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Does the Astriography of Our Solar System Prove D'Stridium???

Well, hold on a bit! This News may be a bit pre-mature, but in keeping with our policy of publishing on the Net our discoveries, just as soon as we make them, we felt that we needed to put what we have, so far, out there for you to fill in the rest of the pieces (as we came up with this, last weekend). And, indeed, if this holds up and proves valid, it may be one of the most significant discoveries of this century!

So, it is more than worth giving you a sneak peek preview of what seems to be coming!

For one of the biggest, longstanding criticisms of the D'Stridium Theory by the Scientific Community , is that, despite our extensive Theory on Dimensionality, and Mathematical proofs upholding it (that challenge the mathematically gifted), as well as the rising tide of current correlations with it, there has been no empirical evidences brought forth in our real physical world to show that it does, indeed, hold up.

And, while we point to the Stars and Galaxies, far far away, as added proofs, the bottom line for many is that no one can yet get out there and test it out to see if what we are saying is going on, really is happening way out there.

Well, no more! For, it seems we have stumbled on a home grown event that shows every indication of confirming D'Stridium Theory. And that, right here at home--in our own solar system! (Which we can study and test all we want to!)

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Mapping the Structure (and sub-structure) of Space

Now, for those of you that are not up on D'Stridium Theory, let me refresh your memory on some that has gone on with it.

Part of the Theory, puts out the concept that the Galaxy is something of a living organism--perhaps rather on the lines of a stellar flower? Correspondingly, this stellar plant must have veins that supply it with nutrients, so that it can live and grow. Now, this picture symbolically somewhat describes our concept that the center of the galaxy is some kind of D'Stridium or Trans-Dimensional event. And that from out of this event, several massive Super-Strings, like the veins of a plant, reach out to the surrounding stars, and supply them with energy--which they in turn, translate into fusion, heat, light, gravity, etc. (via the D'Stridium GUT).

Well, the theory is beautiful and simple. But, what proof of it is there?

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Cosmic Disaster From d-nuke Testing in Sagittarius?

Well, if you have been with us, over the years, then you know that we have been locked in a fantastic battle with the government over our work!

A large portion of that political firestorm is the severe WARNING we keep insisting on, that if any kind of d-nuke testing goes on in the area of this Super-String to our Sun, then we run the real risk of setting our sun off into a Super-Nova! THIS IS NO JOKE!!!

The government laughs this complaint off, by simply saying that there is no such thing as a Solar system Super-String. And, though we know it is there, theoretically, the actual proof has been lacking. That is, until now!

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Astriography Shows Up In Our Own Islands in Space

First off, where, theoretically, should this Super-String be located? Well, since the center of our galaxy lies in the basic direction of the Constellation Sagittarius, the sensitive test corridor ought to be somewhere in that direction too. (What we refer to as Space North, the direction towards the center of the galaxy.)

So, has anyone ever come up with any strang anomolies in that region? Well, no. Not yet!

But, that may soon be coming forth.

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ASTRIOGRAPHY: Jupiter and The Sun Cycle?

In addition to all of this mess, there has been a great deal of talk about Global Warming. And, we have found sections of the D'Stridium Theory that seem to apply to that situation, as well. Concepts that are related to this Super-String distruption warning.

Consequently, the other morning, in church, I happen to be letting my mind drift, and I suddenly wondered it something else, besides a d-nuke test, might adversely affect that Super-String to our Sun? Well, if you are familiar with D'Stridium Theory, the answer ought to be obvious--anything with extensive mass or great density.

Bingo! How about the planet Jupiter? It is massive as all get out! Moreover, it orbits the Sun, so could it ever cause something of an eclipse of this Super-String? Well, this seemed reasonably likely, so I went home and checked it out, further. But, I was not prepared for what I found.

Jupiter's orbit has a period of about 11-12 years. And, most coincidently, the Sun's cycle is also 11-12 years long! This seemingly shows very dramatically, that as Jupiter is passing between the Sun and the Constellation Sagittarius (towards the center of the galaxy), that some kind of eclipsing of the mysterious Super-String is going on--AND DRAMATICALLY AFFECTING THE SUN'S BEHAVIOR IN THE PROCESS!!!

Now, for sure, at this point, we only have some preliminary data, and it needs to be checked out further and confirmed by others. But, at least, we have something. No more can they say that there is no evidence for its existence. Rather, now we need to study it. And find out what all of its paramaters really are!

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One thing that needs to be done immediately, is to run one of those computer programs that simulates the movements of the planets around the sun, and make a record of when Jupiter is in Sagittarius (and also in Tarus--on the end of the Super-Sring, where in might be pulling on it). Then, these lists of dates need to be run against the records of the Sun Cycles, to see just how much correlation there is. (And if anything else can be seen from that interaction?)

Secondly, this program needs to be run, with notes made of all the other major, giant planets, to see what effect that they may be having on that Super-String (and its results on the outputs of our Sun). Perhaps they will add or subtract their effects to that of Jupiter?

Thirdly, this program needs to be run backwards all the way to the 1300s. For Mediavel Historians record a major down-blink in the Sun's output then. (A kind of mini-ice age in the Middle Ages.) And it would be good to know where Jupiter (and the other major planets) were at this time--in Sagittarius or Tarus? And, did they ever all come together in some other Constellation at this time (where their weight, together, might affect that Super-String)?

