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VELDANTIA Ministry of Religion...

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Our Astarian Theology of Judeo-Christian Teachings Produces Space Faith Views

VELDANTIA is a FUTURE AGE RELIGION (that is FUTURE Age, not New Age), which is based on the historical Judeo-Christian Teachings Heritage of Planet Earth. We serve as a CONFLUX or gathering (collection) of various RELIGIOUS, Cultural, Education, Scientific, and Charitable Organizations. And we are dedicated to the New Dispensation of the Rise of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM, with its migration of the Faithful of Abraham to the Greater Israel out among the Stars--an Interstellar Realm (AstrilanZ or Astaria), the substance of Our Space Faith.



(Explainations and Notes, below)...

THE VELDANTIA RELIGION PORTAL is a graphics, Interstellar Map of icons for you to click on to get Our various Branches (and main Ministries). For a more detailed explanation of what those icons mean, consult the following verbal directory.


[Revival Flame Shield] 1. REVIVAL CHAPEL -- This is a popular Outreach Program of Our ZDK Seminary, setting forth the simple and plain basic Gospel of Our Realm. Here you will find the Doctrines of Our Main Beliefs on 1. SALVATION (and the Power of the Cross), 2. ENGIFTMENT (Charismatic Gifts), and 3. SANCTIFICATION (Obeying God's Laws). And other traditional Judeo-Christians Teachings. Also, see:
o REVIVAL COURSE (Simple Teachings),
c REVIVAL LITERATURE (Basic Teachings),
ZDK Seminary (Minister Training).

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[Princess Velda Button] 2. TRI-UNITY OF THE FAITHFUL -- This Page describes one of Our distinguishing Beliefs, that the Future Israel, will be a GREATER ISRAEL, not just of one descent line, but a UNITY of the 3 main branches of the Children of Abraham (incorporating Jews, Christians, and Muslims together, into ONE Body--Our Realm). And, for more information on binding these 3 avenues of Faith in a ONE TRUE GOD (Monotheism), together, see the various lines of development of this Belief:
o 1. JUDAISM - Early Beliefs (Messianics),
c 2. CHRISTIANITY - Central Beliefs (5 Fundamentals),
^ 3. ISLAM - Later Beliefs (APPIRU-Ishmaelites),
+ KoReY - Future Beliefs (Space Faith),

[KoReY TRI-UNITY Shield]
[F.A.R. Shield] 3. F.A.R. HALL -- The ZDK Seminary's Collection of Our Basic 25 Points of Doctrine, which serve as the Teachings Base that Unites all of Our various Branches and Sub-Ministries (and allows other groups to join in, and participate with us, on various Projects of mutal benefit--which are reasonably compatible with Our Teachings).

(Under construction.)

(Directory, above link, or see the list of Scriptures indicating Interstellar Travels and Activities for Believers in the ONE TRUE GOD, at: INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES Article.)

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[Princess Velda Button] 4. VELDANTIA Heritage Worlds -- This Directory Page integrates the 12 Main Religious Time Periods of the Planet Earth into ONE, UNITED Divine Culture--including their Main Religious Beliefs, Basic Teachings, and Lessons for us to Learn from them. (This is Our Inter-cultural Ministries at its best!)

(Directory, above link, or other details and explanations in KoReY Heritage Worlds Article on Divine Culture.) Also:
o MESSIANICS (Jewish-Christians).
c VIKINGS (Goths),
^ NORTHMEN (Nordic Christians) ,
+ APPIRU (Egyptian Hebrews) ,
* KoReY (Sci-Fi Believers).

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[REALM HERALD Shield]5. REALM HERALD -- Like the Mediavel Herald of old, this Service goes throughout Our Realm, disseminating the latest message or proclamation for the town crier, and collecting the tid-bits of News. Moreover, in this interaction process, new members of the Realm are met, and often introduces them to Our Officials (and sometimes other members), so it is also Our kind of social (Family) facilitator and FELLOWSHIP Guide.

(Herald's Directory, above link, or for the latest in News, see Our NEWS BUREAU or Our LATEST PUBLICATIONS as well as Our Recent Sermons at CURRENT MESSAGES ARCHIVES .) Moreover, for more social and family related sort of things, see the Herald's Links to FAMILY SERVICES, with their MEN ISSUES (theology) Department or WOMEN ISSUES (theology) -- both PG.) Furthermore, related Herald Links:
# NEWSLETTER--Daily Devotional.

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[Princess Velda Button] 6. MINISTER TRAINING -- This is a Page on our current Minister Training Program or MAT (the formal ZDK Seminary is in Planning) Or, you can take the link (below) to the various Educational Departments that are to be found in differing locations throughout Our Web Site.

(MAT Page, above link, or ED details and explanations in Our MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Directory.)

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[Cloud Castle (adm) Shield] 7. DIVINE GOVERNMENT -- Our Realm's Government is based on the Mediavel Concept of the Divinely Ordained Monarch, which comes from the earlier Judeo-Christian Teachings. This Page will explain those views and teachings, and provide you with Links to other Branches of Our Government. Also, see:
c HOLY HOUSE (Throne),
+ Religious Persecution,
* Cult Monitor,

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[Historical Literature Shield] 8. ABOUT VELDANTIA -- This is a brief Article presenting the basic facts of what We and Our Realm is all about: Logos, Mottoes, Basic Teachings (Religious views and doctrines) and Main Goals, plus links to Heraldry and other Cultural Artworks in Our Web Site. Come on in and get to know us!

For more social and cultural details, see Our CULTURAL DIRECTORY.

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[RAINBOW DOOR (Central Portal)] 9. VELDANTIA Central Directory -- Return Route to the Main Menu and Central Directory of Our Realm. Or, try VELDANTIA Central Portal

Or, want to see our whole Realm, laid out in its Organizational Structure, with links to the various Ministries, Branches, and Sub-Departments? Well, here it is! (The whole ballgame!) A whole maze of places for you to navigate through Our Web site! ZDK COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORY


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G-D's Message to you...


1. Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for--the evidence of things not (yet) seen.

2. For by it, Our Elders obtained a good report (reputation).

3. And through FATIH we understand that the worlds (stars) were framed by the Word of G-D, so that things which are (now) seen, were not made of the things that do appear.

4. Now, by FAITH Abel offered unto G-D a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained the witness that he was RIGHTEOUS; G-D testifying of his gifts--and by it, he, even being dead, yet spoke!

5. By FAITH Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found, becasue G-D had translated him; For before his translation he had this testimony--that he pleased G-D!

6. But, without FAITH, it is impossible to please HIM; For he that comes to G-D, must believe that HE is--and that HE is a rewarder of those that diligently seek HIM! (Hebrews 11:1-6)

*** (MORE Space Scriptures) ***

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