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Meshianites and the Israelite Return of ALL the Tribes

ShaLoM! There used to be 5 schools of Jewish thought: Orthodox, Conservative, Traditional, Reformed, and Reconstructionist. Now, there is rapidly emerging a 6th: Messianic Judaism. And, it is upon these Messianics that this Web Site focuses--and in particular, the Meshianite RETURN of ALL the Tribes of Israel (Emuspatel).

So, come with us! Enjoy the RETURN! See the ShuVaH or the coming back of ALL the Hebrew Family (MiShPoKhaH) of Abraham. Experience with us, the renaissance or rebirth of this powerful Holy Heritage of the Hebrew Peoples. Follow the Faith of Abraham in bringing this Renewal of his Descendants back to G-D. Don't miss out! (It could well be the golden opportunity of your life-time!) So, follow the other Jewish and Hebrew Peoples (Messianics) in their RETURN back to Hah-SheM. The REVIVAL of the of the Israelites (and other Peoples of Abraham) is here! (Isaiah 19:24-25)

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EMUSPATEL has many Programs and Services (published here, on the Net, by Our Lampstand Media branch).

To access these, click on the Links given below (or click on the Portals or series of ROUND SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Realm News Shield]1. MESSIAH'S MESSAGE
-- The HEBREW (Messianic) REVIVAL: The plain, simple steps of ShuVaH (making your own personal RETURN to G-D), according to the Message of the Messiah (Y'Shua Hah-MeSheyaKh)

-- Brief Articles on the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Teachings and Emuspatel's role in this ShuVaH (or REUTRN of the Hebrew Peoples) plus learning the difference between Messianic and Meshianite.

-- A look at the (7) Scriptural Dispensations (including the rise of Our Own Realm--the Meshianite Kingdom of KoReY and the Future Astaria) And a discussion of the Spiritual Signs of Our Times.

[Realm Security (Flaming Sword) Shield]4. SOCIAL DEFENSE LITERATURE
-- Articles on facing and dealing with anti-Semitic attitudes and activities (Modern monitoring--and surpizing recent rise in incidents!) Keep an eye on what is going on out there!

[ZDK Library Shield] 5. ZDK LIBRARY (West Tower)
-- Special Collections on Jewish, Hebrew, and Middle Eastern Peoples and the Heritage and Culture of Abraham's Descendants [Transfer to ZDK Media and Information Center] ** in development

[Divine Law LIbrary] 6. DIVINE LAW LIBRARY
-- Modern Recodification of ToReL, God's LAW from the Holy Scriptures (based new reference system using traditional 10 Commandments rather than the 7 divisions of the Mishnuh) [Transfer to Law Library]

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield] 7. ABOUT EMUSPATEL
-- Brief description and simple overview of basic facts and figures, which paint a simple picture of what WE are all about (Descriptions of Shields and Flags of Emuspatel)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 8. EMUSPATEL F.A.Q.s
-- Answers to common questions about US (and Our Realm) Includes replies to recent complaints and criticisms! (*** PG ***)

Old World Jewish Women have traditionally been given a very subordinate position to their Man--PATRIARCHY (In contrast to modern feminists and women's libbers, EMUSPATEL finds this to be a God ordained and blessed role!) Plus, visit our FELLOWSHIP FACILITATOR over on the PAPA PAGES for News, Notes, Introductions, Meeting Places, Guest Book, Messages, Calendar, Referrals to other Sites

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 10. KoReY TRI-UNITY
Is it possible that Jews, Christians, and Arabs or Muslims can be united in ONE SPIRITUAL BODY??? (Well, Emuspatel believes so, and our cousins over at KoReY agree!) So, take a serious look at this Miraculous Move of God to UNITE all of HIS People, the Descendants of Abraham together!

[ZDK Foundation Shield] 11. OUR ZDK WEB
-- The ZDK Foundation Popular Directory, with links to Shaddox Konsvara (Hebrew Viking Clan) Organization; And Holy House (the Parent Organization for EMUSPATEL)

[Revival Chapel Shield] 12. OUR TEMPLE OF RIGHTOUSNESS
-- get info here beyond Jewish Mysticism and on into Hebrew Pentecostals and Charismatics and their Teachings on the Judeo-Christian Faith (and especially centering on its Abrahanic Roots that built up ALL the Hebrew Peoples) Catch the Wave of the New Move of G-D and its dramatic Messianic Outpouring! [Transfer to Revival Chapel]

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The Religious Roots of the Family Foundation

Where did that weird Family name come from? And what has been the longstanding religious tradition and heritage of Our Clan? Well, there are, indeed, many legends and mysteries associated with the Family, so come and take a look! Or, use the handy link, below:
HOLY HOUSE--The Mysteries and Legends of the Religious Heritage of the Shaddox Family

[Shaddox Clan Shield]

SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan):

Looking for links and Pages of the Shaddox Family (founders of ZDK)? Look no farther! And get a good peek at the photos of our leaders and fore-fathers (as well as some of their mystery men).

And, be prepared! For the Mediavel mirth and merriment is just around the corner! (And will strike when you least expect it!) So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy yourself, with the rest of Our Family.

SHADDOX CLAN (Click Here!)


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