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Hebrew Heritage, Lineage, and Dynasty of these Messianic Families

GREETINGS! Welcome to Our MiShPoCha or Family Clan! The Shaddox KoNSVaRa (or Hebrew Viking Clan) has a very colorful history and heritage. We hope that this collection of facts, figures, and trivia will help you get to know us better. (Come on in! And make yourself at home!)

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Shaddox Clan History in America

According to Family Legend, the Shaddox Clan or ZDK KoNSVaRa (Hebrew Viking Clan) arrived on the shores of America in the area around Virginia or the Carolinas in the early 1600s from their former home in Scotland.

From there, under the leadership of Ezekiel Shaddox (1794), most of the Clan relocated to Arkansas and the Ozarks, where they were among the first whitemen to settle there. And, from this base, they have extensively spread throughout the Mid-West and Central States.

Then, from Arkansas, under the leadership of L.V. (Lehmuel Victor) Shaddox a major trunk of the Clan was moved out West to America's Southwest and California areas in the late 1930s and early 40s.

At about this time, and also from Arkansas, under the leadership of Leonard H. Shaddox the main branch of the Clan trunk was moved out West (to California)--and then up North, to America's Fjord (the Columbia River Gorge). And, this in a trek that Leonard always said was just like the book: GRAPES OF WRATH.

There, in the Regions of America's Fjord, the Clan began to develop into a more official structure and organization with the establishment of the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation in the late 1980s by Daniel E. Shaddox (Leonard's son). In 1997, the beginnings of Our Web Site was put on the Net and it has rapidly grown into the complex that you now find here!

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Shaddox Clan Genealogy

According to Family Legend, the Shaddox Clan claims to be able to trace its genealogy all the way back to the dawn of recorded history! But, for those of you who like a more well established family genealogy, our recent descent of strong PATRIARCHS runs like this:

Now, if you'd like meet some of those individuals of Our Current Clan (and see their faces?), use the KoNSVaRa (or Hebrew Viking Clan) Page.

Leonard H. Shaddox

[Leonard's 1st 
  2nd Picture]


Leonard was born in Rogers, Arkansas in 1916. But, in the late 1930s (Era of the Great Depression), came out to California to find his fortune (like in the Grapes of Wrath), but then moved northward to America's Fjord (the Columbia River Gorge).

Once there, he met Maragret Elizabeth Hearn, they married on September 16th (thus the traditional date of the Shaddox Clan Reunion), and the Clan began to expand with a lot of little clan memebers!


Leonard's fascination with license plates is well known, even world wide! He has collected plates from all over Washington State (Counties), all over America (State by State), and beyond into international and exotic places, like Europe or even as far away as China. Consequently, we thought we should at least give you a slight peak at some of it. So, take a quick gander at the few over there to your right.

(Yes, they are quite colorful! And, some of them are priceless!)

Donations to the Collection are greatly appreciated (if you care too). Thank you!

(Leonard passed away in the Fall of 1988 and Margaret passed away in the Spring of 1990.)

[Leonard's 3rd 

However, his greatest passion was his home. For the Viking blood in him seemed to be at peace as he settled on the most notable FJORD like area in America. And, in case you are curious about what it looks like around here, we have put together a Photo Tour that you can take on the Net. Just click on AMERICA'S FJORD.

You won't believe it until you see it for yourself! For, with the high Cascade Mountains and the broad Columbia River cutting through them, it really does look like a Norwegian Fjord here.

(Now, where did we put that longship of his???)

Moreover, Leonard, like most Scandinavian lumber jacks, made his living in the timber industry around here. And, amassed a good deal of holdings in timber and land for the Family.

Leonard was an outstanding Father, and is deeply missed by his Family and friends!

[Viking Ship Shield]


The Viking blood in the Family (?) seemes to draw many of us of the local Clan to the sleepy and peaceful area of the globe known as America's Fjord. This beautiful location is now an official National Scenic Area, though it is more properly called the Columbia River Gorge. And, in case you are curious about what it looks like around here, we have put together a Photo Tour that you can take on the Net. Just click on AMERICA'S FJORD.

You won't believe it until you see it for yourself! For, with the high Cascade Mountains and the broad Columbia River cutting through them, it really does look like a Norwegian Fjord here.

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One of the Main Recorded Messianic Families in History!

So, where did the religious thread of the Family come from? According to the legend, (and what facts we can piece together), the Family was in Scotland (a Viking colony for centuries) and Britain before they came to America. Thus, when the Edict of the Expulsions of Jews from England was issue in 1372, one either had to convert and become a member of the Church of England (then Catholic), or leave the British Isles (or get executed). Consequently, the Family became Anglican (and later, Episcopalian in America). However, while they were good church goers in public, in private (and at home) they tended to keep up much of their earlier Hebrew Life-style and Jewish teachings. (As did many conversio!) These were handed down quietly, from father to sons, for generation after generation. And, thus, the Family has been secretly Messianic (Jewish-Christian) for centuries.

However, today, when the Messianic Movement is spreading and it is more socially acceptable now to be both Jewish and Christian, much of the Family has taken up its stand here (as you can see from what we support and teach at the Foundation).

