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VELDANTIA Education Ministries - Realm Herald Services

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Our Astarian Journalism brings you...

Northmen News, Church Reports, and Judeo-Christian News!

VELDANTIA is committed to the Anglo-American tradition of basic FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. And, as part of Our policy on Intellectual Freedom, Our News Bureau is associated with Our Education Ministry, to pursue basic Adult Education, and seeing to it that Our General Populace is reasonably informed on our important issues and current controversial subjects. (As a kind of checks and balances against bureaucratic corruption and government cover-ups or totalitarianism.)

However, Our Press is also under the RESPONSIBILITY to...
1-not publish things that are not true (or which cannot be backed up with facts or substantiating evidence).
2-not publish things that endanger Public Safety (riots? panics?) or Realm Morals (idolatry? encouraging perversions?).
3-not publish things that defame or belittle the Realm Monarchy, or its Family--Dynasty (i.e. High Treason).

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

The Crier of the Realm Is About to Speak:

Hear the latest! Get the scoop! Learn more about US!

So, welcome to Our REALM. The VELDANTIA Universe is a fast paced, and future oriented World. Here We can keep you informed of developments in Our Web--and Our growing Society. And learn more of the various Cultural Outreach Programs that We have. Please make good use of this service to keep up to date on what is happening.


Our regular Northmen News Service has been suspended. so, we can no longer Post on the Net. (Hopefully, one day, with adaquate staffing and sufficient financial backing we will resume publication, here.) But, for now, to get current info, see Our Newsletter (and Daily Devotional), below.

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Our Daily Devotional and Newsletter

Lampstand Media is currently publishing an Internet Bible Study that comes as a Daily Devotional via e-mail--usually arriving around noon (in time for your lunch break) on most weekdays (minus weekends and holidays). Moreover, with its Prayer Requests and Comments Sections, it serves as Our Newsletter, to keep people informed of what is happening in Our Realm. (The regular Realm News Section of Our Herald has been suspended--untill we can get some more volunteer staff to run it!)

In you are interested in the Daily Devotional and Newsletter, please send us an e-mail requesting it! Simply click REALM NEWSLETTER.

Currently, we are running two studies:

which is a study of 1st and 2nd Corrinthians, and Paul's teachings there on how to run a Congregation--and deal with its common problems. (PG)

which is a study of Genesis, and the multitude of Family Problems and Issues that are to be found there--presented in God's perspective from what the rest of the Scriptures have to say about what went on in those Passages! (PG-13 Parental Guidance Advised!)

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Interested in the Internet Shopping Experience of a Lifetime? Well, try Our Z-Mall! You will find links there to all kinds of businesses. And tons and tons of items in Our Viking Bazarre. So, don't just wish for it. Get in here and find it!

For more details, see Our Z-Mall PORTAL with graphic icons or the VERBAL DIRECTORY Version.

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Further Contacts With US:

For the Lampstand Media (Publications) Home Page, click on LAMPSTAND MEDIA!

Or, can't find what you are looking for? Have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: staff@veldantia.com (Mark subject box REALM NEWS!)

Our regular mailing address is:

Shaddox Society
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

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