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Z*D*K Astarian Cultural Resources - Native Americans

[JChIN (Teepee) Shield]

J.Ch.I.N. Pow-Wow:

Our Judeo-Christian Indian Nation...

Native Americans, Wannabees, Judeo-Christians form Our Tribal Culture!

Down through the recent centuries, NATIVE AMERICANS have all too often been pushed to the background, by WHITEMAN'S CULTURE (secular American Society)! But, in more recent days, there has been a push among those of the INDIAN NATION for a resurgence of their own Culture. Well, here it comes!

Consequently, Z*D*K has joined this movement, and is making provisions in its Astarian Cultural Programs to include Native American Culture in Our Society. And this is the place where that Cultural Integration will take place. So, come and find out about what the FUTURE holds for Our INDIAN NATION!

(And for those of you without an Indian Tongue, JChIN is pronouced GEN as in general.)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


American History pretty much starts with Christopher Columbus "discovering" the Indians of North America (as if they were ever lost?). Moreover, as he was searching for a quick route to the Indies of Asia, he mistakenly started referring to the people he found living here as "INDIANS". And the term stuck and has been in popular use down to this day (though Native American is more preferred by many of those "Indians").

Now, the real question becomes, just where did these Native Americans come from? Well, they certainly didn't come from Asian India (as Columbus thought)! But, more on that later (below).

[Fig Tree (Propserity) Shield]


WHITEMAN'S CULTURE tends to have an abusive attitude towards Nature, but Indian or Native American Culture tries to seek to live within the loving arms of Nature. And to appreciate the Natural Wonders and Nature's Beauty (the Handiwork of God's Creation.) As a result, our people tend to have a more conservationist outlook than typical American secular Society. (For more details on this Future and foward-looking convervationist perspective, see NEW ARK Article.)

In addition, Indian or Native American Culture tends to be more Family orientated. And the people organize themselves more into local groups: Families, Clans, or sometimes Tribes. Larger Nations are not much thought of (though a few can be found), but JChIN is attempting to impress the need for this kind of larger UNITY--a kind of Pan-Tribal Nation! (For more details on Our local units, Family Services, and Tribal or Clan thought, see PAPA PAGES.)

Now, most Native American Programs are aimed at bloodline Indians, only. (Especial those of a particular Tribe or single Nation.) However, the practical reality of today's world is that many people cannot accurately trace their Indian ancestory (or simply do not know what their ancestory is). Yet, they enjoy and like the Native American styles, dress, music, dance, etc. Unfortunately, hard core Native Americans tend to look down on these kinds of Indians as APPLES (red-skinned but whiteman hearted). Or merely as wannabees. However, JChIN does not. And in attempting to gather together for our Pan-Tribal Unity, we encourage all those who so desire to come and participate in JChIN Programs!

[Revival Flame (Campfire) Shield]


In ancient days, Indians or Native Americans were deists or monotheists, worshipping the One Great Spirit or the Holy Spirit of the Wind. (Much as Abraham, and his descendants, worship the ONE TRUE GOD). And, this they did out among Nature, where it became something of a Campfire Faith (rathr than orgnaized religion). Now, this ancient tradition, JChIN intends to pursue! (Even looking with some suspcion on the Religious Establishment, as a bit more corrupt than they ought to be! Whereas worship out in Nature tends to be pure, and holy, and sacred.)

However, some Indians began to worship other spirits, rocks, trees, rivers, etc. and replaced the ONE TRUE GOD with other deities (paganism or polytheism). And some even descended into shamanism, with its magyck and witchcraft. This corruption spread wildly to many other Native Americans--and is still a grave danger, today! Consequently, JChIN does not seek to pursue this degenerating influence!

Yet, the openness of many Indians to the Great Spirit caused a lot of them to accept Christianity, when the Whitemen brought it to America. And, there are many Native American groups that have formed churches or fellowships. Consequently, JChIN seeks to find these spiritual bodies and bring them into a UNITY (Our Pan-Tribal Unity), along with others who worship the Great Spirit (or the ONE TRUE GOD). THUS, while most Native American groups seek a racial, bloodline organization for their people, JChIN seeks a Cultural or Spiritual affinity bond.

Now, as we asked before, WHERE DID THE NATIVE AMERICANS COME FROM? Well, most historians think that they came here via a land bridge over Alaska from Asia. However, alternative routes of over the Greenland icecap from Europe or through Polynesia on outriggers to Peru might serve just as well. But, for JChIN's view is the likely prospect that they are ONE of the Lost Tribes of Israel (For more details on this Tribal Migration, see NORTHMEN HISTORY Article.) In addition, because of the Spanish Inquisition, many of the Spanish Jews escaped to the Americas and lived among the Indians to avoid persecution. (Columbus even encouraging this parctice, himself!) Consequently, we hold the belief in the ISRAELITE INDIANS and their Judeo-Christian Indian Nation, as a result of all this!

[Shadox Clan Shield]


The Shaddox - Hearn Connection

While the Shaddox Konsvara (Viking Clan) leans to our more Scandinavian Heritage, Leonard Shaddox married Margaret Hearn. And the Hearns can trace their genealogy back to the Cherokee Indian Tribe. As a result, the cosmopolitan nature of Our Family brings togethr both Viking and Indian Cultues (as well as Jewish Culture)!

So, is it any wonder that JChIN is such a broad, culturally inclusive organization! (A Cosmopolitan or Pan-Tribal outlook!)

(For more details on the Shaddox Clan, see Our KoNSVaRa Article. For more info on the Family's Jewish Roots, see Our HOLY HOUSE Article. Or, for more of an understanding on Our Cosmopolitan Cultue, see KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS.)

[Flaming Arrow (E-Mail) Shield]


Indian Organization and Government

Many Native American organizations and governments were loose associations or confederations, very much on the democratic lines.

However, being true to our Judeo-Christian Roots, JChIN is on more of a Mediavel Monarchal Model. Our Clan Chieftan, Dancing Stream (in reflection of the River of God), acts more like a local king or petti-ruler. Yet, this strong oversight is balanced by a Great Council, and other representative means, so that the individual is also accorded certain rights and protected from tyranny and oppression. (Much as in American government, with its Bill of Rights.)

[J.Ch.I.N. (teepee) Shield]

The J.Ch.I.N. Shield:

Heraldry in the Judeo-Christian Indian Nation

The most obvious symbol of Indian Culture is the teepee, indicating our orientation to the home, and Family.

The twin, snow-covered peaks reperesent Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, for America's Fjord (where we are located) is nestled between them.

The broad blue river represents not only the Columbia River (where we are on its Northern Banks), but also the River of God or the Holy Spirit of the Wind, which powers and directs our activities.

The crop of wild flowers at the foot of the teepee represents the Nature loving souls that we have gathered together, to grow and blossom--in this Land of Eternal or Everlasting Life (symbolically seen in the evergreens all around--and the green on the Shield).


[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 1. GOLDEN ERA: Ancient Babylon (Africa) -- This is an Early Primative Peoples Age with Stone Age (cavemen), Ancient African, and Early American Indian fashions, styles, and themes: which were all welded into a Universal or inter-Nation Empire (like Astaria).

(Paragraph, in above link, or other details in KoReY Heritage Worlds Article.)



Many who like Indian or Native American Culture, also like the times of the American Wild West. If that is you, then see our JeDS PLACE (or Hill Billy Haven) for America's Folk and Country Culture!

[JChIN (Teepee) Shield]

Further Contacts with US:

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