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DIRECTORY for ASTARIA Ministry of Culture...

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The Divine Culture of Our Interstellar Society!

Astarian Arts, Astarian Music, Heritage Worlds, and Foreign Cultures Liaison.

Astarian Culture is the heart and soul of Our Space Society. Our Ministry collects and organizes Our Preforming Arts and Visual Arts to produce a pleasant blend of Divine Culture. Many of these are drawn from Our Heritage Worlds, which are a representation of the main branches of the Judeo-Christian Cultures of Earth.

ASTARIA Ministry of Culture...


(Explainations and Notes, below)...

THE ASTARIA MINISTRY OF CULTURE PORTAL is a graphics Interstellar Map of icons for you to click on to get our various Cultural Departments. For a more detailed explaination of what those icons mean, consult the following verbal directory.

Ministry of Culture - INTERNAL DEPARTMENTS:

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 1. ASTARIA HERITAGE WORLDS -- This is a Directory Page with notes and links to the various Heritage Worlds Cultures that are to be found in various locations throughout Our Web Site. (Directory, above link, or CULTURAL PORTAL, or details and descriptions at TEXT VERSION or philosophy and theoretical explanations in KoReY Heritage Worlds Article.)


[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 2. ASTARIA VISUAL ARTS: A variety of Visual Arts can be found throughout Our Web Site. To help you find these, we have collected and linked the more notable ones, below:

A. - o - ASTARIAN FASHIONS an Article detailing the current trends and views of dress and clothing in Our Future Realm. (See also, the Mediavel Men's Futuristic Fashion Designs by DESHUND.)

B. - c - ASTARIAN SHIELDS which displays our main shields, shown throughout Our Web Site -- and the details and significance of each one (courtesy of Andy). (Graphics, above link, or other details in TRIBAL HERALDRY Article.)

C. - ^ - BUTTON ART this displays our main buttons, shown throughout Our Web Site and the details and significance of each one (courtesy of Andy).

D. - + - DANITELLO LEONARDI and his Abstract Art - Soft Sculptures (and Humorous Artworks) -- (PG).

E. - * - ASTARIAN MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS: The Foundation currently maintains one Museum Collection of KAHRA-KIYNA religious images (dolls). Also, Imperial Palace Mansion Museum(s) in the Cultural Palaces Directory.


[News (Announcements) Shield] 3. ASTARIA PREFORMING ARTS: Offerings of Preforming Arts are a bit limited in Astaria, as yet, for Our Theater And Drama (And Film) Industry is just getting their start. But, to help you find the few we have, we have collected and linked the more notable ones, below (most of these revolve around the SPACEDOG Series):

A. - o - SPACEDOG - The Movie a brief outline of the famous Movie (to be), expressing many Astarian Cultural Values.

B. - c- TOPDOG - Spacedog Sequel a brief outline of the follow-up Movie (to be), also expressing many Astarian Cultural Values.

C. - ^ - TOYDOG - Spacedog III a brief outline of the next Movie (to be) in the Spacedog series, which helps to popularly express many Astarian Cultural Values.


[Realm Herald (Trumpet) Shield] 4. ASTARIA MUSIC: Astarian Music tends to come from a lot of sources. And our own home grown brand is rather primative. Most of these involved the PERFECT PINK AND PURPLE PUNK Rock of the SPACEDOG Craze.


[Historical Literature Shield] 5. ASTARIA POETRY AND DRAMATIC READINGS: Astarian Poetry is in its infancy. And no significant sources are now listed. (But, for novels and other literary works, see LAMPSTAND MEDIA -- Our Publications Branch.)


Ministry of Culture - EXTERNAL DEPARTMENTS (Foreign Liaisons):

[Realm News (Announcements) Shield] 6. ASTARIA CULTURAL LIAISONS: in addition to our own, home grown (Divine Culture), Astaria plans on importing and encouraging various cultural aspects and elements from many other Nations of Earth (and other Planets). As these become available, and grow, they will be listed here.


Ministry of Culture - EXTENSIONS (Related Departments):

[ZDK University Shield] 7. FINE ARTS EDUCATION -- This is a transfer link to the ZDK University, and its various related departments of Art and Cultural Education.


[ZDK Foundation Shield] 8. ASTARIA Directory -- This is a RETURN ROUTE to the Star Directory for Our Realm (with links to other branches, departments, and main ministries). Perhaps you got lost? Or, transferred here by mistake? Well, backtrack with this link!


[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 9. ASTARIA Cultural Portal -- This is a RETURN ROUTE to the ASTARIA Portal (Or Cultural Portal) for Our Realm (with links there to other branches, departments, and ministries related to Our Cultural Programs).


[K.R.Y. Interstellar Shield]

Further Contacts with US:

Joining us?

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box MINISTRY OF CULTURE!)

Our regular mailing address is:

ASTARIA Ministry of Culture
Shaddox Space Society
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with Shaddox Clan offices)

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