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INTERSTELLAR SPACECRAFT: Dimensional and TDPT Applications for Our KIC Program

The increasing seriousness of the growing Nova Crisis has demanded that we (at ZDK.F) develop an appropriate Earth evacuation plan. However, to carry that KIC Plan off, we will need to build some rather exotic spacecraft. Conventional Astronautical Engineering can not even come close to what we need, so we will have to make some adaptations from the D'Stridium Theory, in order to build what we are going to have to use.

Now, for the general public, what you are about to read may sound like Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass. But, unfortunately, science is moving almost as fast as science fiction, these days. So, let me assure you that most of the following are indeed, scientific realities--and readily within our technological expertize to build. (Many of these coming from old ZDK files, that now match current, state of the arts craft.)

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STEALTH COPTER: that illusive flying saucer

Those who have bothered to dig through the historical, scientific documents know that Stealth Copters were first developed in Nazi Germany. And with their central round cabin area, surrounded with a circular fan shaped rotar (for lift), they do, indeed, look much like the infamous flying saucer. ZDK.I was designing these type of craft over 30 years ago (though it was not generally known among the public). And, if you want, we could build you dozens of variants, today, for a variety of applications. (They work and work well!)

However, the task at hand is intersellar spaceflight. And, as niffty as Stealth Copters are, they are only atmospheric craft--or even at best, with some rocket assistance, interplanetary vessels. And, not only is their range too limited, but their cargo carrying capacity is way to small to ferry the volumes of people and materials that we will need for KIC.

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SPACEPLANE: that heel-shaped lifting body

The Spaceplane is a hotter vessel. It can easily reach the upper atmosphere, and with a little rocket assistance, could achieve planetary orbit, something like the spaceshuttle. (And with ZDK's unique rocket-jet engines, this craft could have powered flight through most of its route--a decided advantage for delivering cargo on time to its proper destination!) And, with is large interior, made possible by a lifting body style (that is semi-saucer shaped), reasonable tonage of cargo could be lifted into orbit and back again. And, once more, ZDK.I had designs for such craft over 30 years ago!

However, as impressive as Spaceplanes may be, they still do not have the reach that we need. And, while they might be modified for use in interplanetary modes (by inserting fuel tanks and or more rockets in the craft), putting a D'Stridium Reactor aboard for interstellar flight might be tricky (and questionable)--not to mention making room for the warp coil. Yet, even if this were done, though they have impressive cargo capacities (by current standards), they will not be able to carry the volumes of people and materials that we are talking about for KIC.

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MOTHERSHIPS: cigar shaped interstellar carriers

Both the Stealth Copter and the Spaceplane need another vessel to carry them to interstellar distances--to other star system. Thus, the dirigible like (cigar shaped) mothership was designed by ZDK.I, with its internal D'Stridium spherical reactors aft, surrounded by a warp coil along the skin--with payload and cargo area in the bow. (For technological specifications on exactly how such a craft could be build and would work, see the previous Article on DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING CONCEPTS.)

Unfortunately, no one has taken us up on building such a craft, though! And while various governments have build some of the Stealth Copters and Spacelplane models (all too similar to what we at ZDK.I designed around 30 years ago), no one seems willing to take on this next step in the development of astronautical engineering. (Perhaps because it has no immediate political or military uses or advantages?)

On the other hand, all belly-aching aside, the mothership does not quite fit Our needs, either. And, though they could be built to the size of modern aircraft carriers (or larger--with twin and even triple hulls), and have the capacity to be the oceanliners of space (with large, ship-sized cargo and passenger capacity--carrying thousands of people), we would need to build a thousand of them, just to ferry the million or so people in the greater metropolis area, where I live! To ferry the billions of people on the planet to safety would take hundreds of thousands of such craft! (A massive productions undertaking!)

So, are we stuck with the emergency evacuation scenario, where we can only get a few thousand people to saftey? Or, is there yet another way?

