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The Media Publications Arm of the ZDK Foundation

VELDANTIA Publications, Northmen Press, and Judeo-Christian Publications

This Web Site, and its volumes of literature, herein, are put forth FREE on the Internet by Our Lampstand Media Department, which is the Media Publications branch of the ZDK Foundation.

However, we also have tons of other literature and media resources that those interested in Our Realm may also enjoy. Unfortunatley, these are not all in a format readily available for the Internet or they are of sufficient value that Our directors feel that we need to charge for them. (Hey, we have to pay our bills, too!)

Consequently, this Home Page is being supplied to give you access to these materials. And as they become available, they will be listed here, for you to acquire. (However, do have patience, as many of these are now in development, and will be forth coming soon--hopefully.)

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What do we have available?

Also, take a look a what is coming!

See our planned offerings, below:

BOOKS (now on computer diskettes)

    the fundamentals of the New Dispensation of Judeo-Christian (Messianic) theology and the Israelite RETURN Movement. (coming)

  2. IVAR VIDFADMI: the High-King of All Scandia
    -- historical fiction of the engrossing legends of the famous King who united all of Scandinavia in the 600s A.D., reportedly going on to conquer most of Northern Europe, and even romancing, charming and marrying the 12 Princesses of so called the 12 Major Tribes or Nations of Scandia! WHAT A TALE! (Basically, the King Arthur and Camelot of the Vikings!) [diskette]

  3. RURRIK THE GREAT: the Viking Ruler of All Russias
    -- historical fiction of the famous Viking King who was called to come and rule all of Russia (800s A.D.), giving rise to the Varangian (Eastern Christian Vikings) Rule of Ancient Russia. And, as a repoted descendant of Ivar, we find him in legend not only conquering the 12 Tribes or Nations of Russia, but also, like most Viking men, capturing and carrying off the 12 Princesses of Russia, too! {diskette]

  4. QUEEN AHQO: the Greatest Love Story Ever Told
    -- modern Scandianvian Romance, set in a mythical, contemporary Baltic Nation. This is the heart wrentching (and tissue box emptying) story of Scandinavia's Cinderella, who after winning the Beauty Pagent to marry the Prince, fell into political intrigue that brought her downfall and exile. However, that is only the beginning, as the courageous struggles of this heroine (against seemingly all odds) brings her return to fame and fortune. (Truly one of the most tear jerking stories to be told about matters of the heart and romance!) [diskette]

    -- the humorous tale of Madame Joy's adventures in trying to develope her own marriage (6 different times!). Full of wisdom from disastrous personal experiences--and from the Scriptures that give abundant advice on how to build your marriage. (A good How To Book for those trying to get their marriage to work, and work well!) [diskette]

    -- Madame Joy returns, to give comfort and advice to those Believers caught in the current Plague of Divorce, that is now hitting most congregations. This work is full of wisdom from her own disastrous personal experiences--and from the Scriptures that give abundant advice on how to handle your your wedlock comeing apart! (A good, non-condmening Book for the Believer suffering from the pains of modern divorce!) [diskette]

    -- advances in nuclear energy (and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory) that will make the Future worlds of Science Fiction a common, everyday reality! (Not available to the Public!) For what we can release to the Public on this, see ZDK Institute Library! The TRUTH behind the movie CHAIN REACTION?

    -- President's Eyes Only (Not available to the Public!) But, if you are curious about what we can release to the Public, (and you are prepared to have the modern world as you think you now understand it, turned completely up-side-down), then click on over to Our KUFOL PAGES! (And don't say that we didn't warn you not to look!)

    -- Dark Projects are what the Government hides from the Public--Deep Dark is what the Government even hides from itself! This is a bizarre historical ficition story of what went on behind the scenes to produce one of the most dramatic changes in recent history, and as the result of an all out arms race to build D'Stridium Energy Weapons, to control and dominate the world. And all hidden and clandestined, even from the Government, itself! (Not yet available to the General Public!) A step beyond the HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and AIR FORCE ONE.

  10. WILD TINGS: All the Government Secrets You Ever Wanted to Know, BUT Were Afraid to Ask!
    -- BAIT and ENEMY OF THE STATE will have to more over to this dramatization and historical fiction account of what went on behind the scenes with the development of the D'Stridium (Trans-Dimensional Particle) Theory, and the wild, no holds barred struggle of various foreign powers to control and manipulate its development, for their own, clandestined purposes. And the dramatic changes in the History of Mankind that all this hub-bub made. (The Galaxay will never be the same, again!) There is noting to compare with the absolutely shocking expose'!!! (Not yet available to the General Public!)

VIDEOS (Spacedog -- coming?) *

FILMS (Spacedog -- coming?) *



Keeping checking back with us, to see what becomes available, when!

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Our Daily Devotional and Newsletter

Lampstand Media is currently publishing an Internet Bible Study that comes as a Daily Devotional via e-mail--usually arriving around noon (in time for your lunch break) on most weekdays (minus weekends and holidays). Moreover, with its Prayer Requests and Comments Sections, it serves as Our Newsletter. (The regular Realm News Section has been suspended--untill we can get some more volinteer staff to run it!)

In you are interested in the Daily Devotional and Newsletter, please send us an e-mail requesting it!

Or, for more details, see REALM NEWS.

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(And see Our REALM HEARALD for Crusade activities.)

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Further Contacts With US:

Can't find what you are looking for?

OR, have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: staff@veldantia.com (Mark subject box LAMPSTAND MEDIA!)

Our regular mailing address is:

Shaddox Foundation
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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674


Use of LAMPSTAND MEDIA PAGES (or other Literature from this Site) is RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study (or Congregational Courses) or hand it out on the street in your witnessing, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below. MOREOVER, most items offered, here, in this Page Listing, by Lampstand Media are for sale, not provided just for FREE!
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