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[Princess Velda Shield]


And Our Realm ... and Its Organization(s)

VELDANTIA, or what might better be translated as THE WORLD OF THE VIKING PRINCESS, began in the small confines of the VIKING REVIVAL. And now we have grown into this massive and complex Web Presence! So, how do you find your way here?

Well, just what is VELDANTIA? Curious? Join the crowd! We are still so new (and quite unique--there is just not much to compare us with), that some find us hard to understand and grasp. So, hopefully, these following paragraphs will give your a brief over-view and some idea of what we are about!

[Nordic Peoples Shield]


Well, obviously, we are some kind of VIKING organization? Yeah, but it goes much farther than that! As part of the Northmen Movement, we attempt to gather and integrate all the Cultures of the Northern Nations that we can. This makes us a very multi-cultural and cosmopolitan place. (So, you should find a place among us that suits you just right!) And, for technicallities, that makes us a Cultural Religious Organization. Now, what does that mean to you? Well, if you are into Cultures (or have a particular Northern Culture you want to find), consult Our HERITAGE WORLDS Page.

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield]

2. SPIRITUAL SOCIETY - Religious Realm:

Despite the popular press image of the Vikings as barbarians and Pagan Pirates, robbing and rioting their way across the 7-Seas, the true historical facts are quite different. Rather, the Northmen have been People of Culture, Civilization and FAITH. Even in the early days of the GahTSK or Goths, most Scandinavians believed in some kind of ONE TRUE GOD (hence the name Goths, or Northern Peoples of God). And there were the Varangians or Eastern Vikings, who took the Faith to Ancient Russia. Some time later, the Catholic Movement brought most Northmen into the Fold of the Church and its traditional teachings. Then centuries later, the Northmen became the Champions of the Protestant Movement. So, Faith has always played a large role in what the Northmen did. And, so it is here, too, among us.

Now, what does that mean? Theocractic oppression? Hey, relax! Just as VELDANTIA is an integrator of ALL the Cultures of the Northern Nations, so too do we attempt to integrate and unify the various religious bodies of the Northmen. (Which makes for a fairly open, usually tolerant, intellectual religious atmosphere.) In fact, we open our arms and try to embrace ALL who believe, like the Goths, in that ONE TRUE GOD. (This, in turn, makes us acceptable to JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and MUSLIMS.)

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Shield] B. CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIONS:
However, despite Our OPEN ATTITUDE, We do view oursleves as part of a Mystical Body of Believers (church?) or a Spiritual Society or Religious Realm (Israel?). This, in turn, is based on the centuries old tradition of the Northern Nations in support of the typical Judeo-Christian Heritage. Correspondingly, not only are we a collection or conflux of various cultural, educational, and scientific organizations, VELDANTIA is also a gathering of various Ministries and Charities of the Judeo-Christian World. Therefore, we are a non-profit religious organization. And we support a variety of differing denominations, ministries, charities, and organizations (churches and synagogues). (See Our Referral Page).

Yet, despite our commonallity and co-operation with other religious organizations, VELDANTIA has its own unique thing in Our Northmen Return Movement. And, there is a lot, we have written about it! But, to give you its basics, it is written:

Therefore, Behold, the Days come, says the Lord, that it shall no more be said: The Lord lives that brought up the Children of Israel out of the Land of Egypt; But [rather], The Lord lives, that brought up the Children of Israel from the lands of the NORTH [Northmen - Vikings], and from all the lands, where HE had driven them... (Jeremiah 16:14-15)

Consequently, We see OURSELVES a current, miraculous RETURN of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, from among the Northern Nations! (And, whoever else wants to come along.)

For more Teachings on this, see NORTHMEN RETURN Home Page (Click Here)!

And, if you are curious about Our History, and where We came from, and how We came to be, see NORTHMEN ROOTS.

[Messiancs (Jewish-Christian) Shield] D. MESSIANIC PRIORITY:
Therefore, as Northmen, and as Hebrews of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, we actively participate in the Messianic Movement. Though while most there seek Messianic JUDAISM, we pursue Meshianism (Christian Hebrews). For, while We highly value Our Jewish Roots of Our Faith, We also seek to move forward, into the New Dispensation of the Rise of the Messianic Kingdom (rather than returning to the Synagogue, as most Messianics seem to seek). Thus, we look forward to the rise of a Greater Israel, of both Jews and Christians (and something kind of, but not quite, like either Church or Synagogue).

For more Teachings on Meshianism, see Our EMUSPATEL PAGES (Click Here)!

[ZDK Menorah Shield] HENCE: Our Prime Directive: (SH'MAH...):

"Hear Oh Israel, the Lord Our God, the Lord is ONE [united]. And you shall LOVE the Lord Your God, with all your heart [sirit], with all your soul [mind], amd with all your strength [body]!" (Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 22:36-39)

[Holy Scriptures (Scroll) Shield]

3. Our Basic Philosophical Concepts:

(Traditional Judeo-Christian Teachings and Values)

Now, if you are wondering, where are we getting all of this, realize that what We say, teach, and do comes right out of the Holy Scriptures! For VELDANTIA is a Holy Realm, based on God's Word--the BIBLE. We are NOT a Pagan Pirate or an Idolatrous Barbarian organization! (So, We do not use such sources or references in Our Teachings.) Rather, most of Our teachings are standard Judeo-Christian doctrines.

