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ZDK Ministry of Family - Future Patriarchial Culture

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ZDK Men Issues:

Fathers First Priority!!!

Biblical Fathers Rights from Judeo-Christian Partriarchy--and Our Men Ministries

This is the DOMAIN (Castle) of MEN of the Faith. The place were real men (of the Judeo-Christian Patriarchy) can hang out. And dare to be the Image of God to his Family (and the world), in the traditional Scriptural sense of what God intended MAN to be.

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Our Men Issues Literature Directory

Our ZDK Men Issues Pages has many Articles and Literature to help you deal with the true Patriarchal Culture, the facts of Biblical Fathers Rights, and the needs of Men Ministries in Our Realm, as well as helping Men fit into the traditional Judeo-Christian Patriarchy (as is found in Our Futuristic World). To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page--Navigation Bar):

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 1. REAL MANHOOD
-- God designed Man to be a unique individual--his own person (This has found expression in the Hebrew Community's concept of the Mensch--and Britain's acceptance of eccentrics.) But, how does the average Man cope with his uniqueness--especially since the wicked world wants his conformity to the image of the emotionless robot? Well, find out, here!

-- From the Bible, we know that God designed the Family to be Patriarchal! But, here is the scientific proof of it, in the Zimmeramn Cultural Curve. (So, what do the Feminists say about this? They basically ignore it!) Yet, science is science, as God made it! But, here is proof in the historical record that Patriarchy builts a Civilization up, whereas Feminism and Matriarchy tear it down!

[Holy Scriptures Shield] 3. BIBLICAL PATRIARCHY
--there is a raging controversy (and a world of difference) between the Pagan concept of Patriarchy (or Beastarchy) and real true Bible Patriarchy. Find out what those differences are--as well as understand what God ordained Patriarchy is all about! (And, it is very important for their Family that men understand this disticntion!)

-- God made marriage of, for, and by Man--but what happens when yours turns toxic and destructive? (While some churches deny the realities of divorce, Our Realm faces those hard and creul facts of life.) However, divorce is not a thing to be pursued lightly--see if God favors or might question yours?

[Messianic (Israel) Shield] 5. FALLEN WOMEN
-- God made woman to be the choice virgin and submissive Bride to fulfull all a Man's wants and desires. But, in this wicked world, how do you cope with Fallen Women? (A Scriptural look at how God Plans to use and bless such damaged and defiled goods--women who reflect God's stormy romance with Israel!) Plus, a peek at your future marriage--in the Resurrection??? (*** PG-13 ***)

[Spiritual Engiftment Shield] 6. PRO-POPULATION POLICY
-- God's Command to Procreate Seen as Guidance to fill Our Important Need for Adaquate Manpower for Our Interstellar Expansions (*** PG-13 ***) The importance of the role of the FATHER--sacrificing his own life for that of his children, their future Family, and our coming Nation (MATURE, scientific reading) [Transfer to KUFOL Pages]

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 7. CALL TO THE NEW FRONTIER!!!
-- Pioneer and Frontier Societies usually fill up with rugged, idnividualistic men, who demand PATRIARCHY of their Family. Our establishment of Star Colonies ought to be no different. So, heed God's Call to a New Manifest Destiny to go out and settle the Stars! Build your new Patriarchial Family out there, with us. [Transfer to KoReY Pages]

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Well, the point of the whole ZDK Outreach is that there is going to be a Great Interstellar Revival through our Realm. However, this is just not a far off Future thing. You can get in on the RETURN, today. All you have to do is get Regenerated or Renewed. You can find how to do that in Our Revival Course (in Our Revival Chapel). Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

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Take a peek at what the Women are discussing over in Our Women Issues Section. Are they really out to scalp us or make us their slaves--or is there more to their story?

To get WOMEN ISSUES (Click Here): [Women Issues]

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