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KoReY Interstellar Society - Cultural Engineering Integration Plan

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KoReY Heritage Worlds:


The Judeo-Christian Heritage and its Divine Culture develop New Tribes of Israel in Space.

So, where will KoReY's Culture and Society come from? Obviously, we did not develop from a vacuum. Many other Lands and Peoples of Planet Earth helped to contibute to it (as well as some of the best of the Science Fiction Worlds). Consequently, we expect these Cultural Sources to be among the dominate sub-cultures of Our own Interstellar Society. So, take a look at Our Heritage Worlds (which are based on the common Judeo-Christian Heritage--and its Divien Culture) and see where you might fit in.

For, who knows, perhaps you will be inspired to become one of Our creative and gifted talents that will help to produce the artworks and other cultural mediums for the expression of this Divine Culture of Ours! Or, maybe you will just feel right at home in one of Our Space Colonies, that centers on one of these cultural themes? So, come on in! And enjoy!!!

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As we survey the whole history of Mankind on Earth (and especially that of Western Civilization), we can identify about a dozen major cultural groups that contributed to Astarian Society (or KoReY). As these progressed through time, we can also ascribe Tribal Identity to each one (sequentially), as one of the Future Tribes of Israel in Our Coming Interstellar Realm. Consequently, we do, indeed, expect them to be strong social forces among us and to use their cultural energies to help build up Our larger Society, as a united whole! (Hence, their inclusion as Tribal elements of Our Great Council--see Law 5d4b in Our Divine Law Library for details.)

*** SO, WHERE DO I FIT IN??? *** Well, look...

Now, how did God lay out the development of Divine Culture in the Plans for the History of Mankind? Well, He showed the Prophet Daniel (in the vision of the image or statue) that HE intended there to be 4 Universal Empires, eventually followed by a 5th. In between is a Time out of Time, composed of 7 Ages, which are covered in the first few chapters of Revelation. All totalled, these make up Our 12 Heritage Worlds (or Cultural Time Periods). So, let us see what God is trying to teach us in these Cultural Lessons. And how we, as individuals, might fit into them with our own cultural heritage--as well as use them as an Integration Plan to forge the coming KoReY cultural pot.

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1. REUBEN - The GOLDEN ERA (Ancient Babylon):


Our First Tribe, Reuben, reflects the Head of the Image was of Gold, that stood for Ancient Babylon: The Universal Empire which spread out from the Plains of Shinar (Genesis 10:9-10) to dominate the whole early Middle East for many centuries back in Our Antiquity. Now, this was a rather primative time, something along a caveman or Stone Age style living or much like the anthropological hunters and gathers, though they had learned to farm--grow crops and domesticate animals. Yet, most importantly for civilization, they learned to build structures, and then groups of structures, which became cities (perhaps, something along the lines of early Native American Culture? Or, Mound Builders?). Moreover, it was, reportedly a Black or Hamidic Nation (Genesis 10:6-10). Thus, this tends to be Heritage World of the more physical, mussle bound (sports orientated) sorts of Our Realm--and especially of Blacks or Africans. (And they tend to wear clothing of animal skins, as a symbolic of the early Adamaic Covenant.) Some Native Americans or "Indians" usually fit in here, too.

Our main lesson to be learned from them is to keep Our focus on the ONE TRUE GOD--and to worship and serve HIM! For, the Babylonians fell away from this central truth, though it was upheld and maintaind by 'Eber or Heber, the King of Eblah (and passed on down through his descendants to the Hebrew Peoples).

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2. SIMEON - SILVER ERA (Ancient Persia):


Our Second Tribe, Simeon, reflects the arms and shoulders of the Statue, which were of Silver (and stood for Ancient Persia, which came to dominate the Middles East, after Babylon). This was a bit more advanced technology than Babylon, with extensive agriculture and the rise of governmental engineering projects, such as we see among the Ancient Egyptians (which came to be absorbed into the Persian Empire) and other early Arabs (that came out of it to dominate the Middle East). Moreover, their early bedhoin family lifestyle (like in the Days of Abraham and the later 12 Tribes) laid the foundation for the Patriarchial model that has been the standard among all of the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Mulsims), down through history. (For more details, see Our PATRIARCHIAL LITERATURE) Thus, this tends to be the Heritage World of Arabs and other Middle Eastern (or Ishmaelite) orientated people.

