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Viking Revival to Scandinavian Orphans

Velkommen! (Welcome!)

Embrace with us, the Heritage of the Northern Lands! And let God's sacred care and compassion for HIS Northern Peoples (GahTSK or Goths) affect your hearts, too. Truly, HIS Hand of welcome is out-stretched to the Northern Nations!

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So, don't miss out! Get in on the Viking Revival. (This could well be just the thing that your heart has been searching for, all this time!)

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QUEEN AHQO - The Viking Heroine

Ever since we were inspired to write the tragic tale of this beautiful Nordic Princess, some years ago, it also became our desire to do something in her honor. And pursue the charites that were near and dear to her heart. And, now, God has opened the doors to do just that!

And, if you can help us in this process, please do so!

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Despite the nasty press about those bad barbarian Vikings, Scandinavians have had a long and rich heritage of taking extremely good care of their children! And, while the wicked of the world tends to laugh at the so called SEXY Scandinavians, both Viking men and women tend to be very involved in the care and raising of those children that their romancing engenders! In fact, others of the world, would do well to take note and learn from Nordic Parenting skills!

However, as history moves and changes, a massive tragedy is developing, in our days. As you ought to recall from history, the Varangians or Eastern (Christian) Vikings, moved into ancient Russia and built that Empire up into what it was. But, in recent days, with the rise of Communism and then the falling apart of the old Soviet State, the spreading economic woes there are falling more and more heavily upon its social services--and most especially, the care of its orphans (and widows). Thus, vast numbers of children, who are the Descendants our Vikings ancestors have come into GREAT WANT, there!

Unfortunately, this problem is spreading and seems so vast that we simple cannot even begin to deal with it all!

However, because of the high concentration of Nordic Children in the Baltic States (and formerly part of the Soviet Empire), we are going to center our efforts there (for the time being). And do what we can to help these desperately needy Nordic children!

Now, if you, like AhQo, have a heart for Viking Children, please consider doing what you can to help us, help them!

Please make checks and money orders payable to: SHADDOX CHILDREN'S FUND.

And mail your donations to:

AhQo Children's Ministries
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 USA

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Well, if you are like AhQo, you confront a lot of issues that the wicked of the world bring up as to how a woman should be. Unfortunately, this is often diametirically opposte to how God created her to be--and as HE has clearly set forth in the Holy Scriptures. So, if you are a God-fearing woman, who wants to live as God said, come join the rest of us!


(NOTE: *** PG *** Area! Serious Family issues.)

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Hey, FAMILY is not just for the female sorts! MEN played a big part in the History and Heritage of Scandia! And that Nordic Heritage had its firm roots in the Judeo-Christian Faith. For, we find the Holy Scripotures full of PATRIARCHY and good Fathers. So, join us Godly MEN!

Get more on us at FATHER'S FIRST PRIORITY!

(NOTE: *** PG *** Area! Serious Family issues.)

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Support those who support us!

Visit their Nordic and Viking establishments in Our N-Mall (the famous Northern E-Mall). You can find it in the Directory, or just click on the Portal, at left.

And please tell them that you saw it in the Nordic Z-Mall!

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