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Blonde Cherokee Lion People - American Amazons

Way back, when I was a kid, my mom's relatives would fill my head with all kinds of fanciful stories--tales of "littles" and other folk fantasies. Most of these, as the utter non-sense that they were, have long since past from my memory. But, one tale keeps coming back to my mind. So, let me share it with you.

Now those of you who have read Tarzan THE APEMAN, may relate to this story. For the tales I dimly recall were of Blonde Cherokee Amazon Women and some strange Cat Culture or Lion People called the Azomari. Fact? Or, fantasy?

Now, historically, there are no real lions in America. So could this reference be to some other cat, like the puma or cougar? Or, is it a later British transplant, like the Leopards of England (which don't exist, either)? Or, is it just plain fantasy? (Some monster sized cat being dreamed up?)

[Northmen (Viking Ship) Shield] OKAY, maybe my relatives finally pulled one over on me, but I tend to think that some form of the Azomari actually existed. Why? Well, as we have explored in other Articles, every so often, a blonde pops out from a match between two Full Bloods. Unfortunately, many Cherokee view this as "tainted blood" from the ugly Whiteman, and most children of this nature are viewed as a CHILD OF SHAME. However, WE, the ANi recognize the Vikings as being the founders of Our Tribe, so to us, this just provides conclusive "proof" that the Northmen really did it!

But, philosophical discussions aside--what does this attitude do to those children? Now, my mom was one of these blonde Cherokee children. She had really light blonde hair as a young girl, and then it got progressively darker as she got older (like some Scandinavians). Therefore, as a CHILD OF SHAME, the people of the Tribe did not treat her well. Probably because they thought she was a REJECT ("tainted blood"). Consequently, her Family left the Tribe, and would not have anything to do with them.

Now, if you are still with me on this one, in light of my mother, it seems more than reasonable, that when some of these Blonde Cherokee were born, back in history, that they were not treated all that well by the Tribe, either. So, once they were old enough, they probably wondered off from the Tribe, too. And, then, it is only a step or two, for these REJECTS to have banded together, to form an outlaw kind of society of their own. (Like Robin Hood?)

Consequently, as I said, I think that some of these wild tales had some basis in reality.

OKAY, the question now is, how much? Well, I can't solve all your problems! And this one I am not sure I can unravel, either. But, let us consider this matter further.

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The Azomari were suppose to be some kind of Lion People with a strange kind of Cat Culture--not to mention being Amazons. Well, they weren't totally Amazons, for Amazons are not suppose to have any men around (or if they do, the men are the slaves). Azomari, though, were more like real Lion Prides or Families. The men were the real lords and kings, like the "King of the Beasts" from which they supposedly get their name. And like Lion-Kings, they usually had a collection of more than one woman with them, as most lions do. Moreover, the lion men pretty much laid around (as the "King of the Beasts" does), while these lion women did most of the work, as servants of the men. (And it was only for battle or attacking enemies that the men did much of anything.) Perhaps, then, this is a tale that has strong appeal to only men? Well, the tale came from my mom's FEMALE relatives. So, the appeal seems to be broader than that. Why?

Well, in light of my mom, I can see these kinds of stories appealing to those thought of as a CHILD OF SHAME. For, the Azomari held out to them the DREAM that they could be some kind of super-hero, like Tarzan (only there were no vines to swing from in the American "jungle" or Forest). Moreover, that if the Tribe saw them as REJECTS, then they could go off and form their own little society in the woods. Looks like this would be good, positive image building, for such rejected children! So, the tales have good theraputic value. (And, perhaps, were a comfort to my mom. Or, my other relatives, as some of them were early blondes, like my mom.)

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield] Yet, I must confess, that the VISION of beautiful, buff, blonde babes in bikinis dashing trough the Forest in scantily clad attire holds an attraction for me! (And probably almost every other man, as well!) And considering Hollywood, there has got to be a good movie or two in these Legends, somewhere, somehow! But, then, isn't it time that some Old Chrokee literature got into the American Public Market?

And what better tale than the Azomari?

(Dream on!)


Anyone have a good AZOMARIA Tale to share? Let us know! (Unfortunately, no credit can be given for contributors.)

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Further Thoughts to Ponder:

Old Cherokee Blowguns used by Azomari???

Now, as we have been trying to tell you, elsewhere, the Mediavel Cherokee were NOT like other Native Americans! And here we have a big difference. For, while other Native Americans used the bow and arrow, or clubs with stone heads (axes or maces), the Old Cherokee used Blowguns with poisoned darts!

So, we have to ask the question: WAS THIS THE COMMON WEAPON OF THE AZOMAI? For, the legends of them are full of tales of men being bitten (or struck) by STINGING BEES THAT CAUSE SLEEP, and then waking up as either slaves to these American Amazons--or slaves to the Tribes that these women sold them to. Well, most people consider Azomari just fanciful imagination. However, here, in Blowgun technology, we have an explanation for just how their mysterious "powers" seemed to have worked!!! So, perhaps they were far more REAL then most people think???)

Well, not everything the Old Cherokee taught were Myths or Legends (or beautiful, buff, blonde babes in bikinis). There were some pretty good Bible Stories too!

Judeo-Christian Teachings

So, then, just what did the Old Cherokee teach? And how much of it was Judeo-Christian? Well, we don't know exactly, and only by second hand--from what others wrote about it. However, for Our Tribal Membership Course, we have tried to collect and assemble the Main Teachings or what we call Our CORE CULTURE into a series of lessons for Our JChIN Program. If you are interested, that a look at The ANI SYLLABUS.
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