Now, for more info on Our Arabic or Ishmaelite Organization, which reflects these well established Middle Eastern values and customs, consult Our Abrahamic Peoples Section of Our APPIRU.

Moreover, our main lesson to learn from them is to FLEE IDOLATRY! For, the Persians (and especially the Egyptians) got into the worhsip of false-gods (and the use of Dark Arts and Occult Sciences and Black Magyck--which are forbidden).

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3. LEVI - BRONZE ERA (Ancient Greece):


Our Third Tribe is Levi, and as the stomach and loins of the Statue were Bronze, this staods for Ancient Greece, which also came to dominate the Middle East, after Ancient Persia--both by the conquests of Alexander the Great and by the extensive Greek trade network that they developed. This commercial network fed the wealth of Greek merchants so that their economic influence lasted for centuries upon centuries--which, in turn, provided the funds to support the extensive rise of artworks and creative crafts, and projects. Consequently, this civilization managed to sprout lots of early writing, learning and education, and beginning scientific (and technological) developments. Thus, it tends to be the homeland of the intellectual and scholar.

Now, Levi was to be the Priests for the ONE TRUE GOD, but the Greeks descerated God's Holy Name by worhsipping the Host of Heaven (Astrology) and replacing God's Name with the Names of various Greek gods and even godesses. They even used ORACLES to attempt to say that God said things, or demanded that things would come to pass (prophecy), that HE did not! (And we can all learn from their fall into the temptaion of materialism!)

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4. JUDAH - THE IRON ERA (Ancient Rome):


Our Fourth Tribe is Judah, and Following the Bronze Belly (above), were legs of Iron, that stood for the Ancient Roman Empire, which came to dominate the Middle East, after the fall of Ancient Greece. This civilization produced one of the best military organizations in the world--whose extensive conquests produced a massive government and bureacracy to manage what had been conquered. Moreover, it has served as the model for ideal empires ever since, in the West. Furthermore, their building projects and public works are famous (many still standing today--and some still usable).

Thus this tends to be the Heritage World of the military and the bureacracy of Our Realm.

Our main lesson from them lies in the observance and keeping of Holy Days. For they ignored the Sacred Festivals of the Scriptures, and attempted to set up their own Feasts--even declaring themselves to be gods and worshipped on certain special days! (And even our modern secular calendar still reflects some of this!)

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5. DAN - THE EPHESIAN CHURCH AGE (Messianic or Apostalic Church):


During the height of the Roman Empire (above), Jesus or Y'Shua was born and died on the Cross to pay (or atone) for Man's sins. With HIS ascension back to Heaven and the coming of Pentecost, the Church Ages were born, in about 30 something A.D.. The first of these Ages was Messianic (Jewish-Christian) and is sometimes refered to as the Apostolic Age, as all of the original 12 Desciples of Christ or Apostles were Messianics (Jewish-Christians), and clung to the Hebrew core of the teachings of their fore-fathers. And, because of its closeness to the Messiah's original teachings, it is often held to be the most desirable Age. Thus, it tends to be the homeland of the more pious and the religious reformers of Our Realm--and those of a more Hebrew or Jewish outlook.

For more info on this Messianic Philosophy, that was the foundation of Early Christianity, consult our Messianic Section of EMUSPATEL.

Our lesson from them is that they lost their first love. Rather than keeping the Love and Respect of God, they allowed materialism and secular success to creep in and take over. And rather than holding that respect for the Father, and his ordained authorities, the men went off to persue their own bosees. Then, as the women saw their husbands rebel at the Family Chain of Command, they began to assert their own independence. Next, when the children saw the disobedience of their mothers to their fathers, they learned to rebel and be independent of authority, too. Thus, eventually bringing a collapse of the Nation from a spirit of rebellion and disobedience in the Family! (For more details, see Our WOMEN'S ISSUES Literature.)

