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ASTARIA Vikings - Scandinavian Heritage

VIKING Literature

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Our Basic Information on Vikings:

Northmen, Norsemen, Ancient Scandinavia, Nordic Christianity, and their Judeo-Christian Faith

ARISE!!! The Vikings are coming back! What will their RETURN be like? Grab a glimpse, below:

[Viking Ship Shield] So, you want to learn about the REAL Vikings (and not the popular fairy-tales and lies)? Then, look at Our simple VIKING Quick Facts Sheets for brief info on Our Scandinavian Heritage! Learn about Northmen, Norsemen, Ancient Scandinavia, and Nordic Christianity. (And find out what the REAL Vikings were, and what they are, and what they will be!) Just click on the appropriate subject heading below (or click on the round Viking shields at the top or bottom of the Page):



[Scandia Faith Shield] 1. QUICK-REBIRTH
-- Making Your Own Personal RETURN with the other VIKINGS back to God (Nordic Christianity and Our Mediavel Viking Religion in a nutshell) Born Again: the solid rock foundation of the Judeo-Christian Faith
[Spiritual Engiftment Shield] 2. QUICK-ENGIFTMENT
-- Spiritual Powers for your RETURN (God's help for holy living - sanctification) from the Holy Ghost (the Charismatic Gifts for you, today!) Understanding of the Supernatural and Spirit World!
[Divine Law Shield] 3. QUICK-GUIDANCE
-- Guidance from God for your RETURN to HIS Ways (10 Commandments and related Scriptures explained) Find God's personal Will for your life (the main morals and ethics of Our Judeo-Christian Faith)
[Historical Literature Shield] 4. QUICK-HISTORY
-- the records of RETURNS among the Ancient Vikings (GahTSK or Goths): How the Judeo-Christian Faith has exploded before among the Northmen or Norsemen (Discovering the Noble Viking Past - Our Ancient Scandinavian Religious Heritage) The Goths as Hebrew Peoples?
[Celestial Nobility Shield] 5. QUICK-MEDIAVEL
-- the Basic Beliefs of the Nordic Christianity that formed Our Ancient Scandinavian Religious Heritage, and that of the Mediavel World, too (Fundamentals of Our Viking Religion): the Core Teachings of Our Viking Revival
[Viking Ship Shield] 6. QUICK-ROOTS
-- the Viking Revival Movement, Yesterday (This Past Century's 3 Main Movements of God forged a 4th and then Our current VIKING REVIVAL of the New Millenium) How the NORDESEL came to be - and how God has worked to form Our Northmen Renewal Movement and Norsemen Return
-- the Viking Revival Movment, Today (the Move of God's Spirit, Now) The who, what, when, where, why, and how of what is going on currently with Our VIKING REVIVAL (the NORDESEL and the Nordic Return)
[I-Fleet Shield] 8. QUICK-FUTURE
-- the Viking Revival Movement, Tomorrow: the rise of Our Nordic Astaria (the Viking Realm out among the Stars--and the Interstellar Israel) and God's Coming Move among ALL the Hebrew Peoples for a migration of the Faithful to the Stars
[Nordic Peoples Shield] 9. QUICK-BIO
-- The NORDESEL Leader's Brief Viking Biography (and Testimonial): get the story behind the story on how Our Realm came to be (Get the scoop and 411 of how the Viking Revival was developed) See God move in our personal lives!


More Detailed Information on Vikings:

Northmen, Norsemen, Ancient Scandinavia, Nordic Christianity, and their Judeo-Christian Faith

