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ASTARIA Ministry of Culture - Northmen Renewal

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NORDIC RETURN, Norsemen Society, and Nordic Christianity


Welcome! Come on in! Visit Our NORDIC RETURN (the Northern ShuVaH). Experience Our Northmen Renewal. Feel the power of real Nordic Christianity! Let God change your world, through the growing Judeo-Christian Faith!

So, join in! Find your Nordic Heritage, here! Gather with the Northern Peoples of God (GahTSK or Goths) in your own Northern Nation:

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[Norman (French Northmen) Flag] [Irish (Northmen) Flag] [Scottish (Northmen) Flag] [British (Anglo/Saxons) Flag] [Wendsk (Baltic-Polish Northmen) Flag] [Tysk or Germanic (Saxon Northmen) Flag]

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So, don't miss it! Get in on all the fun--and excitement! (This could well be just the thing that your heart has been searching for, all along!) Now, just sit back! And relax! Make yourself at home. And, let us present to you, here, the best of this Nordic RETURN (and its Judeo-Christian Faith)! And learn of Our Pentecostals and Charismatics.

NORDESEL Web Site Directory

The NORDESEL (or modern Northern Peoples of God) has many Programs and Services. To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round VIKING SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Revival Flame Shield] 1. Realm REVIVAL COURSE -- The 6 plain, simple steps to setting your life afire for God (Judeo-Christian Theology in a nutshell: Spiritual Rebith or Salvation, Charismatics or Petecostals--God's Engiftment, Guidance by God's Laws, etc.) Come and make your own personal RETURN to God! [Transfer to Revival Chapel lessons.]

[Viking Ship Shield] 2. VIKING REVIVAL -- Our emerging Viking Realm (and Our Viking Revival). Get the simple, basic facts on what the NORTHMEN Movement is all about (and join the other descendants of the Vikings in their RETURN to God)

[NORDESEL Unity Shield] 3. NORTHMEN INTERMEDIATE ARTICLES -- Our detailed (and lengthy) literature on the NORTHMEN Movement (and the Nordic Renewal forming Our Realm) Delve into the Northmen History and Heritage (and come to grips with the Culture of your ancestors--and its Nordic Christianity)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 4.ABOUT THE NORDESEL -- The brief details and easy descriptions of Us--a simple overview of what the NORDESEL (or Our modern Northern Peoples of God) is all about (the rising Nordic Realm of Astaria)

[Historical Literature Shield] 5. NORDESEL F.A.Q.s -- Answers to the questions commonly asked about Us (and Our NORTHMEN Realm).

Includes replies to common criticisms and complaints (cheap shots?) that often get slung Our way (*** PG-13 ***).

[ZDK Library - North Tower] 6. LIBRARY (North Tower) -- Special Collections on Northmen, Vikings, Scandinavians, and the Nordic Culture, History, and Heritage [transfer to the ZDK Media and Information Center--under construction]

[Realm Herald (Intros) Shield] 7. REALM HERALD -- News, Notes, Introductions Meeting Places, Guest Book, Messages, Calendar, Referrals to other Sites (Our fellowship facilitator) (under construction)

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield] 8. AMERICA'S FJORD -- Photo tour of some scenes in the Columbia River Gorge (National Scenic Area and growing tourist trap for Nordics) And homeland of the NORTHMEN Renewal

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 9. SHADDOX KoNSVaRa -- The Shaddox (Hebrew) Viking Clan (and main administrators of Our Foundation) Photos of Our Leaders and links to biographical details about them. (Meet Our Administration!)

[Revival Chapel Shield] 10. REVIVAL CHAPEL -- get info here on Our Northmen Pentecostals and Charismatics and their Teachings on the Judeo-Christian Faith (and especially its Nordic Christianity that built up the Northern Peoples) Catch the Wave of the New Move of God and its dramatic Nordic Outpouring!

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Shield] 11. VIKING INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE -- Our Quick Facts Sheets on Vikings (and Our Viking Revival). Get the simple, basic facts on what the NORTHMEN Movement is all about (and join the other descendants of the Vikings in their RETURN to God)

[ZDK Foundation Shield] 12. ZDK.F POPULAR DIRECTORY -- Our Main Directory and Home Page (the emerging Universial Northmen Realm: Greater Israel out among the Stars) Here are the links to the major parts of the Shaddox Space Society

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 13. ASTARIA CULTURAL PORTAL -- The Interstellar Portal and Universe Link to all the Cultures of Our Realm (See all the other Cultures that are being integrated into Our Astarian Society) Links back to the Astaria Universe.

[Scandia Faith Shield]


Yes, the Nordic Renaissance or Rebirth is here! For the Ancient Nordic Christianity that laid the foundation for the Northern Europe Religion (and Culture) is Reviving! And this powerful God-fearing Heritage of the Northern Peoples will have its impact, today, too. For, in their heyday, not only did the Ancient Northmen accept the traditional Judeo-Christian Faith, they spread it all over Europe, (where it became the foundation for the Mediavel World) and laid the groundwork for the Nordic Christianity of the common People (who then came to eventually accept Catholcism--and later on were fertile soil for the Protestant Reformation) And, now, is open once again to Our Northmen Renewal, today! What a Heritage we have!

So, feel the flow! And follow the other Nordics in their NORTHMEN RENEWAL back to God (with us). The NORDIC RETURN, or ShuVaH of the Northern Nations and Nordic Peoples, is here! (Jeremiah 16:14-15)

[Spiritual Engiftment Shield]

Our Charismatics and Pentecostals of the Northern Judeo-Christian Faith

Mediterranean or Southern Christianity tended to focus on its Gentile Culture and Heritage. But, Nordic Christianity tended to value its Hebrew Heritage (and Jewish Roots) from which it sprung. Consequently, their teachings seem to be more of a Judeo-Christian Faith, than straight Gentile Christianity. (Other Articles in Our Site will go into greater details on this mysterious Messianic (Jewish-Christian) thread, that seems to run throughout Nordic History and Heritage, with its own brand of Nordic Christianity.)

Furthermore, Nordic Christianity seems to also focus more on the miracles of God--and the wonderous works done by the Apostles. Consequently, modern Charismatics and Pentecostals are often found on the fore-front of Our Northern Renewal and Nordic RETURN. And also seem to be quite popular with the Nordic Peoples, themselves, with their own claims of modern miracles, today. (So, to help understand their activities and views, we have several other Articles in this Web Site on their Teachings.)

Now, come, and dig into your Heritage! Read the materials and literature that we have! (Many will appeal to you!) And catch the Wave of this new Move of God's Spirit among the Nordic Peoples, today!

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Support those who support us!

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