Fouthly, once these facts and figures have been run, and we have a good idea of their historical effects, then we need to run the program forward. Watching for any time when all or most of the major planets end up together in Sagittarius (or an adjacent Constellation--where their effects might be added together). For, this may show us of any up-coming ice ages! And we also need to keep an eye on Tarus, for if the same thing occurs there, we may have advanced warning of tha Nova (or Super-Nova, if enough planets come together, to pull that Super-String loose).

Truly, this is no light matter. And could serve as a very valuable scientific predicting tool, to tell what our climates and environments might be challenged with in the future! (And, what cosmic disaster might be rushing down on us!)

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Well, as has been our previous experience with the Scientific Community, those of the Establishment only want to look at certain advancements--and will dogmatically turn a blind eye to those developments that are not where they want them.

Correspondingly, for the most part, our discovery of the Solar System Super-String has largely been ignored.

And those who have responded have strongly pointed out that this is not conventional science! (But, then, what true discovery really is?)

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However, one scientists sent information our way, that while he did not believe that a Solar System Super-String was possible, that if it was, I had made an error in ASSUMING it would be in a straight line, coming directly out to us, from the center of the galaxy. For, space is curved, so it would be much more likely that it was bent!

Well, as the Scriptures say: IRON SHARPENS IRON! And, while the normal defense is that no error was made, in reflecting upon it, I realize that I tend to think in Euclidian Geometry--in striaght lines. And while, theoretically, this works well, when in comes to practical applications to physics and then engineering, the curvature of space MUST be taken into account. And, indeed, much of the theoretical work in diminsionality tends to hold that the dimensions have, somehow, curled up on each other! Thus, with the D'Stridium GUT we used this curvature in the form of a Pathagorean Spiral to make a unity of all the Forces. So, really, this ought to be taken into account in the search of the rest of the Galatic Super-Strings. (What else can I say? Blush!)

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One of the most dramatic and immediate results of this new line of thinking, produces an EXPANDING WARNING! In previous years, we have battled with the government over the possiblity of doing d-nuke testing in the Space North (or Sagittarius Constellation). And the horrendous cosmic disaster that such testing may spark off. However, with the realization that the Super-String may be bent (perhaps as much as 90 degrees), we have cause that the danger area be expand considerably, to include both Space East (Capricorn) and Space West areas that need to be banned!

And, unfortunately this also makes the verification of Jupiter bumping that Solar System Super-String much harder to do. For, as the thinking now goes, it does not lie just in Sagittarius, but may be in one of the other Constellations--thus considerably widening the search! So, at first, we seemed to be in for a long haul over getting it verified. But, there is more to that story...

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Going back to the drawing board, I opened my books and began to look at the photos of many galaxies, to see if I could find any clues as to where we might look. And, then it just hit me--I WAS STARING RIGHT AT A BENT SUPER-STRING! What?

Yes, galaxies are in 3 forms: barred-spiral, normal spiral, and globular cluster. And, in looking at a spiral galaxy, I realized that the spiral arms must be visible signs of the existence of a Galatic Super-String! For, the power coming out from the center of the Galaxy is bent, like the spiral arm. And the stars and suns that float on its wake, are visible signs of the leaking of the power of these trans-dimensional super-strings into our own universe.

Consequently, without doubt, we now have visible confirmation of Galatic Super-Strings! (The D'Stridium Theory is once again verified, by predicting the existence of something that has not been found, here-to-for!)

But, that is not all...

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Now, we are not done, for this confirmation in spiral galaxies makes a picture of what galaxy birth, growth, and death are like. For, galaxies now seem likely to form, when a fissure in the floor of the universe occurs, allowing these Galatic Super-Strings to break forth into our universe. Thus, barred-spirals are formed first. Then, as the Super-Strings unwind and unravel, producing more stars, they also tend to form into more spiral arms, this making the standard spiral galaxy. Finally, once the power of the Super-String has been spent, then the sprial arms give way--and globular clusters are formed.

Thus, not only do we now have a clear birth and death cycle for galaxies, we also know why--and the mechanism for what makes it work this way!

Truly, we are on the trail on no small discoveries! (If only the scientific community would wake up, and take a serious look!)

But, the sacred cows are more imporant to them, than making new (and radical) discoveries.


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The Tarus Super-String Connection?

Well, hold on to your hats! We have more data to report on here!

In trying to get something of a look at Jupiter's orbit, we have found that last year (at the height of the Sun Cycle) Jupiter was in Tarus, and that this year (as the Sun Cycle begins to diminish) it has enterred Gemini.

Unfortunately, this seems directly backwards (as Tarus is opposite Sagittarius, where the Super String ought to lie).

However, as it is directly opposite, this causes us to revise our theory a bit. Rather than just eclipsing (and thus blocking) the Super String, as was originally supposed, it now seems that Jupiter is also pulling on the Super String--thus accelerating its flow into the Sun (and causing minor up-blinks in the Sun's output, then).

Consequently, there is a direct correlation between D'Stridium Theory (and its Super-Strings) with the Sun Cycle and Jupiter's orbit!!!

But, now the question becomes: WHY IS JUPITER PULLING ON THE SUPER-STRING? Is it in the process of igniting into a star (like on the movie 2001?)?


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