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A Chronology (and Testimonial) of His Spiritual Trek

Who is Our Founder? And what is he? How has he managed to do all of this? And, where is he??? The best way to describe him is to tell you all about where he has been and what he has done.

However, when asked to write a SHORT biography, the reply was basically: HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I TELL ALL ABOUT MYSELF IN A SHORT PAGE? And since, when he writes, he tends to write volumes and in great detail (as you should be able to tell from some of his works here in the Web), we decided that a better approach might be to just give a chronological list of important events, that helped lead to the Realm as it is today. Yes, but as you can see that short list is rather extensive! So, if you are looking for a shorter, summary kind of Article, you migh try FOUNDER'S VIKING BIO in Our Viking Qiuck Facts Sheets section.

1951 (October)
Born to Leonard and Margaret Shaddox in Hood River, Oregon (and grandson of Lehmuel Victor Shaddox) in the beautiful and scenic Columbia River Gorge (America's Fjord).
Parents had attended Assembly of God in Bingen (WA), but around his birth, they switched to the Congregational Church in White Salmon (WA). And, by the time of his elementary schooling got underway, they stopped going altogether. So, his basic education was very secular. The Great Thinkers and Philosophers of the World were his early mentors.
1962 (Summer)
God's Calling to Rulership and Engiftment with Intellect (Gibeah experience)--but he flounder with it, basically lacking adaquate guidance as to how to handle it and what to do with it!
T.V. Movie of Prince Valiant draws him to the Viking World.
Development of the basic concepts of the D'Stridium Theory (Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory or TDPT as a GUT) and the calculating of the trans-dimensional formula: E=m(d)c2 which reconciles Einstein with Newton, so that you get: m(d1)a=F <-> E=m(d2)c2 This also led to the sub-theorems of: Atomic Enhancement (hyper-nukes), Nuclear Suppression (frozen frizzies), and D'Stronics (Trans-Dimensional Electronics). And, All, reportedly, as a GIFT from God through a dream on Variant Math (All of these are currently committed to the ZDK Institute for the support of the ZDK Foundation and its goals--especially for KoReY.) See ZDK INSITITUE LIBRARY for more details.
Consequently, the winning of many Science Awards--rated as top 1% in Nation of Science Students (listed in Who's Who of High School Students).
Attempt by elements of the Occult to recruit him to the hidden works of the Devil. (Typical teenage trials.)
Sudden trip to California, because of his Grandfather's heart attack, results in him learning about his Family's Jewish Roots: that the Family Tree traces back (supposedly) to Moses and Aaron so that the Family name (legendarily) comes from the Hebrew TsaDoQ or ZaDoK (hence our ZDK)--who was the High-Priest under King Solomon. Now, we strongly doubt that this LEGEND can either be proved or dis-proved by the records. Rather, it is something that will just have to be taken as a matter of Faith or Belief.
College student in Astrophysics at University of Chicago (winner of Small School Talent Search Scholarship)--work at the Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research.
1972 (April)
Jesus Freak Movement hits campus, leading him to dedicate his his life to the Lord at a Chi Alpha House (Assembly of God campus ministry) concert. (If you have not been BORN AGAIN, we recommend the experience to you! See Our Articles on Regeneration.)
To get Our Articles on REGENERATION (Click Here)!

1972 (April)
One week later, he was Baptized in the Holy Ghost at another Chi Alpha House meeting. (If you have not received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with GIFTS, we highly recommend this experience to you! See Our Articles on Holy Ghost Engiftment.)
To get Our Articles on ENGIFTMENT (Click Here)!

