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Washington Alpine Scenic Highway Act

A Homeland for the ANi in the Mountains of SW Washington State

While the other 3 major branches of the Cherokee Nation have a Homeland or Reservation of their own, The Pacific Coast Cherokee have no place to go!

Moreover, while the other 3 major branches of the Cherokee Nation have been compensated for the Indian Removal Act (and the Trail of Tears), The Pacific Coast Cherokee have never gotten any appropriation nor alotment.

THEREFORE, this is the time, and this is the place, for that to occur! And this is what We are campaigning for. Take a look at some of the details involved, following:

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Natural Areas of SW Washington State

SW Washington State has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. However, that view is only seen by forest rangers and the fittest of back-packing enthusiasts. For there is no way for normal people to get in to see the wonders. (Mt. St. Helens, the Volcanoe is here!)

Instead, this area is controlled by the National Forest Service and the State's Dept. of Natural Resources--and by Wilderness Management. (With only a few, small settlements, here and there.)

Our Scenic Highway would put a Road Route through this Area of Natural Wonders, and allow the Public (and the handicapped) to drive in, and see the beauties that this Area of the State has to offer.

And, in addition to this Public Service We are offering, we need some settlement areas, for those of Our People, who may like to come and live here, to move in, and live in Our Tribal Preserve (with Our Tribal Laws)--and attempt to live the way Our Ancestors in the Old Cherokee did.

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Laying Out a Basic Web for Our Homeland

Well, the Road Route is not cast in stone, yet. But, in general, we envision it beginning at or near US Route 97 (around Goldendale). threading through the Mountains about 5 to 20 miles North of the Columbia River, and then ending up around Vancouver or Battle Ground. That would be the basic route.

Now, there are some variants. We will probably extend the Route beyond Goldenale, to reach Our proposed INDUSTIRAL PARK. (See, below.) And some have suggested that we need to go all the way down the Columbia and into Kelso and Longview. Others have suggested even crosssing the River in the East and going into the Hermiston and Boardman Areas (in Oregon State). Well, we will see.

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Jobs, Commerce, and Business For Our People!

Like the Road Route, the exact site of Our INDUSTRIAL PARK has not yet been determined. But, we are anticipating that it will be some where East of Goldendale. Perhaps around the Bickelton Area. Or, up further North in the Horse Haven Hills--perhaps even all the way to the Yakima River? (Then again, there is that Oregon group rooting for us to put the Industrial Park across the River and into the Hermiston or Boardman Area!) So, we will see what comes forth.

However, we are placing it here, to be near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. For there are a variety of things that Our Tribe would like to do, to aid the U.S. Government in its Defense and in its Research. (See Our Article on CHEROKEE and AMERICA. )

Moreover, it is this INDUSTRIAL PARK that we intend to use a good portion of Our "Indian" monies on to help finance and turn into a commercial success. (See the Section on Financial Disbersment in Our Article on W.C.C.I.N. )

And yes, building an Industrial Park is no small task! (Come and help us?)

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The Center and Draw of the ANi Industrial Park!

As most urban planners have told us, to do an Industrial Park, you need a draw or feature that will attract other businesses to it. (Kind of like Malls have major store outlets, and then lots of other, little shops, to capitalize on the foot-traffic.)

So, for the main draw of Our Industrial Park, we are proposing to build a PNW SPACEPORT. Now, as of this writing, 4 other Spaceports are also being planned--one in New Mexico, one in Texas, and one in Oklahoma. However, We think we have some unique features that will make Our Spaceport superior. (And for more details on that, see Our Article on the PNW SPACEPORT. )

And, because of the SPACEPORT, we are expecting a lot of first class hotels and restaraunts to go into Our Industrial Park. To capitalize on the travelors. (And thus give us good tourist trade!)


Casinos tend to be very controversial in Our Area, so we occasionally get asked about them for Our Homeland. Well, as of this writing, no Casinos are planned. And we would prefer to have the Industiral Park as Our economic base. But, most of the other Tribes tell me that Casinos are their main source of income. So, the odds seem good that we will eventually have one or two. (Perhaps about the SPACEPORT, with all the other Hotels and Restaraunts?)

CONSEQUENTLY, as you should see from all of this, we are firmly and seriously in the process of building a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation here, for Our "TRIBE"! And one that will have a strong economic base.

Come and help us!


See Our CONTACTS PAGE Section. (Please put WASHA in the subject box of the e-mail!)
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