In this pursuit of the Scriptures, We center on spreading the Full Gospel, containing the (first) two main teachings of
1) the Blood Atonement of the Cross to pay for sins and,
2) the giving of Spiritual Gifts by the Holy Ghost to Believers; And ...
3) We also teach Our Followers to be Holy and Sanctified, obeying the 10 Commandments, and following GOD's LAW!

For MORE on Our Basic Teachings, see Our Revival Course.

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] B. FUTURE VISION - ISRAEL IN SPACE:
One of Our more controversial teachings is the Belief that the New Dispensation of the Rise of the Messianic Kingdom has come. The Era of the Churches and Gentile Grace is over, with the Sign of the Jews recapturing Jerusalem in the SIX DAY WAR of 1967 (Luke 21:24). Now, We of VELDANTIA are looking forward to the rising of an Interstellar Empire of Israel (Astaria?) out among the stars, when Our Spiritual Society and Religious Realm shall become a real government and Nation out in Space. (See KoReY, below, for details.) And, then, shall come the rise of the End Times with the Second Coming, when Christ shall return. And We shall turn the Spiritual Throne of Our Religious Realm (and Holy Nation) over to HIM to set up HIS Millenial Reign over all the earth (and Universe).

To get MORE on the Greater Israel of Outer Space, see Our KoReY HOME PAGE (Click Here)!

[Holy Scriptures Shield] HENCE: Our Divine Calling: ABRAHAM's HEAVENLY KINGDOM:
And the LORD said unto Abraham: Get you out of your County, and from your kinfolk, and from your father's house, unto a Land that I will show you; And there I will make of you a GREAT NATION... (Genesis 12:1-2)

...And HE (GOD) brought him (Abraham) abroad (outside), and said: Look now, toward heaven, and count the stars, if you are able to number all of them! And HE said unto him: So shall your seed be! [BECAUSE THEY WILL GO THERE TO DWELL!!!] (Genesis 15:5)

So, join us! Fulfill GOD's Promise to Abraham--for the Faithful to migrate to the Stars and there build a GREAT NATION (a Greater Israel of the Starry-Heavens)! Our VELDANTIA!

*** (MORE Prophecies) ***


[Messianic Flag] [NORDESEL Flag] [Appiru Flag]


[KoRey (Futuristic) Flag]

VELDANTIA is committed to finding avenues of understanding and mutual co-operation (PEACE) between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In this capacity, our members often serve as a bridge in the gap between Synagogue, Church, and Mosque. For we are all Descendants of Abraham and members of his Belief in the ONE TRUE GOD (monotheism)--and stand against the Pagans and their false gods and idols.

(Thus, we, of the Faithful, are all Hebrew Peoples, from our descent from, or association with, Abraham!)

For MORE on this Tri-Unity of the Faithful concept, see Our KoReY TRI-UNITY Page (Click Here)!

[Princess Velda Shield][Princess Velda Button]


A Brief Introduction to Veldantia Heraldry.

Throughtout Our Web Site, you are going to see a variety of decorations, like those found in Mediavel Manuscripts. We hope this artistry will not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. (Otherwise, you are going to be stuck with Pages and Pages of reading--and eye strain.)

However, many of these are not just fancy furls, but serve as some symbol or icon. Here we have the Veldantia Shield (left) and Button (right)--and Our flag, to be seen elswhere. These will help you find your way to the Main Section or important parts of Our Web Site.

The emblem on the Button and Shield is composed of 3 sky-blue rings, symbolizing Our Heavenly Father (and the Trinity), along with 3 pinkish rings, symbolizing the fleshiness of Mankind. These 6 rings are united by a further red ring, symbolizing the Blood of Christ, which was shed on the Cross to pay for Our Sins, and bring Man back to God. Moreover, these 7 united rings serve as a symbol of the 7-Spirits of God or the Holy Ghost. The green orb represents the globe or Earth, while the dark, midnight sky with stars symbolizes the dawning of the Greater Israel out in Space.


[RAINBOW DOOR (Entering Veldantia)]


The RETURN of Individuals, as well as Northern Nations

Interested in getting back with God? But, think it is too hard? Well, guess again! It is so easy. Just repeat the following prayer, out loud (so that God will know that you agree with it).

1. Father God in Heaven, I admit to you that I have sinned and and done wrong in YOUR eyes.

2. But, please forgive me, because of YOUR Son Y'Shua (Jesus), who died on the Cross, shedding HIS own Blood to pay for my sins.

3. I now renouce the Devil, the Norse gods, and all the evil spirits, and command them in the Name of Y'Shua to be gone from me!

4. Instead, Heavenly Father, please send YOUR Holy Ghost into my heart, to live and dwell there, to lead and guide me, and to protect me--as well as empower and engift me to do YOUR Works.

See, that was simple! Now, go and tell someone that your have just now been born again (or as we say, Saved). And, while you are at it, drop us a line, and let us know, too!

[Princess Velda Shield]


Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Or, want to get to know us better? (Or, tell us that you just got SAVED?)

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: staff@veldantia.com (Please, mark subject box ABOUT VELDANTIA!) Or, use the e-mail icon (flaming arrow), at the top or bottom of this Page.

Our mailing address is:

Shaddox Space Society
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with Shaddox Clan)

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