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A History of Current Scientific Developments...
That Support D'Stridium Theory

Ever since the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (TDPT), or more commonly refered to as D'Stridium, was first proposed, nearly a generation ago, there has been a constant demand for PROOF! However, as anyone familiar with science should know, it sometimes takes a long time before hypothesis is eventually accepted as a valid theory, and even longer before it becomes a Law. So, while the PROOFS may not be convincing for some, today, let us remember the long trek that D'Stridium has made so far. And, though shouted down, its fit with the increasing march of science seems to get better and better!

So, let us take a look at some of those developments (and controversies) and see how they are fairing, currently.

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For one reason on another, the Scientific Community has fled from D'Stridium research for years! All too many simply pass it off and call it VOODOO PHYSICS! Even worse, once you mention hyper-light, all the eyebrows go up as that is supposed to be scientifically impossible!! (And, then mention that it may explain some of the UFO phenomena, and they will call for the guys with the butterfly nets!!!) But, TRUTH is TRUTH and science is science, so if the theory really is valid, time will validate it. Right? Therefore, let us look at what has turned up in support of the Theroy, so far.

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One of the things that we have run across in physics, is the ever repeating design form. And, especially in dimensionality, where we find mirror images of things all over the place in multiple sets of 64!!! Years back, I refered to this as Parabolic Thinking (primarily because I believe that there is a God who Created the Universe and everything in it--and HE has signed HIS master work by repeating motifs). This kind of thinking you find, of course, in the Bible, especially among the Parables of Jesus, where motifs or mental pictures reveal spiritual knowledge. But, as time progressed, the scientific community has come around to this, somewhat (but by a circuitous route) and called it Super-Symmetry--that patterns seem to hang together in sets throughout the universe (and giving them a predictible re-occurance). Consequently, a lot of D'Stridium development also depends on some of these Super-Symmetry concepts.

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To make the D'Stridium GUT work, I had to posit the existence of functions that were both continuous and dis-continuous in order to transfer the power of one force in one dimension to another force in another dimension. The scientific community was rather critical of this, saying that a smoother flow would be more simple and agreeable. (And less messy, mathematically--however, I've always countered that this is where Variant math shines: that it clears up and handles a lot of those messes!) But, now they have found Super-Strings, which transfers astronomical amounts of energy from one place in space to another (only to appear, here, and then disappear to there), acting much like my function. (They are getting closer, and perhaps waking up a bit?)

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Unless you have been on another planet in the last few years, you should remember the Cold Fusion Controversy that broke back in '89. Well, unfortunatley, we were there (and in the background). But, to make some reasonable concessions to the govenment, we are not going to detail all those things here, on the open Internet. Rather, I will just assert that whether it really is FUSION or just BUTTER, the fact that there is some kind of weird reaction in an area predicted by the D'stridium Theory more than validates the theory! (And, for more details on that hot Cold Fusion Controversy , see Our Article on it.)

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One more criticism of the D'Stridium Theory was that it indicated some kind of hyper-gravity in activity, somewhere. And, at that time, no unusual gravity influences had been found. However, a few years back, some budding astronomers decided to take a look at the spin of a galatic disc. And, rather than spinning as Newton would say normal gravity would make it do, the young team found that the disc was spinning more uniformly, as if it were one solid disc--thus some kind of hyper-gravity appears in play, here. And, in a major way! Therefore, giving more validity to the D'Stridium Theory.

I might also add on this subject that work on novas and super-novas also indicated that when a star reaches a certain point in its life-time, a burst of super-gravity now seems to shrink it and condense it into a small, shining white dwarf (where matter is super-condensed by the abundance of super-gravity there). Once again, we seem to find a working and practical galatic application of D'Stridium Hyper-Gravity!

In additon, along these same lines is recent work on Black Holes. Here, the forces of gravity become so intense that not even light can escape from such a place! And, with the apparent discovery of just such a phenomena out in the Universe, we once again have a confirmation of D'Stridum Hyper-Gravity.

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One of the other big criticisms of the D'Stridium GUT was that it predicted the formation of large amounts of anti-matter, somewhere. Well, as anti-matter is rather scarce on earth, I was laughed at that it was simply out of the question! However, just in recent months, we have heard of the so called Galactic Fountain, at the center of the Galaxy (just as predicted by the D'Stridium flow, see below), where massive amounts of anti-matter particles are being spued into the universe, and at apparent right-angles to the spin of the galatic disc. (Which also gives rise to validation of some of the D'Stridium technologies--and to D'Stronics! See, below.)

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One of the most mindboggling concepts of the D'Stridium Flow Pattern is that it seems based on something of a Trans-Dimensional Pathagorean Spiral. However, not in our universe, but spread out through the various dimensions. Thus, to gain something of a picture of this, imagine looking at a spiralling sea shell, end on (three dimensional). This is the view you would get seeing it through all the dimensions. Now, take a delicate saw and slice the shell in half, ink the cut surface, and print that on a piece of paper (two dimensional). The wave patterns you see are the wave patterns we experience from the various forms of physics forces, which now appear as separate waves--but in the orginal, were all part of the continuous spiral of the sea shell. Mind twisting, but it seems to work in the Nature of the Universe, thus giving more support to the D'Stridium Theory. For, these Right Angle Twists (such as we see with the sea shell) turn up all over in Nature. The magnetic field and electon flow for one. Another, above, the galatic disc of matter and the galatic fountain of anti-matter. Etc.

