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Our West Coast Cherokee "Indian" Nation

*** (Pronounced as "Quin") ***

While likely to be as large as any of the other branches of the Cherokee Nation (and perhaps larger than all the other branches, combined), the West Coast Cherokee, today, are very scattered, very diverse, and very unorganized! And, in fact, they have never been enrolled as a Tribe--nor, for that matter, even counted. They are the West's great unknown!

Now, Our WCCIN (or "Quin") is working to bring some UNITY to the splintered sections of the Pacific Coast Cherokee. And, in so doing, a very Modern Cherokee is emerging. One that is, perhaps not Native American, in the traditional sense, yet, none the less, a blood-brother.

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Unifying The Pacific Coast Cherokee

As we set about this task, we soon discovered that it was not that easy! Most other Tribes set their membership by BLOODLINE, and the more Blood of the Tribe you have, the better. However, many of the Pacific Coast Cherokee do NOT have documentation to their Cherokee Bloodline!!! Either their records were destroyed, or their family eluded the government, when it was trying to register them. Consequently, many out here in the WEST, know that their ancestors were Cherokee (from Family tales and legends), but they have no way to document that. So, what of this Bloodline thing?

So, to solve that, we have divided Our Tribal Nation into two sections. One is Quin, which is the group that can show Cherokee Bloodline. And the other is JChIN (or "Jenn") for those who want to know and up-hold Our CORE CULTURE. (And a Core Culture that is based on the Old Cherokee and Mediavel Cherokee Civilization.)


The principle difference is in Our CULTURE. We are based on the Old Cherokee (which everyone else seems to have forgotten, or ignored). And are tring to revive the Civilization of the Mediavel Cherokee, which died out in the Plagues of the 1730s. Most of the other Tribes are either based on the Colonial Cherokee (Cherokee AFTER the Plagues) or the Iroquois Tribe, as there seems to have been a good migration of Iroquois into Appalachia, after the Plagues (or some combination, thereof). Rather, WE are attempting to return to the original culture of Our People. (At least, as much as we can, in a modern, technological society.)

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ANi -- WCCIN and JChIN:

Pacific Cherokee--Different Breed of Cat!

Now, the original, Old Cherokee (or the Mediavel Cherokee) that was in the Applachian Highlands in the 1600s was considerablely different from todays Eastern and West Cherokee Tribes! (And primarily because the Colonial Cherokee lost contact--and even memory of--their fore-fathers and ancestors, and how life was, BEFORE the Plagues!)

And primarily here, the greatest loss was the Old Cherokee orientation towards the ONE TRUE GOD! For, as we have told you elsewhere, the early European contacts with them reported that they were Hebrews, worshipping GOD, celebrating the Old Testament Feasts, and teaching stories and tales that closely paralleled the Biblical accounts! (For more on this, see Our other Article on the CHEROKEE HEBREWS.)

For another, in tracing their history and origins, we find that the original Old Cherokee were greatly influenced by the Goths or early Vikings in America. (For more on this, see Our other Article on the CHEROKEE VIKINGS.)

As a result, the Old Cherokee Culture was rather European already (or as the British said "Mediavel"), so when the British Colonists came, the Mediavel Cherokee Europeanized and took up the Ways of the Whitemen--those of Shakespearean or Ezlibethean England (popular in the 1600s) and some things popular to Musketeer Times. Thus, the Mediavel Cherokee Culture became an eccletic Society, trying to unify and adapt European Ways and technologies to their own.

But, unfortunately, this High Civilization was all swept away in the Plagues of the 1730s.

Then, after the further disaster of the TRAIL OF TEARS, many of the Cherokee became disenchanted with the Tribe(s) and moved further out West, to the Pacific Coast, where they became as "Whitemen". And with the Great Depression of the 1930s, these were soon followed by other Cherokee from both the East Coast Tribe and the Central or "West" two Tribes (and the other splinter groups).

And here, on the West Coast of America, the Pacific Cherokee are nearly invisible as "Whitemen" with progressive, European ideas, and Western Life-styles--quite unlike the other Cherokee Tribes! Yep, these WESTERN INDIANS are quite different!

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The BRONZEMEN MOVEMENT and the WCCIN Regathering!

Thus, it has become the task of Our BRONZEMEN MOVEMENT to regather these scattered Pacific Coast Cherokee (as well as any others that may like to come along) and organized them into WCCIN or the West Coast Cherokee Indian Nation--and its associated JChIN.

And in so doing, to revive the Ways of the Mediavel Cherokee or Old Cherokee (while also being progressive, westernized, "whitemen", and Europeans--as most of the Pacific Cherokee are.)

Moreover, to aid us in unifying Our People, we are calling for an Indian Preserve (not a Resevation) so that the West Coast Cherokee will have a Homeland. This is called W.A.S.H.A. or the Washington Alpine Scenic Highway Act--and it is being promoted by an allied Political Action Group. (For more on this, see Our other Article on the W.A.S.H.A..) And as you see, we are, indeed, very much MODERN CHEROKEE.

