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Dimensionality Applications from D'Stridium Theory

While our detractors may like to poke fun at us and call D'Stridium frivilous fantasies or Voodoo Physics, there are some very specific emerging technologies from the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory, that may soon have them laughing out of the other side of their face! And, we will take a brief review here, of what you may soon see in the Future. For, Dimensionality is rapidly becoming an engineering possiblity!

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Advanced Nuclear Technologies

D'Stridium has long been bound up in atomic controversies. And, the issues of the Cold Fusion Crisis will not go away over night. Rather, they are bound to keep hanging around, haunting us, until we deal with them on a rational and reasonable basis. So, let us look at what other troubles they may stir up (and the technical problems that D'Stridium stands to solve).

a. NUCLEAR VENTING - Disposing of Radioactive Wastes

Perhaps one of the best spin-offs of D'Stridium and its Dimensionality Concepts is that with "m(d)" there is a region in space where nuclear radioactivity can be channelled to, that will have no effect upon our own universe. This vast waste dump solves a lot of environmental hazard problems. And could be used to clean up a lot of the more primitive nuclear facilities that would otherwise be glowing in the dark for centuries to come.

The concept here being to bury that nuclear waste in the sub-strata of the Galaxy, in regions beyond that of the normal Trans-Dimensional reach, where it would not re-enter our normal universe. Dimensionality offers the best possible nuclear waste dump!

b. NUCLEAR CONTAINMENT - Shielding of Atomic Reactions

Not only could Dimensionality be used to dump nucelar waste into, but it ought to be possible to construct energy fields from D'Stridium technologies that would act as effective containment for whatever nuclear processes you may wish to use.

The concept here being to engineer energy fields that would sweep any nuclear particles or radiation off into sub-space, acting as a moving conveyor belt to remove excess atomic energy (i.e. to the waste dump, above).

c. NUCLEAR SUPPRESSION - Shuting Down Atomic Reations

Perhaps even more dramatic is the effect of the Dimensional Firewatch which ought to be able to suppress or turn off any conventional nuclear reaction going on--even a nuclear explosion! This atomic shield would be more than able to absorb incoming nuclear missles (perhaps neutralizing their warheads in flight) or even a nuclear bomb blast either dropped from aircraft or delivered clandestinedly by a terrorist group. However, the extent of the nuclear shield would be limited by our technology of its application, so while theoretically, ALL nuclear explosions ought to be suppressible, the limited technology may still allow something of a blast (though at a greatly reduced amount).

The concept here being to create a massive conveyor belt, like in the above Shielding, but with much greater power and effect (perhaps even setting off a counter-blast to negate the first one).

d. NUCLEAR ENHANCEMENT - Turning UP Atomic Reactions

Well, from the Math, we see that D'Stridium opens up infinite types of power sources for us. And, in studying the processes of Stars and Galaxies, it appears that this is the power souces that runs them all. Consequently, we should be able to tap these energy sources of astronomical power--certainly more than enough to achieve interstellar spaceflight!

There are a vareity of methods for doing this, but in the interest of nuclear non-proliferation, they will NOT be discussed on the open Internet!

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and the D'Stridium Super-Reactor

Given the above nuclear components, it should be possible to construct a D'Stridium Super-Reactor (roughly spherical in shape), yet not conventionally, in our own Dimension or Universe--but one buried safely out in that sub-space waste dump area. Then, by using a reverse conveyor belt technology, we could draw out those energies that it produces to provide the power sources for whatever project we may wish to use them for. And, in consideration of the D'Stridium G.U.T., those energies could be tuned to be in any form that we may wish (like gravity)!

Mankinds dream of nearly limitless power may be here.

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Interstellar Propulsion

Now, given the emerging development of the above technologies, it is more than possible to construct a propulsion system that would be capable of interstellar ranges. And, from the concepts of Variant Math (from which D'stridium grew), we see that the light barrier is no barrier at all to a D'Stridium propulsion system. Consequently, D'Stridium and its dimensionality concepts are more than going to revolutionize space travel and astronautical engineering! The Era of commercial space exploration and settlement is on its way. (And, a lot sooner than some might think!)

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Trekkies have long postulated the existence of something called a warp core to power their starships. And, this may not be far off. For, the conventional spherical (sun shaped or star shaped) D'Stridium reactor may be bent into a long series of twists, rather like a coil (via plazma conduits), that may run in reverse directions, so that rather than being a generator of power, it would apply that power via the D'Stridium G.U.T. into whatever energy form we may want--such as gravity, for creating space warp (much in the same way that conventional electrical generators may be run in the reverse direction as electrical motors).

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and the Trans-Warp Conduit

In a similar vein, Borge ships are held to travel faster than regular warp, by engineering a Trans-Warp Conduit. And, once again, this flight of fantasy may not be all that far off from practical engineering with D'stridium Technologies. For, much of D'Stridium research to date, deals with Einsteinian cases (i.e. those situations where the energy levels of the mass are not sufficient to entirely escape our universe, leaving behind tell-tale signs such as energy shockwaves). However, once sufficient hyper-light speeds (or energy states) are achieved, it should be more than possible to exceed the limits of the 64 barriers (or 128 dimensions) and enter a sub-space realm without drag or friction (wnich produces the 64 harmonics--see Distridium G.U.T., in normal space). Thus, not only are hyper-light speeds possible (as above), but even faster speeds and efficiencies of travel are likely to soon be available with these technologies, as well.

