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Pacific Northwest Gateway to Space

Central Feature of the ANi Industrial Park in Washington State

In conjunction with Our WASHA or Washington Alpine Scenic Highway Act (which not only provides for a Scenic Highway in SW Washington State, but also a Land Grant so that the ANi or Pacific Coast Cherokee will have a Homeland), we are also doing some planning for Our Future. And what better industry could we put in Our Industrial Park, than the PNW SPACEPORT! For the Commercialization of Space is about to begin. (So, why shouldn't We profit from it?)

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3 Others Are Now Planning Spaceports

Mot only do Our Planners think it is a good idea, but others out there have seen the commercial (and economic) value of it, too! And, as of this writing, 3 other Spaceports are being planned and worked on: one in New Mexico, one in Texas, and one in Oklahoma. So, the competion is on! And the Rush for the Gold has begun.

May the best man win! (And we intend that to be us.)

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Full Orbital Insertion - Not Joy Rides

Now, as of this writing, the other Spaceports have a serious defect. Being based on the X-Prize, they only intend to take a brief ride to the edge of space (give a few joyful moments of weightlessness), and then quickly return to the Earth (like the Alan Shephard trip that began the U.S. Space Race). Thus they are intending to build more of an Adult Amusement Park, than a functioning Commercial Spaceport. (And an expensive one, too, as the tickets are projected to run about $100,000 to $150,000 per seat!)

But We are shooting for FULL ORBITAL INSERTION (and perhaps a little orbital changing--to link up with the proposed SpaceHotel, that some of the Hotel Chains are considering).

Moreover, while the others are intending to send only Passengers on joy rides, We are going to put CARGO TONNAGE into Orbit, making Private, Commercial exploration of Space possible.

CONSEQUENTLY, We tend to think that we have the ONLY serious SPACEPORT!

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Desert Areas of Southern Washington State

Yeah, Washington State has some of the most beautiful GREEN scenery in the world (and is often referred to as the Evergreen State). But, that is Western Washington (where Our Scenic Highway will be built). For, Eastern Washington State is mostly desert.

Moreover, Western Washington is rainy (which keeps everything GREEN) and thus is often cloudy (which would block launches). But Eastern Washington usually has clear, desert skies, so We would be GO most of the time.

Now, like Our Industrial Park (which Our Spaceport is intened to be in), the actual site for Our Spaceport has not yet been set. But, we are anticipating that it will be at the Eastern End of Our Scenic Highway, on beyond Goldendale--perhaps out in the Bickleton Area (or a bit North into Horse Haven Hills). So, we shall see what comes forth.

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Natural Shot for Polar Orbital Launches

OKAY, what if the other Spaceports get serious, and start thinking about Orbital insertion, like us? Well, we will be ahead of them geographically! For most of them are in the lower latitudes of the South, so an equitoral orbit is easier for them to achieve. However, equitoral orbits miss parts of the Earth's surface, so most commercial cargo launches are polar orbits--so that they can cover every square inch of the Planet.

So, what if the other Spaceports go Polar Orbital? Not likely! We are up, far North, in America, where there is only the wilds of Canada between us and the North Pole. The other Spaceports are in the South, so a launch form them to Polar Oribit means that they would have to pass over the main body of the U.S. (and pass over major cities)--so they are not likely to get approval from the Public on that one!

Clearly, we are the SUPERIOR Spaceport!

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The L.B.S. (Lifting-Body Shuttle) Come Out of the Closet

Now many say that Spaceflight is only a pipe dream. And that like the other Spaceports, we will be limited to only a quick shot into the edges of Space. For the practical limits of achieving orbit will keep us Earthbound, like them.

Well, that is no so! For, about 40 years ago (when the Space Race was just beginning), I designed the launch vehicle that would make hauling cargo tonnage into Space, possible. Unfortunately, the government went for other designs, back then. But, once the X-Prize came along, I dug it out of my files, hoping someone would use it for the race. (See Our Article on COMMERCIALIZATION OF SPACE. ) And it is now available for its debute as an Orbital Cargo Hauler.

Clearly, we are the SUPERIOR Spaceport!

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Planning for the Continued Use of Our Spaceport

While Orbital Insertion of major Cargo Tonnage is Our current goal, once we have the SPACEPORT, there are other things that we can do. (Some of these are listed in the COMMERCIALIZATION OF SPACE Article, above.)

Top on Our list of Future Project would be the exploration (and perhaps settlement) of the Moon and the other Planets in our Solar System. Is there commercial value in that? Well, aside from the obvious tourism industry, let us do a little math. The Homestead Act is still in force (and you can still get land in Alaska, if you are willing to freeze your butt off), which also a individual to claim 160 acres. Now, use the L.B.S. to put 100 people on the Moon (or other Planet), and you have a land claim of 16,000 acres. And if you followed the model the early Colonial Trading Companies, where the company gets half, that would be 8,000 acres of land. Now what if there were minerals (or perhaps even oil?)? Then that land would be more than good colateral to finance the colonization and mining of the resources there. Not a bad business venture. (And there are more.)

Now to reach the other Planets, we are going to need an interplanetary travel vehicle. Most conventional spacecraft are far too slow--and too small for moving cargo tonnage. However, back in the 1960s, Dr. Dyson designed the Orion, which was America's atomic powered spaceship--and for missions to Jupiter and Saturn. Now, today, with advances in nuclear energy, we think it is possible to convert the old Orion from its Fission Power into a Fusion Powered Craft (which would make reaching Pluto and the Kuiper Belt objects even technologically possible). Consequently, we have positioned Our Spaceport near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where such conversion activity could take place. (And then we would lauch the pieces of the new Orion into Orbit, and finish assembling it there.)

Moreover, this mating of the ANi Industrial Park with the Hanford Nuclear Reservation opens the door for Our Tribe to help the U.S.A. prepare for its Defense. And a whole host of military and defense type projects and industries are possible there. (See Our Article on CHEROKEE and AMERICA. )

Therefore, as we have been telling you, clearly Our's is the SUPERIOR Spaceport!

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Closing Philosophical Points to Ponder

Despite its obvious technical advantages (which we have just reviewd, above), I have taken it on the chin a lot for proposing the ANi SPACEPORT. To many of my critics, I am just the "dreamer", or perhaps that "odd ball eccentric" and "mad scientist", or even "crazy", etc. etc. etc.

Well, in my defense, I point to the Lessons of History. For some time ago, Portugal was just a backwater country of sheepherders. But, then, Prince Henry had the insight to realize that if Portugal was to prosper, it had to be through maritime trade. So, he built the School for Navigators, so that his people could learn sailing skills. And then, in a few generations, they found the tip of Africa, and the all water route to India. Thus, Portugal soon became the richest and most powerful nation in Europe! Consequently, I believe that History will support my decision. And that Our Tribe (and Nation) will come to greatly prosper from the building of the Spaceport. (Only time will tell.)

CONSEQUENTLY, as you should see from all of this, we are firmly and seriously in the process of building a Hebrew-Viking-Cherokee Nation here, for Our "TRIBE"! And one that will have a strong economic base. And Future out among the Stars!

Come and help us!


If you find Our SPACEPORT inspiring, and would like to come and participate in it, then use Our CONTACTS PAGE Section. (Please be sure to put SPACEPORT in the subjectbox!)
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