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ZDK Ministry of Economics ... Northern E-Mall

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Our VIKING BIZARRE and Northmen Marketplace:

The E-Mall of Northern European Products and the Nordic Companies supplying them (Our N-Mall)

Shops, Stores, and Businesses in the Northern E-Mall are listed in 3 ways:

Not only are Names given, but a few sentences (3 or 4 lines) of what the company may have to offer in the way of items you might be interested in (or a few lines of advertisement) - and some low graphics (.gif) may be displayed (often of logos).

All Malls have a short directory giving major classifications of products (and where you can find them in their Mall). Well, so do we! Thus, if you are looking for a specific item, this is a good place to be searching! - Text Only Version!

Names of Nordic Establishments are simply listed for you to read over, as you let your mouse do the walking (like you were cruising a real Mall)! (Their Country is also listed with their name.) - Text Only Version!


(And, please tell them that you found them in the Futuristic Z-Mall!)

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*** NOTICE ***

Inclusion in Our Z-Mall in no way implies that we (at ZDK.F) certify or guarentee that company or its product(s)! All we are saying is that they were open to agreeing to the Varangian Pledge, which, at least, gives lip service to some kind of God-fearing life-style. (And hopefully that will be further reflected in their business dealings with you.)

On the other hand, we do demand that all companies listed with us offer a money back guarantee! That if the item or product is returned, that they will give you its cost back (not necessarily including shipping). If any company will not do that, let us know and we will delete them from further listings!

Finally, as in all purchases, BUYER BEWARE! So, be sure that you know what it is you are doing (and buying).

However, if you happen to encounter direct mis-representation or FRAUD, contact Our Mall security IMMEDIATELY!

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Doing a Name Listing in the Z-Mall is simple and easy (and inexpensive)! So, why not?

However, putting together a Business Name Directory ad or Classified Merchandise Guide ad in the Nordic Z-Mall is no easy task. Moreover, space is very limited! So, we tend to auction off the space to the highest bidder, each month. You can either bid your way to the top of the list or let the competition out bid you--as you slide down to the bottom (where not as many people will see you). So, get up there to be king on the mountain, before everyone dogpiles on you to keep you obscured on the bottom!

For more details, see our ADVERTISING PAGE!

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Long ago, the Vikings and Northmen poured out of the Northern Nations to scour the world in search of trade items and merchandise.

Visit Our Pages on their Cultural Legacy.

See Our VIKING REVIVAL for more on Norsemen Culture.

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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with the Shaddox Clan offices)

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