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Dimensionality and Variant Math Usages for Physics

As the knowledge and information about D'Stridium or the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory spreads, the Institute often gets requests for mathematical PROOFS of its existence. Unfortunately, with the CRASH of our Dark Project with the government, our files got rifled and many of our technical papers are missing (including some of the scribblings of several of the formulas). So, a ready, documented, developmental history of the Math for the Theory is just not available!

Consequently, I have often been asked to repeat those calculations and put forth a formal scientific paper on the subject. However, with the CRASH, I also seem to have lost most of my mathematical ability! (I even had trouble trying to program simple computer programs after the CRASH--and a bit of trouble even balancing my check book). So, while my skills at analytical geometry and calculus were never that great, anyway, now they have vanished. (And pardon me for suspecting that these were purposefully tortured out of me--for I do believe that they were, in an attempt to supress the Theory.)

However, given that the scientific acceptance of the TDPT (or Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory) or simply D'Stridium, is based on those mathematical proofs, in a honest effort to make what I know available to my colleagues (to do their own calculating from), I am going to attempt to put down here what few concepts that I can recall and post them as I work my way through them, again--hopefully to recover as many of those concepts and calculations as I can. (Or, at least to get them into something of a shape that others might be able to do some of those calculations to prove it, if I am unable.)

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DIMENSIONALITY: The Philosphical Foundation of Matter

AN AXIOMATIC PROOF??? (Or, proof by definition???)

Current, complex science often forgets the more simple roots from where it came. In centuries past, former scientists studied a lot of logic and clear thinking (reasoning), in order to pursue their scientific ventures. This developed into quite a field of Scientific Philosophy, of which volumes could be found. However, today, we concentrate only on research or mathematics. Nothing else seems to matter. Consequently, though many may claim to be scientific, they have lost their ability to reason and just simply think clearly. (Which is really the root and foundation of real science!)

Now, what is the point here? The point being that Scientific Philosophy use to always tell us to question our assumptions. For, though science likes to say that everything is empirical and mathematical, the facts of life are that some things are indeed based on givens--or AXIOMS. Thus, upon occassion, the very definitions of things must be challenged, to be sure that our assumptions are, indeed, accurate. (Else all the calculations following will be awry!) But, with today's mind set, very little real thinking is done about our foundations--those givens that we take axiomatically as being truthful or accurate. Thus, it is my contention, that we need to raise this issue here, and challenge the very definition of matter, itself. For, its foundation is inacurate!


When Matter was first defined as some substance that exists, it was simply set down in mathematics as something that has MASS or "m". Well, this worked fine for Newtonian Physics and F = ma works out nicely. For, matter, in its normal, everyday state, does have mass.

However, Einstein cracked the door on this by exposing us to the fact that matter also has energy (i.e. without mass) in E = mc2. However, the definition of matter has been unchanged by this new discovery and still remains merely m. Consequently, the old Newtonian Physics will not reconcile with the New Einsteinian Physics, because their definitions of matter are out of sync! Clearly, what needs to be assumed as a new definition of matter is that it has both mass and energy--thus m(d). This is an axiomatic proof. And if assumed as a given, then Einstein does reconcile with Newton (consequently, it must, indeed, be correct)!

But, we must take this one step further. For, in dealing with Dimensionality, we have Trans-Dimensional matter, which is mass in its energy state (so that the mass still has some effects upon our own universe in the form of some kind of energy wave). This is m(d) of Einsteinian matter. Yet, Dimensional matter can also be so completely gone into the other Dimensions as to have absolutely no effect upon our universe, whatsoever. This would be a full Dimensional matter or ((md)). Thus, as you see from definition, matter is bound up with dimension, in whatever state it may be in.

And, now, we find all the formulas reconciling: for Newton it is m((d)), for Einstein it is m(d), and for Dimensionality it is ((md))--depending on the State or conditions in which the matter is found. But, the composing elements of matter are there, in every state and condition.

And, while some may try to argue that this proof is rather cyclical, the facts are that it is sound Scientific Philosophy--and that the resultant definitions do work!

