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Our Troubled Mixed-Marriage

Dealing With Our Turbulent Relationship

Have you ever fought with your spouse? Oh, come on now, be truthful! For, the realities of married life show that couples often disagree, and that disagreement can sour into conflict, which can get ugly and turn into a fight. It happens. Even in the best of marriages.

Now, this is one of the main reasons given for using a matchmaker, so that the spouse selected for you marry will be of the same Culture (and Beliefs) as yourself. For, it you have a background of agreement, then the odds are reduced that you will have a lot of disagreements (for you should see most things the same). However, in reality, it doesn't always work that way.

And now that you are in a frame of mind to deal with practical realities, it is time to take a look at the relationship of the Cherokee to America. For, if you follow this picture on out, WE are married to America (and America is married to US)--like it or not.

And, unfortunately, today, there seems to be all too many who grumble about that!

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The Bond of the Heritage of Mediavel Europe

Now, it wasn't always that way! When the British Colonists first "discovered" the Cherokee, WE fell in love with them. They seemed a dream come true. And they were readily accepted into the Tribe.

And a large part of that was the Common Culture that We held together. And a Culture that was strongly Judeo-Christian. And one that was probably laid down by the Vikings, who appear to have founded the Cherokee Nation.

Now, there are modern Cherokee who dispute those facts, above. But, if you bother to review all the evidence we present in this Web Site, then you have to accept the scientific case that this was probably just exactly what happened.

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The Anglo-American Union with the Cherokee

Now, if you will sit still a moment, and we can trace the heritage of the British (i.e. the American Colonists), we will find out that they mostly came from the Vikings, too. Consequently, since we had a common Family Heritage, then we should have general agreement. And a reasonably happy marriage.

And so it was! The British were ecstatic about finding an "Indian" Tribe that had a Judeo-Christian or "Mediavel" kind of Culture. And the Cherokee were over-come by the British, who seemed to know more about this Judeo-Christian Heritage. And a Heritage and Culture that made the Cherokee separate and distinct from all the other Native American Tribes. (And so much so, that warfare between them was pretty constant over those differences!)

Consequently, when the French and Indian Wars came along, the Cherokee fought along side the British against the French (and against the other Tribes). Thus, it would appear, in the beginning, WE had a happy family life--and stuck together through the troubles.

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The Separation, Break-up, and Dissolution of Our Family

Well, the trouble in Our marriage began in the Family--when the Family Feud errupted, and the Colonists sought to separate from the British Throne. Unfortunately, as they had done before, the Cherokee backed the British Monarchy. And when Britain lost, the American Colonists weren't too happy with US sticking with that side of the Family!

And, as a result, began a long, downhill spiral of lost lands, revoked privileges, and forced relocations--finally culminating in the Indian Removal Act and its tragic Trail of Tears! (The Family fight got nasty--and WE had to move out of the way!)

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Brother fights Brother in the Civil War (War Between the States?)

Well, the American Colonist may have thought that their Bride was BAD--and the enemy (and perhaps, it seems, even contemplated spousal homicide, at times?). But, when they woke up and found their own brothers killing them, then we didn't look so bad.

Moreover, for whatever reason (time healing all wounds, or the simple recognition of opportunity), when the Civil War came, many of the Cherokee actually came to fight on the side of the Union. And, as a result, we finally began to win the respect of our spouse BACK. (Or, at least, those of the Pacific Coast Cherokee did--perhaps some of the others in the various branches of the Tribe were not so supportive of the Union.)

And, as time passed, when other conflicts and wars came along, many of the Cherokee (and especially those of the Pacific Coast Cherokee) fought for America. And for the values, and freedoms, and liberties that we all enjoy here!

Furthermore, in my own specific case, while I was not military (and never wore a uniform), I was still actively engaged in defending this Country against its foes, both foreign and DOMESTIC. (And in which I nearly lost my life--and ended up disabled.)

THEREFORE, it would seem that many of the Pacific Coast Cherokee have realized that their husband, America, is of GREAT VALUE. And WE can only hope that Americans will come to realize that their Bride is not worthless, either. But, that the estrangement will come to an end--in a happy reunion!

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The Spiritual Reality of the Metaphor

Now, I know that those detractors out there, will see this as only a bunch of nonsense. But, I am deadly serious! And if you want to bend your mind a little further, then consider the SIGN of the U.S. Flag.

[American (Stars & Stripes) Flag] THE UKU'S BANNER
Now, if you can hold on, while we dig a bit more through history, the Uku, or Great High-Priest of the Mediavel Cherokee Empire, had two flags, that were quite similar. Both were composed of a field of dark blue (navy) like the night-time sky--and on which were a set of stars. While the Uku was in residence in his "palace", there flew a flag of 12 Stars over it. (These were usually white, though apparently gold stars were used on special occassions.) And when he went to the National Heptagon (Temple), it flew a flag with 7 stars on it--showing all that the Uku was present.

Now hold your breath, but by some move of God's Hand, that same flag became a PART of the U.S. Stars and Stripes! (So, when you salute the U.S. Flag, you salute the Flag of the Mediavel Cherokee, too!)

So, to what purpose could this be? Well, in Mediavel Heraldry, when two nobles wed, the heraldric design of the Bride's Family was often included and joined with that of her noble husband's. Consequently, it would seem that God is trying to show us that the Chrokee Nation is married to America--and vice versa.


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