CONSEQUENTLY, we are firmly in the process of building a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation here, for Our "TRIBE"! (Trying to combine Our various Heritage Roots into ONE united Nation or Peoples!)

Come and help us!


See Our CONTACTS PAGE Section.

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More JChIN Teachings?

See Our Seminary For Tennants and Doctrines

Curious about what other Judeo-Christian Teachings we may have? Well, visit Our ZDK Seminary at REVIVAL CHAPEL . There we have put some of Our very basic Doctrines. So, increase your understanding of us. (And see what God has to offer you!)
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Our Plan For "Indian" Monies

As of this writing, we are NOT an officially recognized "TRIBE", so there are no federal funds, as yet, to be distributed.

However, we are often asked, how we intend to divide up the "pot" of money. And, as each Tribe seems to do this differently, I thought I'd set forth Our current Plan, and some of the reasons behind it.

One of the great irritations I have had in running Our Regathering Meetings, is that we sometimes get Full-Bloods (or high percentage People), who come to us with their hand out and say: WE ARE CHEROKEE, PAY US! And yet, these same People have no concern nor regard for what Our fore-fathers and Ancestors (Old Cherokee) did. And they dump on Our Heritage, they dump on Our Culture, and they dump on Our Religion--yet they still expect to be paid (while they sit on their butt and do nothing). So, Our Plan was formed to help deal with that.

Consequently, rather than making Bloodline the determining facter (and remember, many Pacific Coast Cherokee cannot document their Bloodline), we have chosen CULTURAL ORIENTATION as the determining factor. Thus, no matter what your Bloodline, if you won't support Our Culture and Heritage (from the Old Cherokee), then we aren't going to support you, either! And if your Bloodline is doubtful (or perhaps even non-existent), but you are willing to help us keep and maintain Our Culture and Heritage, then we will make you a BLOOD-BROTHER and adopt you into the Tribe, and see that you get some kind of support. For those who do the work in helping us maintain Our Culture and Heritage, should be rewarded! (And, forget those who won't lift a finger!)

So, if I can set forth Our priorities (in 4 steps):

One of Our main goals will be to see to it that ALL Our Tribal Members (both Quin and Jenn) receive basic health care--to stay happy, healthy, and whole! (And this will probably involve buiding a clinic or two and/or a hospital(s)--probably in Our Industrial Park.) Moreover, we are planning that this will include a drug and medicines benefit (or at least a subsisdy).

Another primary goal will be to develop industry and businesses, so that Our People will have descent paying jobs--and can earn a reasonable inclome to support their Families on. (So, there will probably be considerable investment in the Industrial Park.) Tribal employment will be a high priority!

One of the most troubling things about Our Regathering Meetings has been THE LACK OF MEN! (We get about 3 or 4 women to every man we make contact with!) So, to encourage MEN to join the Tribe, we have developed a supplemental Plan for those MEN who cannot find work (a kind of Tribal Unemployment). On every other workday, they should be out, looking for work. But, on the other workdays, they will be gathered into one of Our buildings or facilities, to be available for odd jobs with the Tribe. (And once the building of the Scenic Highway and Our Industrial Park begins, there should be lots of odd jobs in construction.) Yet, while they wait for the tasks to come in, we can play chess or other war games (in bad weather) or go outdoors for various sports (in good weather)--as the MEN used to do among Our Ancestors!

Moreover, in cooperation with this Program, we will probably have some kind of Food Stamp Program, so that Our MEN will be able to feed their Families, whether they are working or not.

Given that there has been a lot of economic discrimination against Our People, making it difficult for them to find adaquate work, we do intend to provide a monthly Living Stipend to Our QUIN members, to help them survive. However, this will be a modest sum (perhaps like Social Security), as industry and honest labor are still to be encourged--by having a better income from them. And here, Bloodline will be supported, with an added "kicker" that will reward those who make the effort to marry within the Tribe and keep up Our Blood. But, this will not be major money (as it is in other Tribes), yet we do think reward should be given, where work and effort has been made! (And it is an EFFORT to keep up your Family Bloodline!)

[Fruitful Bough (Joseph) Shield] 5. TRIBAL DIVIDENDS:
Well, what then happens if our investments start paying off, and we end up with surplus funds? Then, these will be applied to the above 4 steps--except that, when it comes to Tribal Stipend, we will distribute the surplus monies as Tribal Dividends (like quarterly corporate shares), probably with there being a "kicker" for those who have more years and seniority with Our Tribe (and thus being a bonus to Our Senior Citizens, as we are to respect Our Elders--and not degrade them, as some in America do). Then, if the quarterly dividends continue for awhile, we will see about raising the Tribal Stipend a bit.

Yes, this isn't exactly how other Tribes do it. But, considering that the Pacific Coast Cherokee are DIFFERENT, then we need a Funding Program that fits us--not the other Tribes. (And if you spend some time thinking about Our Plan, I believe you will see the wisdom in it.)

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