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[Realm Herald (Announcement) Shield]


Indian Heraldry of the West Coast Cherokee

Our ANi Web Site on the PACIFIC CHEROKEE is extensively decorated (like Mediavel manuscripts), by a variety of Heraldric Shields and Furtistic Icons (or buttons), courtesy of Andy's Arrow Art--and serves as a presentation of Our Realm's Computer Art (with its Futuristic Pictograms).

Below, you will find Our Snowflakes displayed, and following them is a brief description and explanation of how they are used in Our Web Site.


01. [American Snowflake Shield] 02. [Deer Snowflake Shield] 03. [Icelandic Snowflake Shield] 04. [Norwegian Snowflake Shield] 05. [British Snowflake Shield]
06. [Royal Snowflake Shield] 07. [Sun Snowflake Shield] 08. [Swedish Snowflake Shield] 09. [Uku Snowflake Shield] 10. [Winter Snowflake Shield]


01. American (Patriotic) Colonial Snowflake

02. Deer Snowflake

03. Icelandic (Vinlanders) Snowflake

04. Norwegian (Viking) Snowflake

05. British (Red Coat) Snowflake

* * *

06. Royal (Old Cherokee Monarch) Snowflake

07. Sun (Summer) Snowflake (Spring?)

08. Swedish (Angles) Snowflake

09. Uku (Great High-Priest) Snowflake

10. Winter (Cold) Snowflake

Apparently, the 6-pointed "snowflake" was a fairly popular decoration on many Mediavel Cherokee items, and was held to have been used in a lot in Cherokee beadwork. (And some have asserted that it also reflects the Jewish nature of the Tribe, as it has an abstract resemblence to the Mogen Dabid or the Star of David.)

(Moreover, I think I should add that my personal fascination with the Old Cherokee Snowflake Symbol is that it bears a striking resemblence to me of VIKING RUNES! For, they were cut on these very abstract, straight line patterns. However, as yet, no known link has be uncovered or found between the two. But, perhaps... )


While we are on Art, we are often asked about the Cherokee Color Compass. For, when the Old Chrokee did the Creation Dance (for the Great New Moon of Autumn--Rosh HaShannah), banners were set in the dance at various compass points. This led to the rise of myths and legends that certain colors should be associated with specific compass points. Sounds simple.

However, in digging through various sources, it seems that almost everyone has their own pet theory on what those colors were, and with which points of the compass that they are to be associated with. Yet, when we tried to recreate that Creation Dance, none of the color schemes worked correctly!

This led to my own verion of that Color Compass (and in the order that they are set in the Creation Dance). And, perhaps, this will end the Color Compass debate:

1. White . . . . . NE .(Heaven)

2. Blue (Purple) . N . (Sky)

3. Green . . . . . Center (Middle Earth)

4. Brown . . . . . S . (Regular, Lower Earth)

5. Yellow. . . . . E . (Sunlight)

6. Orange. . . . . SE .(Warmth)

7. Red . . . . . . W . (Hot)

Black is apparently NOT set in the Dance on its own (but was apparently set with White--separating light from darknesss, as on the First DAY of Creation) yet it is assumed to be the opposite of White and thus lies in the SW (the supposed region of the Land of the Dead--and the opposite of Heaven).

And you will note that the 7 colors also fits the 7 days of Creation. For this was how they were developed, to fit the banners placed during the Creaton Dance.

Moreover, by some strange coincidence, this color scheme also follows the natural color spectrum of sunlight very closely!

Finally, as some have pointed out, according to this scheme, the NW does not have a color. Well, apparently a colored banner for it was not planted during the Creation Dance. However, if you wish a color, I suggest Gray--for being half-way between NE (White) and SW (Black), Gray would seem the appopriate color.

Now, does that end the color debate? Well, it should, but probably not. For it seems that each branch of the Tribe or Nation has its own favorite color scheme. And it is not likely that they will give their's up, in the face of what works. But, hopefully, you will see the light here.

[Uku's Crystal Shield]

Uku's Crystal Shield

And Other Possible Regalia of the Old Cherokee Monarch

Well, we have come up with another odd symbol. As it is Black and White, it seems to be related to the Uku (as that was his heraldric color scheme). And while some have thought it may be a snowflake, it doesn't really resemble the other snowflake designs (though it does have 6 points and 12 sides).

Consequently, we have labled it the Uku's Crystal, as he was suppose to have a special stone of his own. On the other hand, the legend of the Turtle Stone would seem to indicate that this special crystal of his was some clear stone with a greenish blob blemish in it, that had some resemblence to a Turtle (the symbol for the Creator)--and reportedly why the Old Cherokee Throne was referred to as the TURTLE THRONE (though this is just as likely to have been a reference to God as the Creator of the Nation). But, that would not be Black and White.

And alternative explanation may be that the Crystal Shield reperesented the Urim and Thummim. For, according to legend, the Uku was supposed to have an original set of these. However, other Old Cherokee sources indicate that whatever the Urim and Thummim were, they were more like black and white beads--which would be in the Uku's colors (indicating judgment--guilty or innocent). And later Cherokee sources have a variety of Cherokee conjurors possessing and using differing kinds of these black and wihte beads (white being held in the right hand and black in the left--and divination being determined by which one wobbled). However, the Uku was NOT into conjuroring nor divination, but rather traditional Judeo-Christian inspiration, so these others are likely to be FAKES. Yet, as such, they may give a clue as to the mystyery of the Uku's Crystal Shield, and what the Crystal and/or Urim and Thummim really were. (Thoughts to ponder for awhile!)

Other Shield Work and Heraldry...

[Realm Herald (Announcement) Shield]

Astarian (Futuristic) Heraldry

Further Bronzemen Herldry and Realm Symbolism

As Wistaria or Our Future Cherokee (or Astaria in Our Viking Literature), grows and expands, we have a variety of symbols that we use. These are organized into a more formal heraldry, which gives Tribal and Numerical identities to the various shields.

For more details on this, look it up in our Family Hearldry Section or click on: REALM HERALDRY.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield]

Astarian Shield Art

More Shield Art and Realm Symbolism

In addition to Our SNOWFLAKES and Realm Heraldry, we also use a variety of Mediavel style Shields for our Computer Art. These are also organized and designed around Our more formal Heraldry (which also gives some Tribal and Numerical identities to the various icons). Many of these also represent the various Branches and Departments of Our Main Ministries (and coming government).

For more details on this, look it up in Our Artworks Section or click on: SHIELD ART.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Button]

Astarian Button Art

Further Heraldry Art and Realm Symbolism

MORE TO COME! We also use a variety of Buttons or Icons for our Computer Art. These are also organized and designed around Our more formal Heraldry. Many of these also represent the various Branches a nd Departments of Our Main Ministries (and coming government).

For more details on this, look it up in Our Artworks Section or click on: BUTTON ART.

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