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The Invariance of Math AXIOM

The Fundamental Foundation of Variant Math - Dimensionality

Once again, one of those AXIOMS or givens that we are handed on a platter and expected to swallow is that mathematics is always invariable. Or in laymans terms, that 1 + 2 = 3 will awlays be true. However, from Einsteinian Physics, we know that this is NOT always true. As we have seen above, a 1m + 2m = 3m (Newtonian), is equivalent to 186,000m (Einsteinian), and equivalent in Dimensionality to % (sorry, my keyboard does not have the normal lazy 8 style of infinity symbol--so you will have to realize that the "percent" symbol is being used for it, here). Now, normal math has fits over this fact of physics, and insists that it is not mathematically possible!

However, Einsteinian Physics insists that a normal Newtonian yard stick (or 3 feet or 36 inches) will become around 3 inches long as it nears the speed of light! So, where did the other 30 inches go? Well, either invariance of math is wrong, or something else is happening here! Now, Dimensionality solves this by saying that the 30 extra inches are still actually there (preserving the invariance of math), but that they happen to be curled up in another, related dimension!

Consequently, by definition, Variant Math holds that math (as well as matter) has Dimensionality! Thus, the 1m((d)) Newtonian = 186,000 m(d) Einsteinian = % ((md)) Dimensionality--and they are all the same number, though the actual figure seen or felt in our universe is wildly different!

And, as mind boggling as this is, physics (Relativity) holds it up to be true. Consequently, it is another mathematical proof of the reality of D'stridium!

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Super-Symmetry Building Blocks

The Fundamental Existence of Dual Infinities

One of the biggest objections to hyper-light travel is that the Eisntein formula holds that mass will become infinite upon reaching the speed of light. Now, normal math holds this to be impossible! However, since we are closely considering definitions here, we must ask: WHAT DOES INFINITE MASS MEAN? Well, to gain some insight from the previous proofs, let us also look a bit father at their possible applications.

Now an allied D'Stridium and Super-Symmetry Concept is that % (infinities) cannot be singular! They must run in both directions and thus be Super-Symmetrical. Why? Because, it would be impossible to measure anything in a one infinity!!! To have measurement, one has to have a scale running in two directions. Thus, to have mass (a measureable quantity), matter must at least have dual infinity. (Otherwise it could not be measured, nor known.) This would be represented in definitions as 2 % as two infinities must coincide in order to be measurable for existence.

Which raises a radical question: how can there be anything greater than infinity? Well, normal math does not accept that! It is impossible! Yet, we know that there has to be dual infinity (or 2 % etc.) for measurement to exist. So, the two statements seem to cancel each other out in irrationality.

However, what seems impossible with normal math and normal numbers, becomes possible with irrational numbers and so called imaginary numbers. And, this is where Variant Math shines, for where wild numbers cannot be expressed in normal math notations, they can be readily grasp in Dimensional Math or as we say Variant Math. Thus, what seems to be impossible in the natural, normal universe, becomes possible in the Dimensional or Variant Math universe. So, here, dual infinities ARE Possible--thus the whole universe has measurement (which we do know to be true).

Now this, in turn, brings about a revolutionary change in the way we perceive the Universe. For, while Newtonian viewers see the normal Universe, and hold that nothing is greater than infinity (thus hyper-light and infinite mass are impossible), Dimensionality or D'Stridium viewers see dual infinities (and dimensional universes) not only as possible but actually required for the existence of our Universe (thus hyper-light velocities are calculatable in Variant Math, for infinity can be added to infiinty to produce a dual infinity--here it is NOT impossible).

Now, where will this end???

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Variant Math and Multiple Infinities

Having already exposed our minds to irrepairable damage over the dual infinities issues (things greater than infinity), we might as well thouroughly wipe out every circiut in our brains by trying to grasp multiple infinities.

Since Super-Symmetry shows that in order to have a dimension (and hence measurement) you have to have dual infinities, the question now becomes how many infinities (i.e. dimensions) are needed to describe (measure) a universe? Well, our own universe is noted for its 4 dimensions: height, width, depth, and time. However, to measure all four of these means that there must be 4 sets of dual infinities to describe (or measure) that Universe--hence 8 % would mathematically describe our universe. (Thus, the shield symbol, with 8 rays or arms to the Cross, above!!!)

