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. . . THREE . . . * INTO ONE!

(Our Tri-Unity of the Faithful: Jews Christians Muslims United!)

KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Abrahamic Fellowship

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield]

KoReY Tri-Unity


(Jews Christians Muslims United in Astaria)

Family feuds are sometimes the worse battles! And, despite the fact that we are all brothers in the Faith (Descendants of Abraham), over the centuries much blood has been shed between Jews, Christians, and Muslims (Arabs - Ishmaelites). It seems we have not learned our lesson from the tragedy of Cain and Abel!

Now, God is not pleased with this! And, HE, in HIS Holy Scriptures admonishes us:

"BEHOLD, how good and how pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together--IN UNITY" (Psalms 133:1)

Thus, HE would rather have us pursue Inter-Faith Ministries, where HIS People (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) could learn to get along and work together in mutual co-operation!

After all, who benefits from our family feuds? Not God! Nor HIS Kingdom. Nor HIS People! Rather, the Pagans (those committed to false gods) are the beneficiaries of our fighting amongst ourselves.

For, can you imagine the FEAR that would strike the hearts of the heathens, if WE, those of the Faith of Abraham (monotheism), came together and united! What a world shaking Abrahmic Fellowship that would be!

[Abrahamic Faith Shield]

Abrahamic Fellowship?

Oh, this is just a pipe dream! A real fantasty! The Jews Christians Muslims United? They will never get together! (Or, you say?)

Well, guess again. For, that is exactly what God has Planned! We are about to enter into a new era of mutual co-operation. It is God's Will for Our Times.

What! You must be on something! This is craziness! How can the centuries of distrust and destruction be wiped away? It is just not possible that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims (Arabs or Ishmaelites) could ever work together in unity!

[Word of God Shield]

Prophecy of the New United Israel!

Well, what is impossible with Man, IS possible with God. And especially so if it is something HE wants. Thus, as HE has planned it, so it shall come to pass. The only real question is whether YOU will yield and submit to HIS Will or if YOU will fight and oppose HIM, here.

Hey, how can this be possible? When did God ever say that? Sorry, but it sure sounds like those crazy New Agers have gotten to you! (Or, you say?)

Well, then take a good look at what God wrote in the Holy Scriptures:

"In that Day (of Isreal's RETURN), shall there be a highway out of Egypt (Arabs) to Assyria (Northmen - Vikings), and the Assyrian (Nordics - Christians) shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian (Ishmaelites - Muslims) into Assyria; And the Egyptians shall serve (Israel) with the Assyrians! In that Day, shall Israel (Jews) be a Third Part with Egypt (Arabs - Ishmaelites), and with the Assyrians (Northmen - Christians), even a blessing in the midst of the Holy Land; Whom the Lord shall bless, saying: Blessed be Egypt MY People, and Assyria the work of MY Hands, and Israel MY Inheritance." (Isaiah 19:23-25)

Therefore, in the Days of Israel's RETURN (which we are seeing happening today), the Holy Realm of Israel (Our BODY or the Spiritual Society of KoReY) will be formed of 3 Parts: Jews, Christians (Northmen - Assyrians), and Muslims (Egyptians - Ishmaelites). You have God's Word on it!

Now, before you fall over and faint (or drop dead), let us take a closer look at some historical facts! Impossible for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to get along? Guess again!

[Viking Ship Shield]

The Varangians Atmosphere of Toleration

Harmony of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Viking Russia

Now, as much as Western Historians may like to forget and ignore the Vikings, they did have some notable accomplishments. (See Our Viking Revival for more details.) And, one of the most notable was the establishment of an atmosphere of toleration, mutual respect, and co-operation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims in their Lands--especially among the Eastern Vikings or Northmen of Ancient Russia (known as Varangians). Moreover, this tolerance, in turn, allowed these Varangians to establish an extensive trade network involving all of these diverse Peoples (which caused their own wealth to rise greatly)!

So, don't say that it is impossible! For, historically, it did happen. And went on for centuries in early Mediavel Russia, while the Vikings ruled there.

Now, while your head is still spinning in disbelief, grab hold of yourself! For the biggest mindbenders are yet to come. Ready? Well, ready or not, let us take a closer look at those 3 Parts of this RETURNED Israel (as they are set forth in the Holy Scriptures). [Messianic Shield]


The Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Return

About 30 years ago, when a handful of us started running around saying that God was going to bring a Revival or RETURN among the Jews, we were laughed at from coast to coast! The Jews would never make a RETURN to God through the Cross! But, here, a couple of decades later, the Messianic Movement is one of the hottest Revivals sweeping America. And it is now spilling over to many other nations, as well. Never since the Days of the Apostles have so many Jews found their True Messiah in Y'Shua Hah-MeSheyahKh (Jesus Christ) as we are seeing happening, now. And, it is certainly not the work of Man's hands. Rather, it is a true miracle of God. Because God had Planned it that way--despite what Man may have said or wanted.

