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ASTARIAN Cultural Resources:

Time Travel with Our Interstellar Society!

Our Cultural Engineering produces Science Fiction Worlds based on Judeo-Christian Heritage.

(Choose your Culture! Select your Century in Our Society!)

. * [11. LAODICEAN:  Modern Peoples (Warshire) Era] . [1. GOLD: Babylonian Era 
  (Indian - African)] ;. .
:, . , [12. KoReY (Future Space Realm)] . * .
[10. PHILADELPHIAN:  Community Era (Colonial, Wild West, 
  Hispanic)] + . . * , [2. SILVER: Persian - Arabic Era]
* [9. SARDIS: Protestant Reformation 
  (Nordics - Anglos)] + [ZDK Portal (Universe)] ;. [3. BRONZE: Greek - Hellenistic] .
[8. THYATIRA:  Mediavel & Feudal Europe] ;, . + * ;. [4. IRON: Roman & Classical Era]
., .:. [6. SMYRNA: Viking & Goths] + * :..
.. , [7. PERGAMOS:  Byzantine & Asian] . [5. EPHESUS: Messianic (Jewish-Christian)] .* .

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Explainations and Notes on What is What...

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WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS TIME TRAVELERS MAP??? Is this ASTARIA? (A Future Realm! What is that?) Who (or what) is KoReY? When do we access the Time Periods of the above Cultures? (Cultural Engineering? Go on!) How come you guys are so SPACE crazy? And more...within!

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Ask of ME (God) and I shall give you the Heathen (unbelieving Peoples) for your inheritance; And the uttermost parts of the WORLD (starry-heavens) for your possession (dominion)! (Psalsm 2:8)

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Descriptions and Details on Our Future World...

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Here is our skinny, 411, the scoop on us, and a colage of various facts and figures that paint a good picture of what Our Future Space Realm of KoReY (and the coming Astaria) is all about!
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