Now, given these mindboggling concepts, just what would it take to describe all of Creation or all of the dimensions that are out there? Well, by D'Stridium calculations (definitions) that would be % % (or an infinite number of infinities)! Consequently, the actual value for (d) in the formula e = m(d)c2 must be % % or the dimensional effect of matter (mass) must be an infinite set of infinities. (Remember this calculation for the following cave proof, below!)

OKAY, I am ready to be nuked--give it to me! Well, you asked for it, now take it! Following along in this same vein, the theological question arises as to: WHAT WOULD THE DISTRIDIUM REPRESENTATION OF GOD BE??? Well, the answer is an infinity above the whole creation or in actual mathematical terms % % % (or an infinity above the infinite infinities). Now, as mindboggling as it is, what you are now actually looking as is the mathematical PROOF for God's existence! So, sit down and consider it. There is actual mathematical proof in D'Stridum or Dimensionality (Variant Math) that there is a God. Yes, we seem to have here, a Mathematical Theology of God!

Now, can D'Stridum and Dimensionality (with its Variant Math) change our world any more?

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D'Stridium is the Doorway into the Mysterious Dimensional Cave of Energy

Now, with our minds all scattered all over the Universe at this point, let us return to the ground and consider a much more practical and realistic form for a D'Stridium Proof.

Imagine if you would, a wide face of cliff following along this large bare rock bluff. In this cliff, you now find a doorway. Now, what is behind this doorway? Does the door open to show a long cave. And, if a cave, how long is that cave? Or, is it just a facade and once the door opens, we will only find more of the bare rock bluff?

Now, mathematically, this story problem would normally be defined as X the unknown variable. Consequently, the mathematical value of this problem would be the height and width of the door, times the depth of the cave (C) or X. Thus: H x W x C(X).

Yet, if we were talking in terms of Variant Math and D'Stridium concepts, the problem would be defined as H x W x C(d) where C(d) would be the depth of the dimension that described the whole cave. So, how great is that value of (d)? Well, from our earlier studies of dimensions, we know that a dimension has to be described by dual infinites or 2 % so the actual D'Stridium value of the above story problem must lie between 2 % and % % so the formula becomes H x W x (2 % + ).

Therefore, for normal D'stridium calculations, we now see that m(d) is a viable definition of m and can thus be substituted in for regular matter, much in the same way that C(d) was used interchangably with X in the above formula. Consequently, we see that the value of E = mc2 involves a dual infinity on the side of the mass. So, if the mass merely becomes infinite (i.e. supposed ligth barrier), then there is still another infinity to go (and in fact a % % potential)! So, hyper-light speeds are not impossible, in Variant Math. For they are only merely infinite (i.e. light barrier limit), and way below the normal ranges of % %!

Now, in terms of D'Stridium and Variant Math, what does that infinite mass mean? Only that the matter of a ship travelling at hyper-light speeds has partially entered a new dimension--its infinite mass becoming too great to be supported by the fabric of our normal Universe! Thus, hyper-light enters into some kind of sub-space warp or dimensional curl that is not just Science Fiction. It is a mathematical reality in Variant Math! And a fact of Physics in the Universe.

All this seems to also lend substantial proof that out in Dimensional Space somewhere, there are infinite power sourses! Surely more than enough energies to propel us to the Stars. All we need do is look for them. And develop them. (Hence our ZDK Insititute!)

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Well as mindboggling as they are, there are many mathematical proofs of D'Stridium. I have set out here, some of the more simple ones (though no doubt, people out there are going to ask: These simple???).

There are others with more technical calculations and computations, which are going to take me some time to rework. And, as we get through them, I will see what we can do about displaying them here. Or, in related pages.

So, while our detractors may shout that there is no mathematical proof of D'Stridium, the plain facts are that they have just not sat down to do the cyphering to figure out if the Math will support it or not. So, gentlemen: START YOUR CALCULATORS!

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