picture]

Web Handles: Son of Lionhearted, Daktari Dan, The White Rhino

Daniel, the son of Leonard (the Lionhearted), established the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation in the late 1980s. So, for the more scholarly, lots biographical information can be found on him at the FOUNDER'S CHRONOLOGY. Or, for the less studious, consult Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets on his brief Viking Bio for a short review of his life.

Daniel is something of the Heinz 57 of the Family, integratating many different Cultural Heritages and various threads of the Family Line all together into one, united whole. It is a wonder that he can keep track of them all! (He should get an A+ for Cross-Cultural work!)

[Daniel's 3rd 
Picture] (Yes, ORGANIZATION does seem to be his GIFT, huh! And the Foundation would just not function without his administravite abilities.)

Moreover, as those of us of the Foundation know, he wears many hats around here*.

(So, who can keep track of him? And, who knows where he will appear, next! So, keep your eyes open. You never know what you might get to see??? Or, what kind of gag or prank the Clan here may play upon you. So, viewer, beware! The Mediavel Jesters abound!)

And what kind of Viking(?) ship is he building??? What! Is it true that it actually might FLY???

DANIEL: See you in the beautiful and scenic Gorge! (Or, up on the Streets of Gold.)

E-Mail him at daniel.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box DANIEL!)

Aaron D. *

[EMUSPATEL Home Page] [Fig Tree Shield] [Chaim's 1ST Picture]

Web Handles: Chaim, Hah-Rav Psatoq, or the Priest's Priest

Aaron is very Hebrew orientated (using one of the old world forms of our Family name) and heads up Our Messianic Department of EMUSPATEL. Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the EMuSPaTeL LEADER'S PAGE. Yes, the Hebrew Heritage (and Jewish Roots) of the Our ancient Family really seem to come out in him!

CHAIM: BaRuKh Hah-SheM, MiShPoKha!

E-Mail him at aaron.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box Hah-RaV!)

Ed (Rex) D. *

[NORDESEL Home Page] [Nordic Evergreen Shield] [Rex's 1st Picture]

Web Handles: Rex Valiant, the Veritable Viking
(AKA: Ed Rex--i.e. the ROCK (as in Faith) King)

Rex is rather Establishment orientated and heads up Our more conservative NORDESEL (Nordic) Department. Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the NoRDeSeL LEADER'S PAGE.


[Rex's 2nd Picture]

However, on more radical days, as those of us of the Foundation have seen, he may be found in Viking costume, and attempting to sing (?) Viking operas??? (See photo at right.)

Hey, where is the horned helmut, you may ask? OKAY, history lesson time! The Gahtsk or Goths (early Vikings) were religious and of the Judeo-Chrisitian Faith. Only Pagans among the early Scandinavians or Vikings wore horned helmuts! So, you won't find them here.

(Now, where did he hang that battle-axe??? NO! Not his wife.)

ED: Fellow Northmen, see you in America's Fjord!

E-Mail him at ed.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box REX!)

Ravanni D. *

[APPIRU Home Page]
[Ravanni's Picture???] [Ravanni's Picture??]

Web Handles: Shaq Ravanni or the Desert Sheik

The Shaq is very Middle Eastern orientated and heads up Our Abrahamic (Ishmaelite) Department of the APPIRU (Egyptian Hebrews). Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the APPiRu LEADER'S PAGE. However, due to the unfortunate reactions of some Islamic individuals out there (and others), neither his picture nor fully accurate data of his biography can be published on the open Internet. Sorry! (Enjoy what you can find.)

E-Mail him at desert-sheik.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box RAVANNI!)

Marcus D. *

[KoReY Home Page] [Marcus' 1st Picture] [Marcus' 2nd Picture]

Web Handles: Stardan, M'StarDan, or Morning Star (Rev 2:28) Daniel

Marcus is very FUTURISTIC and Sci-Fi orientated and heads up Our Primary KoReY Department. Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the KoReY LEADER'S PAGE. He is very Science and Sci-Fi orientated!

And, as those of us of the Foundation know from experience, he can be quite the jokster--so beware of his jesting (and his pratical jokes)! Or he will surely have a good one on you in short order.

MARC: See you around the Galaxy, guys!

E-Mail him at marcus.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box STARDAN!)

Desmond D. *

[Dirk's 1st Picture?] [Dirk's 2nd Picture??] [Dirk's 3rd Picture???]

Web Handles: Dezi, Dirk, Lord Silversword
(AKA: Angolim Kahnim or High-Ruler of the Realm Guardian Angels)

Dezi is the Super-Spook of the Family and heads up Our Departments of Security and Intelligence (i.e. Temple and Realm Guards, etc.). (Also, active member of A.R.M.!) Sorry, NO biographical data on him is currently available for the Public (still classified). Pictures??? Well, he has a lot of disguises (so it is hard to tell if it is really him, anyway)--and we are told that he is often INVISIBLE (even on the Net)!!!

Can you belive such foolishness??? (Or, is it?)

For more info on Our monitoring and protective services, consult the REALM SECURITY PAGE.

[Information Shield]


Consider the parable--A QUOTE FROM MR. SPOCK: On open channels, in battle conditions, when communications may be monitored, there should be no uncoded messages! (Thank you Saavik, you are a fine pupil and are beginning to catch on.)

Howard D. *

[ZDK Institute Library] [Howie's 1st Picture] [Howie's 2nd Picture]

Web Handles: Dr. How (not Who) or Howie

Howie is very SCIENCE and Technology orientated and heads up Our Primary Research Department of the ZDK Institute. Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the ZDK.I LEADER'S PAGE. (Sorry, it is not yet available. Use the ZDK Institute Library Page for now.)

