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And the Bronzemen Final Frontier Out Among the Stars

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We have seen our dim, dark past in the MEDIAVEL CHEROKEE Article. And we have seen our troubled current history in the PACIFIC COAST CHEROKEE MIGRATIONS Article. But,what will BRONZEMEN HISTORY say about Our Future? Cherokee Utopia? (Or Doom?) Are there any Cherokee Predictions?

[Historical Literature Shield] Well, it is a general principle of history, that history often repeats itself (though usually slightly altered from the past). Therefore, since the Vikings altered Cherokee History by moving them from Canada to Appalachia (as we have seen, above), and the U.S. Army moved them from Applachia to Okalohoma (an scattered parts, beyond) is something similar about to happen? Well, the Cherokee have been a migratory People. So, yes, we think it will happen, again! And let me tell you why.


Now, as you should recall, from our previous Articles, the Mediavel Cherokee were deeply involved in the Judeo-Christian Culture. So, what does that Culutre hold for our Future? Consult the Bible, and we will find out.

[KoReY Interstellar Colonies Shield] Moreover, we saw that the Mediavel Cherokee claimed descent from Abraham (and Moses), and in the Bible we find that the descendants of Abraham are prophecied to be as numerous as the stars--for they will go there and settle them! (Genesis 15:5 and Exodus 32:13) So, we hold that the ANi are about to embark on an Interstellar Migration.

Futhermore, as the Mediavel Cherokee claimed to be 7 of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and as the Holy Scriptures promise a regathering of Israel from among the stars (Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehimiah 1:9), we hold that the ANi will soon be out among the stars, settle on colonies of other planets, to participate in this Great Interstellar Revival!

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield] In addition, by doing a careful reading of the Divine Commission in this light, we find that it really says: GO YE INTO ALL THE ***WORLD*** [Kosmos, starry-heavens, Universe), AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVER LIVING CREATURE! (Mark 16:15) So, how are we going to complete our charge, except we get busy, and go out among the stars to do our Master's bidding? Space colonies are Our divine calling. And Our Holy Task.

CONSEQUENTLY, we hold that some kind of Judeo-Christian Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, etc. (involving the Modern Mediavel Cherokee--US) is about to transpire. And we, the ANi will be right there, in the middle of it all. For this has become, our NEW MANIFEST DESTINY! (To go and settle SPACE, as the descendants of Abraham.)

But is this Interstellar Migration for us all? Everyone?


Now, for us, we intend this to be a VOLUNTARY Program. That those who get inspired, catch the "vision", and want to go, will be helped by our Nation to do so. It is part of our Divine Calling. We believe it to be God's Will.

However, history shows that most of Mankind could care less for God's Will. Yet, as history also shows, one way or another, God eventually gets what HE wants! (So, why not just give in and go along with the Progam, in the first place?) And, for those reluctant to do God's Will, HE has a coming Program that will drive them there, anyway.

The Holy Scriptures predict the impact of a giant meteor, that will kill 1/3 of Earth's population and destroy 1/3 of all plant and animal life. This meteor is named WORMWOOD (Revelation 8:7-11). And, right now, the scientific community is abuzz with the news that astronomers have found a large meteor that seems on collision course with the Earth, and will impact us in 2029 A.D. (or perhaps 2036?) So, it looks like it is almost here!

The Holy Scriptures also warn us that the Sun is about to go Nova (Isaiah 30:26). And by the current rising trends of Global Warming, this Nova event is about to occur! At that time, the Earth will be turned up-side-down and be vacated by Mankind (Isaiah 24:1-6), and will leave its orbit (Isaiah 13:13), with the shift in the glacial ice pack at the poles grinding most of the mountains flat, into a plain (Isaiah 40:4). Now, do you really want to stick around, through all of that? (What a mess it will be!!!) We don't!

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Our Future ANi Space World

THEREFORE, rather than sticking around, through all this downfall of everything on the Planet Earth, we, the ANi intend to be about our Father's business--migrating to, and colonizing the stars. (Yes, and history repeats itself in this, for we will migrate just as our American fore-fathers left their homes in Europe to come and settle here.) But, where are you going to be? In Wistaria (or Our Viking Astaria--sometime Hebrew Estalla), with US?

Will you listen to Our Cherokee Predictions, and be saved?


Interstellar Culture and Society

Now, just what will our Future Space World be like? Well, basically, we are taking the Old Ways of the Mediavel (and Messianic) Cherokee, and adapting them to fit in with the modern, high-tech world that we see coming quickly for our Future. Care to make the transition with us?

To aid this process, we have put together a TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP COURSE, that will explain many of these elemets, and show you how we intend to use them in our Future Space World. If you are interested, take a look at our JChIN SYLLABUS Page. This Course presents Out CORE CULTURE that will help to Unify Our People. And it is based on the Judeo-Christian Teachings that were found among the Mediavel Cherokee.

So, don't get left behind!


For more information on this controversial Interstellar Migration predicted in the Holy Scriptures see our INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES Article in the KoReY Revival Literature Section of our Web.


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