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and the Dimensional Spacecraft

Perhaps a bit farther down the road are totally dimensionally crafted spaceships. A possible comparison might be something like D. Who's tardis, which is phonebooth sized on the outside but castle size on the inside. (Also, as an amazing coincidence, there are numerous cases of UFO encounters where just such ships have been experienced. Most scientists write such an encounter off as a delusion, since it defies the normal laws of physics. However, with the Dimensionality of D'Stridium, perhaps these cases sould be reviewed more closely!)

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and D'Stronics - Communications

Now, returning more to earth for less fanciful and more practical applications, we have D'Stronics as a spin-off from D'Stridium which is basically using conventional electronics in Trans-Dimensional ways. And, if you care to follow the analogy, this D'Stridium Technology supplies us with the conveyor belt to access or deposit energy or particles into or from their Trans-Dimenstional states. (As an added note of interest, some have said that there seems to be some overlap between D'Stronics and the work of Nikola Telsa. For he seems to have found by experimentation what we have found though theory, but he was unable to explain why he got what he did--nor could he predict other possible outcomes of what he had, as we can.)

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Robotics - Automation - Computers

Some have been suggesting that computer minaturization may be approaching its limits, for with plans to develop molecule etching technologies to make chips, the industry seems to be up against a brick wall to make things smaller! However, years back we came up with a D'stridium concept that offers a new approach, and a Dimensional use. For, rather than building the chip in our dimension, Dimensional Engineering could construct one in sub-space. Thus, it seems entirely possible to Dimensionalize what today would be a whole skyscraper's worth of chips and processors into a Dimensional space that would have a physical representation in our dimension as the size of a pin head. And, with an engineered or artificially manufactured crystal to access this system using D'Stronics, we postulated this kind Jellonics Technologies over a decade ago!

And it appears to be the technology needed to bring about the Era Of Rest, discussed in the KoReY Intoductory Literature. For the processing needed to bring about a sophisticated artificial brain needed for the robotics and androids required there would need such an enormous computational system, which could not possibly be built with conventional electronics and computer systems!!!

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Interstellar Navigation

Navigating in Space within our own solar system is a complex task that requires very sophistocated computers. Navigating to the Stars will require even greater systems. And, to calculate those Warps and Trans-Warp jumps through sub-space will demand even more complex systems. However, with the above robotics, it should be possible to build an automated navigation system, that you could simply tell where you wanted it to go and it would do the figuring and the driving!

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Interstellar Communications

Obvioulsy, once our spaceships begin to exceed the speed of light, the conventional means of communicating over the electomagnetic spectrum will be inadaquate! (Our ships will arrive before any messsages about them would!) However, with D'Stronics, it ought to be possible to build a sub-space communications system, where messages could be sent at many times the speed of light, and rapidly to far away places, like distant stars. Consequently, the Dimensional communications revolution is about to begin!

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DIMENSIONAL ENGINEERING and Assemblying the Componets

The Interstellar Spacecraft Emerges Into Reality!!!

Now, that we have seen the development of the various componets, it is time to put them together, and get a brief glimpse of what that Interstellar Spacecraft may look like.

For generating engines, we would put 2 or 3 (maybe 4) spheroid D'Stridium Reactors (that would simulate what goes on in the sun and stars to produce D'Stridium Flow) in the Aft section of the ship and vent them all together, so that the exhaust of all the photons and other particles could be left behind the tail of the ship.

Surrounding this, and the rest of the ship, would be the Warp Coil of plasma flow from the D'Stridium generators that would serve as the drive mechanism--and produce an abundance of gravity (thus generating the Warp effects, and perhaps even reaching Trans-Warp states). Consequently, it would seem to readily form into something of a cigar shaped or derigible looking craft.

The FOR section of the craft would house the cargo and living environment centers (for the crew and the passengers) as well as the communications and navigation systems.

Sorry, this is nolonger fantasy! This is scientific reality today, and tomorrow's technology. Interstellar Space travel is here!

(Yeah, you just thought that we were joking! Well, now that you see the practical, scientific reality with us, I bet our stock just jumped a bunch, huh?)

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As D'Stridium deals with astonomical levels of energy, the potential to disrupt the suns functions has been more that pointed out! In fact, the warning that unauthorized D'Stridium testing may cause our sun to go Nova has been more than circulated. (See Our Article on the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM for details.)

However, in this same vein, if we can stall and put off the nova crisis long enough, then we may find a way of using D'Stridium to actually control our sun, so that it will shine steadily and produce the energy outputs that we want and need!!! Yes, farming the sun may one day become possible, also.

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Now, from this panoramic view of the emerging D'Stridium Technologies and their applications of Dimensionality to Engineering, it should not be hard to see that these emerging Dimensional Engineering Concepts are going to have a significant impact upon our Future world! (And, hopefully, the ZDK Institute will be right there on the fore-front, leading this technological revolution.)

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