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A Short History and Testimonial of Our Messianic Leader

Baruch HaShem! Bless HIS Name! For the L-RD, Our God, has been good to us! And HIS Faithfulness lasts to a thousand generations. For, the life of Our Leader is a living Testimony of HIS keeping the Holy Covenant of Our Fore-Fathers.

Aaron was born in the wild, natural surroundings of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge (sometimes called America's Fjord) and developed quite a love for Israel.

Chaim, HaRav Psatoq, The Priest's Priest

From an early age, like most good Jews, whose parents studied the Law (and Scriptures), God gifted Aaron (Daniel) with intellectual skills and he has a long list of academic achievements. Moreover, God provided him some of the best colleges in the Land, including Central Washington University, University of Washington, and University of Chicago. During these studies he obtained a BA in Family Studies, a BA.Ed. in Social Science Education, a MA.Ed in Educational Media (A/V Technologies), and the credit equivalent to a Ph.D!

Growing up in a very secular environmnet, Chaim (Daniel) had no knowledge of God's work with his Family, nor even that the Family was originally Jewish. Then, as his Grandfather informed him of the Family Legancy at the end of his High School days, he began to dig into his Roots. In college, he began to read extensively about the Jewish People and their History and Culture. (He even read the Talmud in college.) And, he came to better understand and appreciate his own Hebrew Heritage.

From an early age, Daniel (Aaron or Chaim) has been very gifted and creative--and has written quite extensively (the Articles of this Web Site being a very good example). As a child, he developed a philosophical bent and in later years began to ponder (and write about) many issues of Religion. And, in particular, he has done a lot of work in reconciling his own Faith of Christianity with the Jewish Roots and Traditions of his Family. (Moreover, he has done quite a bit of work to bring understanding betwen all Abrahamic Peoples--Jews, Christians, and even Muslims.) In this Spiritual Quest, he has written:

MESHIANISM (Hebrew-Christianity):
The Coming Revival of an Israel of Jews and Gentiles

Studies in God Drawing People to Himself (Theology of Salvation)

RuWaKH KhaN:
The Sovereign Spirit of God (The Outpouring and Promise of the Father)

Analysis of God's Feeding Schedule in the Desert (Nutritional Guidance)

The Whole Law of God Seen in the 10 Commandments and Their Related Scriptures

Review of the Ways God Has Spoken in the Scriptures

In earlier days, his parents had something of a spiritual bent, but by the time he came around, they were out of the religious mode. Thus, being raised rather secularly, the Great Thinkers and World Philosophers were his early, primary mentors. (And Leonard d'Vinci was looked on as his tutor.) Then...

  1. In '69, his grandfather introduced him to his Hebrew Heritage (Roots in Holy House)--which he pursued as he went to college in '70.
  2. In the Spring of 1972, he was REGENERATED by committing his life to the Messiah. (And, if you have not been REGENERATED, we recommend it to you--see Our Article on Messianic REGENERATION.)

  3. To get Our Articles on MESSIANIC REGENERATION (Click Here)!

  4. Shortly thereafter, he received the Outpouring (as Promised by the Father) at a Chi Alpha House meeting on campus. (And, if you have not received the GIFTS, we highly recommend it, also--see Our Article on Messianic ENGIFTMENT.)

  5. To get Our Articles on MESSIANIC ENGIFTMENT (Click Here)!

  6. In '74, as a result of a Jews For Jesus concert on campus, he entered the Messianic Movement.
  7. Then, in '76, he began the campus Hebrew-Christian League, which grew into the through the mails outreach of EMUSPATEL that same year (and lasted up until '85).
  8. Next, in '90, he became involved in the development of a Messianic Congregation in Portland, Oregon (which later splintered into several Messianic groups).
  9. Then, in '95, he began BiNGeN KiMueL--the Columbia River Gorge's Messianic Fellowship.
  10. Finally, in 97, with the coming of the Viking Revival Web Site, plans were laid for a Messianic Outreach, too. And thus the Emuspatel Home Page has grown and develped as it is now...
And now, the Messianic RETURN is on its way!!! COME, AND JOIN US.

The purpose of this Article (and of the whole Web Site) is so that you might make your own personal RETURN with the Messiah to God. And, whether you just need ShuVaH (Return) or full Messianic REGENERATION, we heartily encourage you to turn to Our Revival Course, and set your life afire for God--and the Movement of HIS Spirit upon Jews for today!

Indeed, ALL the Abrahamic Peoples are being called back to God in Our Days in the biggest ShuVaH or RETURN in History! So, join the crowd! Now, you can look the Revival Course (for All Peoples) up yourself, or use the handy link, below:

To get REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

OR, if you prefer the more Hebraic Culture and atmosphere, then cruise around Our Web Site here, in Emuspatel.

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The pictures of many of Our Administrative Leaders (including Aaron) appear in the Photo Gallery of the ZDK Main Offices. You can access them at the SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan)

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While you are looking at Our leadership, how would you like some details and explainations on Our Administrators? We only briefly covered some of it here. More details and facts in further depth are available, throughout the Web Site--if you are interested in knowing more of Our Leaders' stories (and varied talents). Now, to help you find all of these, the Main BIO Page in the ZDK Offices is the primary link to them all. So...
To get Our Directory of the ZDK MAIN BIO PAGE (Click Here)!

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