Well, yes, there are a lot of sheepskins(?) here (or have they all just lost their marbles?), but only "Daktari" Dan is ahead of Howie (and the rest) in degrees--and for us common folk, it is quite a struggle to keep up with the brain trust (and Super-Nerds) around here! (And no wonder we have that mindboggled look so much of the time. You try keeping up with their high voltage mental exchanges, when they all get together!)

E-Mail him at howie.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box D-HOW!)

Andrew D. *

[Andy's Art] [Andy's Art] [Andy's Picture!!!]

Web Handles: Arrow Art or A.D.

Andy is the Artsie one of the Family and heads up Our Publications and Productions Department of LAMPSTAND MEDIA. Now, for more biographical information on him, consult the LAMPSTAND LEADER'S PAGE. (Sorry, it is not finished, yet!) However, it is his handiwork that you see now decorating Our Web Site. (Be sure to thank him for all of the nice color that you now see a round this Place!)

(And watch out when he and Marcus get together. For then it is a Jester's Joke-Out to the Max!)

ANDY: Give me a paint brush big enough (and enough paint), and I'll paint the starry-heavens!

E-Mail him at arrow.art.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box ANDY!)

Cita (i.e. "kitten") D. *

[Women's Issues Literature] [Women's Issues Shield]

[Cita's 1st Picture] [Cita's 2nd Picture] Web Handles: the Viking Princess, the Arkette Angel
(AKA: KITTEN--as in the White Lioness Cub!!!)

Cita balances all our strong masculine domination and Patriarchy here with a more feminine touch. (Yes, keeping the guys in line with her female perspective). Consequently, she tends to be our gal Friday, and ends up wearing many hats, too. Her main focus is on ZDK Women's Issues and deals a lot with the feminine side of our FAMILY Ministries. And, despite her soft looks, beware that this woman can be tough and assertive when she needs to be (she didn't get that nickname of the Lioness for nothing)! And in fact, this is a feline or KAT of quite a different sort! (And she didn't get those Martial Arts awards for nothing!)

So, we are sure that you will come to value all the things that she brings to our Organization!

(And her Barbie Doll Collection rivals Leonard's license plates! Get a Peek, below.)

CITA: Hi, ladies! I bet we will have a lot to chat about! (Sorry guys, I am already spoken for!)

So, is this Kat now up your tree???

E-Mail her at kitten.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box CITA!)

[The Foundation Harem???]

THE OTHER WOMEN...er, ah..

The women behind the men... that run the house that Jack built!!!

(And Cita's Collection. See MORE OF THEM.)

JACK: Say, I won't mind having a few of those dolls around, myself!

E-Mail them at dolls.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box GALS!)


[Danitello -- Humorous Abstract Artist] Yes, as you can see, we are full of a bit of Mediavel merriment and humor (or Space happy?). But, then, we are almost always in a good mood and ready for a good laugh (or some frivalities)--to enjoy life. So, come on in, and join the fun, with us! And get to know us all better.

Danitello, pictured at right...

Stop by his Art Studio at LEONARDI.

Or e-mail him at danitello.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box DANIEL!)


Stop by his Fashion Studio at DESHUND.

Or, e-mail him at dashund.zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark your subject box DASHUND!)

[Shaddox Clan Shield]


Well, don't give up. We have just put forth a few of the more light and frivalous details here. For more Info and details of the Clan, take a good look around Our Holy House Page! It presents more of the facts and figures and historical details of the Family. Look it up and see what we have there!

To get The HOLY HOUSE PAGE (Click Here): [Shaddox Heritage]

OR, if you are of a more historical bent, take a look at our Article on the Sadducees, who appear to have been founded by our Family. And, which still has a strong influence today!

To get SADDUCEES Article (Click Here): [SADDUCEES]
Now, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

[Literature Shield]


As ZDK Expands, we will have more and more Biographies about those who work for or help us. You can find these scattered thoughout the various Ministries and Departments. Or, you can use the handy central directory, below, to link up with many of these:
To get Our BIOGRAPHY DIRECTORY (Click Here): [ZDK Bio Links]

*NOTE: Some members may have models or facsimilies standing in for them (to give you a reasonable representation of what they may look like, but without actually displaying them or showing them on the Net).


While Our organization is complex (and perhaps confusing to some), let us set forth some clarity here. In the beginning, when we were small, and all smashed together, the lines were rather blurred. But, now that we have grown (and are expanding considerably), it is good to realize where the lines do actually go.

SHADDOX KONSVARA (Viking Clan) or Shaddox Clan Trust:
The KoNSVaRa is mainly for the Shaddox Family, to support them and provide for their various Family needs (in accordance with Our own beliefs in HOLY HOUSE). Correspondingly, also with Our firm belief in a Partnership (Matthew 17:24-27 and Luke 19:8) or Spiritual Marriage (Covenant) with God, monies collected in their name are usually put in a kind of General Fund and divided so that about half goes to support the Family (through the Shaddox Clan Trust) and the other half is given to the ZDK Foundation, for supporting the ministries and workers of God that express Our Family's religious views.

ZDK.F or The ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation:
ZDK.F is a Spiritual Society and Religious Realm (non-profit organization) set up to organize, administer, and support the Ministries and Works of God that up-hold the beliefs and teachings of Our HOLY HOUSE. Consequently, donations in the Name of a particular Ministry or Outreach are allocated directly to them (with, usually, a tithe or 10% taken as an administrative fee and given to Our HOLY HOUSE, through the Shaddox Clan Trust, above).

Please keep this in mind when making donations.

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