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6. NAPHTALI - THE SMYRNA CHURCH AGE (Early Roman Martyr Church):


Our Sixth Tribe is Naphtali, and With the deaths of the Apostles (above), and the Fall of the Jerusalem Temple (in 70 A.D.), the old Messianic founders lost influence and a new form of Gentile Christianity emerged. Thus, while the Messianic Era still clung to and preserved the Hebrew roots of the Faith (though it often had conflicts with the more Jewish Culture), the dominance of the Gentiles began to be seen. So, with Paul's massive conversion of many Gentiles, and the Fall of the Jewish Temple (and, thereby, its Jewish institutions of influence), the Smyrna Age took on a very Gentile atmosphere. In fact, the Believers of the Time became so racked by Gentile influence that Syncretism (mixing worldly culture and Roman gods with their Christian beliefs--thus idolatry) took firm root and multiplied. Therefore, God came to give them over to Great Persecutions to purge and punish them for their idolatry, and thus the Era of Roman Martyrs was born. Moreover, with the Fall of the Revolt of Simom Bar Kokhba (135 A.D.), Judaism firmly separated itself from the Messianics (diminishing their power), and as a result, the Gentile Church took on a definate non-Hebrew distinctiveness (and perhaps, something of an anti-Semitic tone) that was to continue for centuries! Hence, the rise of the so called Dark Ages!

Now, while the Western Roman Empire fell into a collapse, mainly due to its clinging to the old Roman gods (idolatry) and trying to mix them in with Christian teachings (syncretism), the Northmen (or Bar Bara or Varangians) blossomed. The earlier, Messianic (and Apostolic) Missionaries had made many converts among the Barbarians or Goths (Gahtsk) of Northern Europe, which then swept into Western Europe (conquering the declining Rome). And, eventually produced a strong Gothic community of Believers, especially in early Scandinavia, that eventually produced the rise of Ivar Vidfadmi's Scandia (mid-600s A.D.), which, in turn dominated most of Northern Europe--laying the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Feudal European culture that was to arise in the days to come. Consequently, this tends to be the homeland of Our Nordics, Vikings, Scandinavians, and other Northern Europeans.

Now, for more info on this Nordic Messianic Philosophy (of the early Vikings), that was the foundation of Feudal Europe (in the so called Dark Ages), consult our Nordic (and Viking) Section of NORDESEL.

Our main lesson from this Era is on the issue that Men should obey God first, and secular governments of Mankind secondly--for this is the God ordained Chain of Commnad.

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7. GAD - THE PERGAMOSUN CHURCH AGE (Byzantine or Greek [Orthodox] Church):


Our Seventh Tribe is Gad and with the victory of Constantine in 312 A.D. (in which he saw the sign of the Cross in the sky), Christianity became an officially tolerated religion in Rome (lifting the persecutions of the Roman Martyr Church Age). And in 325, the Roman Emperor Constantine convened the Councl of Nicea, which set the standards for Christian Beliefs and Teachings for centuries. Then, in 395 A.D. the Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the Official Religion of the Neo-Roman (or Byzantine) Empire. And thus began the Millenual Reign of Christianity over the New Roman Empire or Eastern Roman Empire (which we have come to call the Byzantine Empire). And, while the rest of the Western Roman Empire fell to the invading Barbarians (because of the error of the West's Syncretism), the Eastern Roman or the Byzantine Empire went on for another thousand years. Thus, this tends to be the Heritage World for a sparce number of ecclesiastics and other church leaders and authorities--as well as missionaries and other cross cultural workers (that have to confront and tame wild foreign cultures).

In addition, this was the time of the the Silk Road, which became a regular trade route in later Roman Times. And this led to regular contact with many of the Ancient Asian Empires (China, India, Japan, etc.). Moreover, this was the Era of constant invasions and migrations from the East as these Asian Peoples came looking for new lands to settle and conquer. And the Byzantine Empire took them in, converting them to Christianity, so that the Byzantine Empire became increasing Asian in its population!