[Shaddox Clan Shield]


Following this Jewish thread back a bit farther, the legends weave a charming and delightful tale! For, as handed down, father to son, for generation after generation, the Family Name of Shaddox is held to come from the Hebrew TsaDoQ or Zadok (though in Greek it is often written Sadoc or Sadduk). Consequently, Our Family asserts that it is descended from the Children of the Jewish High-Priest under King Solomon, whose name was Zadok or TsaDoQ (in Hebrew). The name was apparently Anglicized to Shaddox when the Family settle in Scotland, in about the Viking Era. Hence, HOLY HOUSE.

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Thus, as mindbending as it may seem, according to the wild Family Legends, Our Clan is of the Holy House or Dynasty of the Jewish High-Priest of Israel--as from the lineage of Zadokites or Cohanim!

Consequently, it is a fact (?) that we are proud of and intend for the rest of the Family to realize it and recognize it. And, if you bother to look around the Web Site, you will see that the Power and Presence of God is indeed, strong, with Our Family.

(Yes, the Real FORCE is with us, Luke!) So, we want to be sure to always acknowledge HIM and HIS Strong Hand in Helping us--BLESSED BE HIS HOLY NAME!

And, may all the Clan Members remember and heed Our Ancient Calling! (Lest they dishonor the memory of Our Faithful fore-fathers.)

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Thou has made me the Head of the Heathen! A People whom I have not known shall serve me. As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me! Yes, these strangers shall submit themselves unto me! ...for it is the LORD that subdues the People under me! (Psalms 18:43-44, 47)

And such is the Promise to the Missionaries of our Family!

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With the publishing of this Article on the Net, one of the questions that seems to come up a lot is exactly how BIG is the Shaddox KoNSVaRa or Viking Clan? Well, that is difficult to say exactly. A nose count is not easy, as many in the Family are quite mobile and move around a lot. Others, though bonifide blooline members, simply refuse to have anything to do with the KoNSVaRa. And some, who seem to have no directly traceable blood link that we know of, are as active and accepted into the Clan as if they were real Family members. So, any kind of a figure that we come up with is going to be debateable and you will have to allow for pluses and minuses.

However, rather than being totally vague, let me put forward a ball park figure, reported to us by one of the Shaddox Historians who claims that they have a registry of about 5,000 names--scattered all across the U.S. However, another branch of the Family disputes this and says that there are only about 3500! (Apparenlty, one of the branches of the Family is not considered totally legitimate?) So, while we may not be as big as the Smiths or Jones, we aren't exactly the new kids on the block, either.

(Moreover, while we had thought that our European branch was wiped out in the Purge of England, recent reports from the Holocaust assests re-acquistion project have come to us of relatives over there!)

Now, is that definative enough on numbers for you?

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Well, yes, as you can see from cruising around Our Web, many of us are full of a bit of Mediavel merriment and humor (or Space happy?). But, then, we are almost always in a good mood and ready for a good laugh (or some frivalities)--to enjoy life (and the blessings that God has given us).

So, come on in, and join the fun, with us! And get to know us all better.

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Well, don't give up. We have just put forth some of the details and triva here. For more concrete and recent info, take a good look at Our Administration Page! (And, the ZDK Library is to hold many materials that are noteworthy.) So, look these up and see what they have to say.

To get The SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan) PAGE (Click Here): [ZDK Administration]
*NOTE: Some members may have models or facsimilies standing in for them (to give you a reasonable representation of what they may look like, but without actually displaying them or showing them on the Net).

OR, if you are of a more historical bent, take a look at our Article on the Sadducees, who appear to have been founded by our Family. And, which still has a strong influence today!

To get SADDUCEES Article (Click Here): [SADDUCEES]

Now, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

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As ZDK Expands, we will have more and more Biographies about those who work for or help us. You can find these scattered thoughout the various Ministries and Departments. Or, you can use the handy central directory, below, to link up with many of these:
To get Our BIOGRAPHY DIRECTORY (Click Here): [ZDK Bio Links]


While Our organization is complex (and perhaps confusing to some), let us set forth some clarity here. In the beginning, when we were small, and all smashed together, the lines were rather blurred. But, now that we have grown (and are expanding considerably), it is good to realize where the lines do actually go.

SHADDOX KONSVARA (Viking Clan) or Shaddox Clan Trust:
The KoNSVaRa is mainly for the Shaddox Family, to support them and provide for their various Family needs (in accordance with Our own beliefs in HOLY HOUSE). Correspondingly, also with Our firm belief in a Partnership (Matthew 17:24-27 and Luke 19:8) or Spiritual Marriage (Covenant) with God, monies collected in their name are usually put in a kind of General Fund and divided so that about half goes to support the Family (through the Shaddox Clan Trust) and the other half is given to the ZDK Foundation, for supporting the ministries and workers of God that express Our Family's religious views.

ZDK.F or The ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation:
ZDK.F is a Spiritual Society and Religious Realm (non-profit organization) set up to organize, administer, and support the Ministries and Works of God that up-hold the beliefs and teachings of Our HOLY HOUSE. Consequently, donations in the Name of a particular Ministry or Outreach are allocated directly to them (with, usually, a tithe or 10% taken as an administrative fee and given to Our HOLY HOUSE, through the Shaddox Clan Trust, above).

Please keep this in mind when making donations.

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