Jews for Jesus concert on campus, leading him into the Messianic Movement. For more on the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Movement, see Our EMUSPATEL SECTION.
He participates in the Lutheran Charismatic Renewal, giving him good experience in Scandinavian customs and traditions. Also, during this time (off and on), he participates in various Charismatic Ventures with different members of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.
BA in Family Studies and Social Sciences.
Then, Graduate Student at the University of Washington.
Bremerton Revival and Calling to take the Full Gospel and the Messianic Movement to the Northern Nations (Nordic Israel). For more details on Our Northmen Renewal, see NORDESEL SECTION.
BA.Ed in Social Science Education.
Rise and fall of Mediavel Society Youth Group.
College Instructor in Future Studies, providing him with a good understanding of where Mankind is headed. For more details, see ARTICLE ON ASTARIA.
MA.Ed in Educational Media (Audio-Visual Technologies).
Attempt to build a Sci-Fi Youth Group (and game) leads him to the INTERSTELLAR clause of the Great Commission--with other mindboggling Passages being discovered as time progressed! For more details on the Biblical Prophecies of Mankind's Coming Interstellar Activities, see INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES.
Rise and fall of anti-Occult and anti-New Age Outreach.
Rise and crash of Interstellar, a scientifc government research project (centered on D'Stridium), while attempting to put together his Ph.D. Turbulent time of violent harassment, death threats, car bomb, being run off the road, letter bomb, mysterious death of his father, assault and death of his mother, followed by the clandestined plundering of his parent's estate and attempted land scam to steal their property! For more details, see COLD FUSION CONTROVERSY
Separation and divorce.
Return to parent's house, followed by continued chemical assaults: Vanadium exposure, creosote in the waterline, and some kind of DMSO-pesticide combination on his steering wheel that rendered him disabled.
Attempt to deal with Interstellar Passages.
Return to Calling to bring the Full Gospel and Messianic Movement to the Vikings or Northern Nations (Israel). For more details on the Viking Revival, see Our VIKING QUICK FACTS SHEETS.
The formulation and foundation of much of what you see here at the ZDK Web Site. Beginning with the Viking Revival (1997), we then expanded into the Northmen Renewal Movement with the NORDESEL (1998). and then (1999) we brought on-line both the EMUSPATEL (Jewish-Christian) and APPIRU (Arab-Christian) Programs.

Now, with the New Millenium (2000) KoReY and the Interstellar Revival is rapidly becoming our Key Program! So, keep your eye on the ZDK Foundation (and Our Web Site) for more growth and development!

Thus, as you can see from this chronology, God has blessed Our Founder so that he is quite a multi-talented and creative person. And he is very much a unique individual, (or as some would say, rather eccentric). However, the more you get to know us, and Our Realm, the more you will come to appreciate him. For, God needs men that are unshackled by the mundane and morbid constraints of the wicked world, so that they would be free to jump into the New Move of God (and go boldly where no man has gone before).

Now, if he could say anything directly to you, it would be: COME BACK TO GOD, WITH US!

ZDK Shaddox Biographies
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E-Mail us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box FOUNDER'S BIO!)

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The pictures of many of Our Administrative Leaders (including Daniel) appear in the Photo Gallery of the ZDK Main Offices. You can access them at the SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan).

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As ZDK Expands, we will have more and more Biographies about those who work for or help us. You can find these scattered thoughout the various Ministries and Departments. Or, you can use the handy central directory, below, to link up with many of these:
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Well, don't give up. We have just put forth a few of the answers here. For more Info, take a good look around Our Web Site! The ZDK Library holds many materials that are noteworthy. Look them up and see what they have to say.

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So, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

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Now, it is one of ZDK's Beliefs that God is FAITHFUL! Consequently, we also Believe that the rise of the ZDK Spiritual Realm in Our Days (and the coming KoReY, and the Future Astaria) is in response to God's Promise to Our Fore-Fathers, the Sons of Zadok (Saducees) or the Holy Levitical House (Psalms 115:10-14 and Ezekiel 44:15-24). For, despite the critics, we hold that God is still Faithful and in Covenant with Our Holy House or the Shaddox Konsvara (Viking Clan) and as well as with the other Levites (Deuteronomy 12:19 and Jeremiah 33:16-22). Moreover, to demonstrate that this Covenant is still in effect to others, HE has even taken Our Family Name as one of HIS own Names (Jeremiah 33:16)--for Righteousness in Hebrew is TsaDDiK or ZaDDiK (or the English: Shaddox). Thus, we do, indeed Believe that Our Realm is in fulfillment of God's own Word (and Plans and Prophecies)! And, the abundant blessings HE has laid upon Our Founder is only for the purposes of establishing that Realm (and keeping HIS Promise to Our Fore-Fathers).
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