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Another major criticism of the GUT was that it predicted the formation of lots of regular matter, somewhere. As steady states were held by many, the appearance of new matter was held unsubstantiated. But, then Dark Matter proponets arose, asserting that there had to be a lot of excessive matter out there in space. And, now, in just recent days, the announcement has come that Neutrinos have been found to have mass and as they fill space, they seem to be the answer that the D'Stridium Theory is indeed, valid! And that lots of mass is being formed by the RAIN of trans-dimensional particles.

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Here is one of those brain teasers that probably only real science nerds can appreciate. However, Boskowitz postulated a force that grew stronger as the distance from its source increase (the reverse of normal phenomena). And, with the Pathagorean Spiral Model (above), that is what we will find, dimensionally, with D'Stridium, that the range of its forces (the primary physics forces) increases with the distance from the D'Stridium source. For example, closest to the core of a star, we will find fusion occuring, because it is near the D'Stridium source, but matter formation (or congealing) will occur at the greatest distances from the star (the solar system dust disc of stars or the galatic disc for galaxies). And, is this not what we find, here?

Moreover, as puzzling as this may seem, it has, apparently, something to do with velocities. For example, in aerodynamics, we know that at sub-sonic speeds, converging air scopes will speed up the flow of air and make it move faster. But, once you reach super-sonic speeds, a converence will actually slow the air flow, but a divergent (or widening) air flow with resume its acceleration. (Hence, also the closing and then opening nozzles of rockets!) In any case, it is the phenomena that we seem to experience with D'Stridium. And, the examples from Nature tend to support it.

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This is also something a bit more technical, but the science nerds need to give this some due consideration. The presence of high concentrations of Iron in super-nova remains has caused some scientists to postulate that increased Iron in a star, somehow, actually causes the shut-down of its nuclear cycle (so that there is a power collapse). However, Iron (and especially plasmatic Iron) has been identified by the D'Stridium Theory as a potential D'Stridium source material! Consequently, rather than high amounts of Iron shutting down the nuclear process in a star, it will rather change the D'Stridium Flow (which actually produces the fusion process in the first place) and cause a sudden surge (or alteration) in gravity. Thus, some stars will suddenly explode under this rapid surge as super-novas, like an errupting volcanoe (and collapse into the super condensed white dwarfs), while others will just slowly swell into novas, like rising mountain ranges.

Consequently, the continuing reports of increasing Iron content in our own Sun is quite disturbing! And, serves as another indication that our Sun may be preparing itself to soon errupt into a nova. (See Our associated Article on Coming Cosmic Cataclysm in Our KoReY Introductory Literature section.)

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As we have seen, above, some of the most convincing PROOFS of the D'stridium Theory have come in association with Nova and Supver-Nova phenomena. But, then, it was the astrophysics origins that most of the Theory came from, in the first place.

Thus, as a result, one of the most dramatic natural demonstrations of the D'Stridium phenomena is to be found in the recent information concerning the formation of Hour-Glass figures by Super-Nova. While it is currently commonly held that this is because of multiple explosions within the Star, D'Stridium Theory presents a different view. Rather, using the Right Angle Twist Rule, above, and the Boskowitz effect, also above, we will find that matter will form or congeal about the equatorial axis of a Star as the D'Stridium Flow surges through it, due to the rising levels of plasmatic Iron, also above. However, rather than escaping off into space, as a normal solar flair would, the new matter becomes trapped in the grasp of the effects of hyper-gravity, also above, and is forced into bands or dust rings about the Star, which later seem to form into planets. While this is going on, large amounts of anti-matter form about the poles of the Star, and with the Right Angle Rule, these are hit by surges of anti-gravity, which propel them at great speeds and at great distances from the Star. Thus, these domes above and below Super-Nova are formed by the same D'Stridium Flow surge that also forms the dust rings, and at the same time, but with differing results and the visible glow that makes the domes so noticable are the results of anti-matter colliding with what matter may be floating around above the Star, thus sending out bursts of energy and radiation (as anti-mattter and matter annihilate one another).

Clearly, this is D'stridium Theory's finest PROOF!

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Now, in the face of this rising tide of evidence, how long can the scientific community refuse to recognize the Distridium Theory? Well, how long have cows been sacred in India? For, some people just refuse to accept solid, objective fact--especially when it upsets their view of things! However, I am more than convinced of the Theory's validity. And, in my eyes, it is only a matter of time, for science is science. And, sooner, or later, the truth will come out. (Especially, if our sun errupts into a nova!)

I am just sad that it has taken so long for even this little bit of info on the Theory to become available to the Public (and our scientists), to even begin to considering the Theory! Consequently, this is why I am publishing it on the Internet. That it will challenge some of those eggheads out there to take a more serious look at what they have been ignoring.

Now, why should they be so entrenched in refusing to consider D'Stridium theory? Well, consider the raging battle, below!

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Unfortunately, one of the major roadblocks to acceptance of the D'Stridium Theory is that it destroys Evolution! For Evolution is founded on 2 major premises.

ONE: that hyper-light speeds are not possible (hence, it supposedly took the universe billions of years to get to the sized that it now is). But, as we have seen, D'Stridium more than shows that hyper-light is not only possible, but is occuring on a regular basis from the RAIN of trans-dimensional particles (which produces all the main forces of Nature and physics). So, this leg of support for evolution is chopped off!

And, TWO, that radioactive decay has been stable, to allow for the long dating time of some fossils. However, D'Stridium shows that nuclear rates are wildly alterable (both up and down). Ah, yes, there goes the other leg!

So, as long as the sacred cow of evolution is going to be held as the orthodox religion of the scientific community, D'Stridium will stay excommunicated and shunned. But, hopefully, some of you out there will grow beyond these prejudices and check out the facts of what we have set forth here. And one by one, we will let the world know what the Truth really is! (For more detials on this Battle, see Our associated Article on The Death of Evolution!)

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