Our main lesson from them is one over murder and wrongful (or unjust death), for the term Byzantine came to refer to twisted political plots of clandestine murder! (and, indeed, most of the rulers of this empire came to the throne by such murders, rather than by proper succession!)

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8. ASHER - THE THIATIRA CHURCH AGE (Latin or Catholic Church):


Our Eight Tribe is Asher--and meanwhile, as the Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) slowly slid into the veneration of images and fell into worshipping idols (as they had, earlier, in the Roman Era), God called for the Arabs under Mohamad to destroy the idols of the Middle East (and beyond), which Mohamad and his followers did with vigor. However, in 732, Charles Martel, riding on the wave of Gothic or Northern Christianiy (from Scandia, that had settled France), defeated the Muslim forces in Spain and spared the rest of Western Europe from Islamic domination. Then, in around 800 A.D. Charlemaigne set up the Great Holy Roman Empire, which in turn, gave rise to the Roman Catholic Church. And thus emerged the Era of the Latin or Catholic Church, which came to dominate Feudal Europe. Moreover, this led to a time that is famous for its rebirth of learning and the rise of Noble and Royal Governments, it tends to be the Heritage World of the aristocratic and artistic of Our Realm.

Our lesson from this Ear is one of a warning about Jezebel and those who prusue her teachings that come of Balaam (i.e. that is is OK to commit adultery).

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9. ISSACHAR - THE SARDIS CHURCH AGE (Protestant Reformation State Churches):


Our Ninth Tribe is Issachar, and unfortunately, as time progressed, the Roman Catholics began to fall back more and more under the influences of the early Roman Martyrs and their Church became watered down and mixed with Pagan philosophies and idolatrous practices. Consequently, the Nordic Messianic Heritage re-asserted itself (once more), primarily in Northern Europe as the Protestant Movement came forth in the early 1500s. Martin Luther was one of the major Protestant leaders in Germany and Scandinavia (see Nordics or Goths, above). And along similiar lines, the Anglican Church was also developed in Britain, especially in Elizabethan Times (and Shakespeare). Now, while rejecting the errors and sins of the current Latin churches, these groups also tended to fail to draw on the strengths of those who had gone before them, and consequently lost out on much of their own Heritage!

Meanwhile, the Catholic church went through a Counter Reformation that got rid of many of its errors and then propelled them on to found the Great Conquistador Empires of Spain and Portlugal (see rise of Hispanic Culuture, below). Then, later, there arose the Protestant Empires of Holland and Great Britain. Thus, this tends to be the Heritaage World for Our European Colonists (about their global off spring) and other world settlers of the Northern Nations.

Our main lesson from this Era is one of materialism, for the capitalists of the Colonial Empires tended to rob the local natives of their natural resources and pay them a pitance instead of a just wage to live on!

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10. ZEBULON - THE PHILIDELPHIA CHURCH AGE (Baptist/Presbyterian Community Churches):


Our Tenth Tribe is Zebulaon, so that as the Reformation State Churches (above) tended to stay under the authority of the Kings of their own countries--many began to feel that a more Republican (or Greek democracy) style of church organization was needed (something like Jewish Eldership). Now, the Anabaptists began almost as early as the Protestant Movement, in Europe. However, they were not very popular with the monarchies of Europe and their bureaucratic governments. Thus, it wasn't until the rise of America, in the 1700s and early 1800s that first saw the spread of this Presbyterian type Movement and then emerged into the Baptist Communuity Congregations, as this Church Age really took off--with a more Eldership or Presbyterian style of government (where the local council of elders were in control of the local congregation). And though popular as this appeal to freedoms may be, they usually tend to fail to produce an effective union, and therefore, lack the organized clout that the former, monarchial style churches have! Thus, this tends to be the Heritage World of Americans and those seek a more representative style of organization.

This Era also reflects the end result of the earlier Conquistadors of Spain as Latin America emerged as a big influence--but independent from the King of Spain and more Democratic like America. Thus many Hispanics find their Cultural attachment here.

