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Sahbdi Movement and the Ishmaelite Return...

Islamic Sects consider New Muslim Believers of Westernized Muhammad Gospel

Greetings, SaHeyB! Welcome, in HIS Mighty and Merciful NAME!

Traditionally, there have been 3 main branches of Islam: Sunni (democratic or election), Shiite (royal or descendant), and Sufi (mystical). But, with the Islamic Renewal has come the rise of a Militant Islam--one that is strongly anti-western culture (possibly forming a 4th?). Now, in contrast, there is a NEW Islamic Philosophy Group, called the Sahbdi Movement--one that is Pro-Western and seeks to reconcile many of the traditional Islamic Beliefs with those of the Western Judeo-Christian Culture.

Explore this New World of the APPiRu!

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The APPiRu have gathered a variety of new thoughts and philosophical information on the Sahbdi Movement. Moreover, we have many Programs and Services that might be of interest. To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the Portals or round Viking SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Revival Flame (Campfire) Shield] 1. GREAT REDEEMER'S APPEARANCE?
The APPiRu Believe that the Great Redeemer, the Holy Eternal Flame, has come (and find evidence of this in the Jewish Messiah, Y'Shua, whom the Christians call Jesus)! Is it possible? Well, consider these plain, simple steps to setting your life afire for God (for the Maqdih has come)

Modest collection of brief Articles and facts about the New Sahbdi Movement and Our Ishmaelite RETURN (Is it possible that Jews, Christians and Arabs or Muslims can come together in the Faith of Abraham?) Consider this new line of philosophical thought!

[APPiRu Shield] 3. ABOUT THE APPiRu
Short Article with a brief description (and simple overview) of what WE are all about (Definitions of the meaning of APPiRu and Sahbdi, etc.) See the Foundation of this growing organization!

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 5. APPiRu F.A.Q.s
Short answers to the Frequently Asked questions about US (and Our Realm) The spreading Word causes a variety of controversies and debates--so see what is HOT and being discussed

[Realm Herald Shield] 6. IDOLOCLASTIC CALL
One of the issues that can UNITE all Jews, Christian, and Arabs or Muslims is God's Call to destroy all the idols of false gods and to root out pagans (polytheists) or those that worship some other God than the ONE TRUE GOD of Abraham (monotheists)! [transfer to Current Messages Archieves]

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 7. KoReY TRI-UNITY
Is it possible that Jews, Christians, and Arabs or Muslims can be united in ONE SPIRITUAL BODY??? (Well, the APPiRu believe so, and our cousins over at KoReY agree!) So, take a serious look at this Miraculous Move of God to UNITE all of HIS People, the Descendants of Abraham together!

The Bedhoin and Arabic Woman has traditionally been given a very subordinate position to her Man (In contrast to modern feminists and women's libbers, APPiRu finds this to be a God ordained and blessed role!) Plus, visit our FELLOWSHIP FACILITATOR over on the PAPA PAGES for News, Notes, Introductions, Meeting Places, Guest Book, Messages, Calendar, Referrals to other Sites

[ZDK Library Shield] 9. ZDK LIBRARY (East Tower)
Special Collections on Arabs, Bedhoins, Egyptians, Muslims and Middle Eastern Culture and Heritage--and Our Roots in Abraham [transfer to ZDK Media and Information Center]

[ZDK Foundation Shield] 10. ZDK WEB
The ZDK Foundation and the Shaddox Konsvara (Viking Clan) Organization--Holy House Heritage (the Parent Organization for the APPiRu)

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