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For those of you who have been with us through the years, know that (despite the disasters that have been thrown into our lives), ZDK.I tends to ride on the fore-front in the development of Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory and its engineering applications. For we have come up with some rather amazing things in this area, and appear to still be coming up with them! (Our Thanks be to God for so blessing us!)

Double Cycle Reactor

Several months ago, ZDK.I made an amazing breakthrough. The old(?) D'Stridium Reactor, with its spherical containment vessel, puts out a lot of power--especially in comparison to convention reactors. But, can its yield be increased?

We now believe so, and have come up with a unique way that the reactor's cycle can be doubled!

Now, in output terms, this means that the speeds of 50 to 100 times the spead of light that were possible with the old reactor, have now been accelerated to 100 to 200 times the spead of light. And, in terms of operational ranges, this means that while the Halpern Limit of 50 lights years would require interstellar voyages of a year or more (to reach beyond that limit to the safety of 50 to 100 light years from our exploding sun) with the old reactor, this new double cycle one will easily exceed that limit, and allow us to reach out to 400 to 500 light years from Earth (with longer voyages of 5 years--2 years out, 1 year there, and 2 years back).

And, while this produces no small administrative task, to manage all those planets (and star systems) within our new dominion in Space, we need to keep in mind that this 1,000 light year diameter of Our Coming Realm is rather small, in astronomical terms. For the galaxy is more that 100,000 light years in diameter--so we will be less than 1% of the whole galaxy. But, we keep growing!

the Warp Tower

Anyone who has bothered to keep tabs knows that we, at ZDK.I, have had the warp coil design for over 30 years (along with the D'Stridium Reactor). However, as the scientific community refused to accept the TDPT back then, the warp coil was mostly ignored and forgotten. And because of that, we have not really spent much time trying to improve it.

However, with the new burst of energy we now have from the double-cycle reactor, some renewed interest was generated to see if the warp coil might be improved, too. This led to the recent breakthrough in the design of the Warp Tower. One observer responded that it was rather like putting the whole, back in the donut! For, you basically have a spherical, double-cyle D'Stridium reactor in its center, with layers upon layers of warp coil surrounding it, until you have a large tower like structure--something like a round water reservoir or petroleum tank.

Consequently, we now have a means for moving much larger structures at greater warp speeds! So, how large of a structure?

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ASTRISHIPS: asteroids into flying space cities

The new Warp Towers could be clustered, so that extremely massive objects might be moved in space! How big? Well, it looks feasible to find a modest asteroid, of from about 3 to 5 miles across and about 10 to 20 miles long. And then, the underside of this massive space skateboard could be covered with Warp Towers, giving the whole platform interstellar capabilties! And, for passengers and cargo, the upperside of the asteroid could be covered with a whole city (something even as large as Manhattan?). The result would be that we could move a million or two people (or so) at a time--and in the reasonable comforts of a nice sized city.

Now, build a hundred (or so) of such astriships, and with a hundred (or so) trips, we could move most of Earth's population. So, WE ARE THERE! This Plan and technology would be workable for Our KIC Program.


By extension, while it is yet a bit beyond our technology, it also seems likely that we could eventually take small moons (or large asteroids) of say, several hundred miles in diameter, and turn these into massive space ferries as well. However, this is a bit more down the road, whereas the astriships could be built tomorrow (or relatively soon, anyway).


Well, if we could move whole moons, what about planets? Well, those technologies may come, and Geoships could, theoretically be built. However, this would take a lot of reseach and development to do. And would probably take a project of several decades to attain. But, then, ZDK.I is all the time making new discoveries in this area. So, you never know. (Could come, tomorrow?)

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Well, at this point, the science concerning D'Stridium and the Trans-Dimenstional Particle Theory is definately ready.

And the reactor and warp technology is also ready (or just about).

So, keep your eyes open! The KIC Program may be rolling a lot sooner that anyone ever dreamed of! (But, then, God's Plans and actions tend to catch a lot of people cat-napping. So, don't let it happen to you!)

Now, read the other Articles and get better informed on all of this!

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