And, without doubt, much is happening in this Jewish RETURN! The Messianic Movement is exploding all over. And, its growth is hard to even keep track of! But, if you are interested in the details, then check with Our section on Emuspatel (pronounced: ee-moose-paw-tell), below:

To get details on EMUSPATEL (Click Here): [Our MESSIANIC Return]

[Nordesel Shield]


The Nordic (Assyrian - Viking - Christian) Return

While the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Movement is going on, and has gotten a good head start, there is also beginning to arise a strong Northmen Movement among Scandinavians and Northern Europeans. We believe this to be the result of their Assyrian (and Hebrew) Roots, so that God is calling ALL HIS People back to HIM in this modern Israelite RETURN. And, indeed, if you study Northmen History, you will see that these Northern Nations have gone through a Revival about every 500 years, so now (at around 2000), we are right on schedule!

However, once again, there is so much that is going on, it is hard to detail here. And, as time progresses, there will be even more happening in the Northmen Renewal. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this Movement, we suggest that you look into Our Web Site on it, below:

To get details on NORDESEL (Click Here): [Our NORTHMEN Return]

[Appiru Shield]


The Ishmaelite (Egyptian - Arab - Muslim) Return

But, perhaps the hardest to believe (and the slowest to get started) is the RETURN among the Ishmaelites (Arabs or Muslims). While the Jewish acceptance of their own Messiah might have some rationality to it (despite the years of persecutions and pogroms), Muslim acceptance of Isa al Mashih (Jesus the Messiah and Savior) is fanatically and passionately opposed by many Muslims--though the Ishmaelite Prophet of Isse ibn Miriyam (Jesus son of Mary) is widely respected by them! Moreover, with the rise of modern Muslim fundamentalism, most Arabs are even afraid to just consider the claims of Isse or Y'Shua (Jesus), as their long awaited Great Redeemer.

However, despite the activities of mere men, God is going to get HIS Way! And, even now, the trickle of Arabs (and Muslims) turning to Isse (or Jesus) is much larger than it has ever been at any other time in history! And the claimed miraculous revelations of Christ, HIMSELF, to Muslim communities has risen to astoinding numerbers in recent years! And, because of the prophecy (above), we expect this trickle to become a veritable flash flood in the days to come. So, if you care to monitor this Movement and get the details on it, check with Our Appiru (Hebrew Egyptian - Christian) Section, below:

To get details on APPIRU (Click Here): [Our ISHMAELITE Return]

[KoReY Futuristic Shield]


The Future Tri-Part Israel of Space

As you should gather from reading about the other Sections, the ShuVey Israel (or modern RETURNED Israel) is not yet completed. Each of the above 3 parts must be brought together to form the New Holy Nation of Israel. For, it is God's Will for the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (or T.A.D.) to come together in Unity. Jews, Christians, and Muslims will learn to understand each other and co-operate on mutually beneficial tasks and projects. Consequently, we are stepping into this gap to promote mutual understanding and tolerance for those Cultural Traditions that come from the Faith of Abraham--and which all of these 3 groups possess (in one degree or another).

Now, this is no easy task! Nor is it going to be completed in a Day! (But, then, Roman was not built in a Day, either.) So, how are we progressing at it? Well, if you are interested in the details, and want to keep up with this Work, then check with Our KoReY Introductory Literature Section. It gives lots of basic details on this Future Tri-Part Israel out among the Stars. For, the biggest projects of TAD for mutual co-operation and UNITY will occur in the colonization of Outer Space by the Faithful (Jews Christians Muslims United)! This is what we call a Faith Conflux! So, check this wonder of God out, below:

To get details on KoReY INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE (Click Here): [OUR FUTURE 3-Part REALM]

[Astrilanz Galatic Shield]


Our Plan for Integrating the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants

As Our Spiritual Society (and Religious Realm) of KoReY begins to form out among the Stars (and transform eventually into the Nation of Astaria--and Interstellar Empire), we will need a Program for merging these three main Peoples of the major Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (or T.A.D.) into a United Kingdom. Moreover, given the RETURN of ALL Israel, we will need a means of forging all these various 12 Tribes (and differing Peoples, Cultures, and Ethnic Groups related to them) into one united NATION! This Proposal is outlined in Our Article on the KoReY Heritage Worlds. If you are interested in the details, look it up in the KoReY Introductory Literature section, or use the handy link, below:
To get details on KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS (Click Here): [KoReY 12 Tribal Worlds]

Now, are you ready to make that commitment to follow God's expressed Will, here? Or, do you need more details? More time?

Well, whatever you do, keep checking back with us to see how things are progressing with the Movement. For, if the last few decades are any clue as to what lies ahead, you are going to see some truly amazing things happening here, and with Our Movement! Don't be passed by. And, don't get left out. Come on in! And join us!


Well, the point of the whole KoReY Outreach is that there is going to be a MASSIVE Interstellar Return. And a Cosmic-wide Revival where we will see Jews Christians Muslims United! However, this is just not a far off Future thing. You can get in on the start of this RETURN, today. All you have to do is get Regenerated or Renewed (or what is commonly called Saved or Born Again). You can find how to do that in Our Revival Course (housed in Our Revival Chapel). Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]


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