[KoReY Heritage Worlds Shield] 10. VIKING MOVIES
-- Reviews and brief summaries of popular, modern Movies about Vikings (See the popular bias, as well as some descent real facts, on Vikings in the modern media) Plus info on NORDESEL Media Concepts and our Lampstand Media Organization. (Will the real Vikings please stand up--or will they forever be a myth and fairy-tale in the modern media?)
-- Dates, Places, and related information on current Viking events, world wide (Emphasis on America, and especially the Pacific Northwest events.) See what your Viking brethren are doing, in today's world! (Join the Viking Revival Movement.) Links to other Viking Groups and Organizations.
[Fruitful Vine Shield] 12. VIKING Z-Mall
-- Originally Our Referrals Page, the Northman E-Mall has grown into a complex trading place, where you can locate all kinds of modern Viking Businesses and a variety of Viking items and artworks. (Support those who support us and Our Viking Organization and Charities.) ** Under Construction ** (Transfer to the Z-Mall)
-- a wild (yet TRUTHFUL?) tale of the legend of the Viking exploration of the Ancient Roman Road to Heaven! Despite its Saga beginning, this lenghty and detailed Article examins that facts of Viking Spiritual Explorations (Regeneration, Spiritual Rebirth, Born Again, etc.) A Pilgrim's Progress for Vikings!
[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield] 14. VIKING RENAISSANCE
-- The spiritual issue of Rebirth provides the POWER for the Revival and RETURN of the Northern Nations and Nordic Peoples: the Vikings are, indeed, coming again!!! (Examin your own life in this lengthy and detailed Article--and see if you will be able to join the others in the Northmen Renewal!) How to become a new spiritual creature!
-- The Viking World (and especially the Varangians) saw the unity and mutual co-operation of the Three Basic Faiths in the ONE TRUE GOD: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. See the UNITY of these 3 Forces in Our Future World of Astaria (Based on the belief in Descending from Abraham, the Father of the Faithful) A look at what the Hebrew Peoples will be in the Future. {Transfer to KoReY Pages (Future).]
-- The Viking Tri-Unity was based on the belief in a ONE TRUE GOD, which led to an exclusion, and then elimination of the competitive Pagan beliefs: for the ONE TRUE GOD requires NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM (This is an intensive Program on How to eliminate the influences of Paganism in your own life!) Based on the traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs against Idolatry. [Transfer to Current Messages Archievs of the Astaria Ministry of Religion.]
[Realm Herald (Intros) Shield] 17. REALM HERALD
-- News, Notes, Introductions Meeting Places, Guest Book, Messages, Calendar, Referrals to other Sites (Our fellowship facilitator) ( ** under construction ** ) Plus links to our various Family Ministries [Transfer to Astaria FAMILY Ministries.]
[ZDK Library Shield] 18. VIKING LIBRARY
-- The NORTH TOWER of our Library Media Complex, which houses a variety of Articles and materials on the Vikings, Northmen, Norsemen, and the modern NORDESEL. ( ** under construction ** ) Plus links to our various Information Ministries [Transfer to ZDK Library.]
[ZDK Foundation (Sun) Shield] 19. MYSTERY OF THE SUN STONE
-- The Northmen and Vikings were fabled for their exploits at sea. However, one of the most puzzling questions has been, how did they navigate, especially in the North Seas, where it was often so foggy or cloudy that you would not have a clue where the Sun nor the stars were? (And the mystery deepens when you realize that the magnetic compass was not known for centuries after the Viking Era!) So, how did they do it? Well, read this Article, and find out.
[Korey Interstellar Colony Shield] 20. WHY DID ASGARD BURN
-- The Northmne put forth many Viking Folktales and lots of Norse Mythology. And, while some of these were pure flights of fantasy, others had strangely related connections to real historical evnts. So, what of this Legand about the City of the gods (0r Garden of the gods) being burnt to the ground? Take a look!
[Interstellar Fleet Shield] 21. RAGNAROK - Doom of the gods!
-- Many cultures have stories about the END OF THE WORLD. But, this strange Viking view has some most unusual twists, and some amazing parallels with other, noted Prophecies of what the End of the World is to be like! So, is there something to this saga? Well, read the tale, and decide for yourself!

[Nordic Peoples Shield]

More About the Nordic RETURN:

Our Detailed Articles on the NORTHMEN Renewal

Like facts and historical details? Ever wondered about your Scandinaivan Heritage? How the Mediavel Vikings came to control ALL of Ancient Scandinavia, and then most of Northern Europe (the Nordic Peoples), thus founding the Mediavel World for Feudal Europe--and then all of Western Civilization? (And NO, most modern history books don't tell you the truth about them, but have a bad bias against Vikings--and Our Scandinavian Heritage!) Or, curious about the impact that Vikings and the Northmen or Norsemen had on World Civilization, today? And, even more pointedly, will the Descendants of the Vikings continue to be just a back water bunch or will they spring forth AGAIN to new life, vigor, and civilization in the Future? (Is Viking Revival really possible?) Then Our more detailed Articles on the NORTHMEN Renewal is for you! Get the articles and read them! Use the Link, below:

To get Northmen INTERMEDIATE ARTICLES (Click here): [Detailed NORTHMEN Articles]


About the NORDESEL

Simple Overview of the NORDESEL Realm

Not really that studious? But, still interested, some? Then try Our longer Web Page on what We are all about--in a nutshell. Here is the skinny, the scoop, and 411 of what the Nordesel and the Modern Northmen are all about. (*** PG ***) Follow the link, below:


[Viking Shield]


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To get Viking Revival F.A.Q.S. (click here): [Viking Quick FAQS]

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