Our main lesson from this Ear is one of DUE PROCESS OF LAW. For we should not lie (especially not to the police or courts) but follow the Divine Rights of Law (or Civil Rights) as given by God to Mankind--and seek proper justice, through the correct channels.

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11. JOSEPH (Manasseh/Ephairim) - THE LAODECIAN CHURCH AGE (Modernist Home Churches):


Our Eleventh Tribe is Joseph and just as the Baptists tended to not like the authority of the Kings over them, the Modernists thought that no man should rule their Faith, so they even shied away from organized religions and tended to collect in the homes of friends, who had somewhat similiar interests in serving God in a wide-open atmosphere of total freedom (other than, perhaps, the restraint of peer pressure). Moreover, they often point to the persecutions of the Roman Martyr Churches as justification for meeting just in homes (overlooking the idolatrous reasons for that purge). Unfortunatley, this kind of democracy of the Faith tends only to lead into more chaos and anarchy (and few of these so called home churches seems to last long--though branches of them seem to be popping up, endlessly, all over). For, demanding their own Rights (and ignoring or even rejecting, God's Rights), they tend to leave out the basic morality and ethics of the Faith and guidelines for proper supervision, which opens the door for disasters with various kinds of major sins! However, their modern music and open worship (often refered to as Charismatic--though not Pentecostal) is a ready appeal to Modern Youth. Thus, this tends to be the Heritage World of teens and other Youth (or other groups demanding their own rights).

Moreover, our main lesson of this Era is not coventing so as to NOT join in conspiriacy--for this time has seen the plots of communists, socialists, and Neo-Nazis to join together overthrow legitimate governments!

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12. BENJAMIN - THE RISE OF ASTARIA (KoReY: Our Interstellar Realm):


Now, here, is beginning to emerge God's 5th Universal Empire--but one that will dominate the Stars (Daniel 7:27), not the Earth! So, mixing the 3 streams (or Major Religious Movements of this century) of Jews (Zionism and Messianics), Pentecostalism (with Gifts and Tongues), and Holiness (obedience to God's Laws), Our Spiritual Society (or Religious Realm) of KoReY enters a New Dispensation, that aims to bring back or RETURN (ShuVaH) ALL the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) together in a Unity of the Faithful--and a new Holy Israel out among the Stars.

We see this a occuring in 3 phases: 1-KoReY or a Spiritual Society (Religious Realm), 2-Astaria or the rise of an official Nordic Nation of Israel out among the Stars (Pergamosan--marriage of Church and State), and 3-The BRIDE and Millenial Reign and Second Coming of the Messiah (and the renewal of all things--Marriage of the Lamb).

Consequently, this tends to be the homeland of Science Nerds and Sci-Fi Freaks or others with a gift to see this Future World coming (visionaries). And a fertile ground for the best of the Science Fiction Worlds to grow and develop in!

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Church Heritage Integration:

THEREFORE, rather than rejecting all of the previous churches, as some groups do, we encourage their participation in Our Coming Realm, for each has a rich Heritage that can add strength and color to Our United whole. (And, their participation is legally provided for in Our Grand Council or Sanhedrin, as Our kind of Legislative Body--see Law 5d4b in Our Divine Law Library, for details.) For, it is this Divine Culture of the Judeo-Christian Heritage that they expressed in their own Times that we want to preserve and use for Our Realm!

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OKAY! So, every Society and Peoples thinks that its Culture was God ordained. But, considering the historical record of where Our Culture is coming from (above), I don't think Our claim is out of line. Now, if you want to be the judge, then consider Our Teachings on Divine Culture that we can found at OUR REVIVAL CHAPEL.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] Or, if you are not so philosophical or theological, consider Our more practical and social programs for the Future Cultural Intergration that we have planned at ASTARIAN CULTURES. For, Our Interstellar Society is truly developing a Divine Culture!

So, now, why don't you just come on in, and help us!!! (Yes, Resistance is Futile!!!)

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