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(And Protecting God's People From Them!)

Unfortunately, the history of the God's People (the Hebrew Peoples) is filled with bias, bigotry, racial discrimination, religious persecution, and even offical pogroms. And, whilefor a time, Our Days here in America may seem relatively free of such sufferings, the odds are good that such miseries will come again. (And, indeed, the rising tide of evidence suggests a new wave is on its way!) Consequently, we need to know how our ancestors delt with such things--and how they managed to survive it all! (As well as the common tricks and traps used by Our Enemies--so that we can avoid them, and combat them!) For, in that, we can learn to protect ourselves, and our children.

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OSD Literature Directory

OSD has many Articles and Literature. To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page for related Departments):

Learn to protect yourself (and your Family)!

1. RADICAL ANTI-SEMITISM (RAS) -- The basic concepts of those who wish to get rid of all of God's People (and wipe out anything of the Hebrew Heritage): The Risks of the Haman Gambit (For, God watches over HIS People)

2. ETHNIC CLEANSING -- The Standard RAS Relocation Policy as used in Hilter's Germany (Is a modern re-play of this Program now going on in the Columbia River Gorge?)

3. THE PORPHYRIA SCAM -- The Resurgance of Genetic Inferiority? While this controversial Medial Diagnosis may have some validity, in some cases, the risks seem inherent that it could be used against others for bigotted reasons (Are you its next target?)

4.RAS HARASSMENT -- A Modern, Personal Testimony! While we like to think that the RAS are confined to the History of Nazi Germany, indications are that they are coming back! Read this true, personal account!

5. ACTURIAL DEFENSE -- Developing the Statistic Shield that will expose local RAS activities (Learn to defend your congregation and community by keeping ttrack of odd, destructive incidents, that the RAS do clandestinely!)

6. LIBRARY (West Tower) -- Special Collections on Jewish, Hebrew, and Middle Eastern Peoples and the Heritage and Culture of Abraham's Descendants (ZDK Media and Information Center)

7. DIVINE LAW -- A New, Recodification of TORAH, God's LAW from the Holy Scriptures (based on 10 Commandments). Incorperation of Jewish and Christian moral and ethical codes.

8. ABOUT EMUSPATEL -- Brief description and simple overview of what WE are all about (Basic concepts of the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Movement.)

9. EMUSPATEL FAQs -- Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions of us (and Our Realm) and links to the Article Is Emuspatel Jewish?


OSD is primarily committed to monitoring (and combating) Radical Anti-Semitism (or those who want to wipe out anything and everything of the Hebrew Heritage). However, other Groups and Cults subscribe to similar concepts of prejudice and bigotry. And, as a result, you may have need to contact some of the following to help you deal with whatever discrimatory issues you may have.
See SAINTS ALIVE IN JESUS for current Anti-Mormon support.

Also, TRUTH IN LOVE Anti-Mormon help in Oregon.

Mormons and Masons tend to be the right-hand and left-hand of the same RAS Beast in local communities, so for help in dealing with them, see SAINTS ALIVE .

MORMONS and UFOs or E.T.s:
For the strange and mysterious connections between the UFO Phenomena (and the Extra-Terrestal Craze) with Mormons, see Our KOLOB LIT.



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