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Our Space Sciences & Technologies Center with Advanced Nuclear Energy Applications


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(Explainations and Notes, below):

Pick your Link. Uncover Mysteries of Nature!

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] 1. ASTROPHYSICS (Dimensional Energy--Theories) -- The whole, complex D'Stridium Theory grew out of a simple exploration of astronomy and its related physics. However, it is simple no longer! And the Theory seems to grow daily, taking on a life of its own! But, this beginning Article on D'Stridium (Trans-Dimensional Particles) Explained is simple, and for the layman.

Moreover, ZDK.I would assert that Our discovery of Dimensional Energies will probably be written down in history as significant to Mankind's development as the discovery of fire!


[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 2. DIMENSIONAL APPLICATIONS (Engineering) -- The concepts of applying Dimensional Particle Flow to Engineering Projects--especially for Interstellar Propulsion. (As well as more practical uses.)


[ZDK Library Shield] 3. ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY -- ZDK.U Science and Engineering Library: with a growing number of Articles on D'Stridium and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (TDPT). Many technical discussions, and explainations--as well as application details. (See what the Future of Science will be like!)


[Women's Issues Shield] 4. HEALTH CARE LITERATURE -- For the caring heart and helping, healing hands, we are trying to put together a ZDK Medical Center. But, for now, take a look at Our Health Sciences Articles, stored in the Medical Center Library. (And get a peek at the future of Medicine and the impact of D'Stridium on Health Care! As well as other, startling health issues.)


[Interstellar Fleet Shield] 5. KoReY SPACE ARK PROJECT -- The ZDK Institute's development of Interstellar Propulsion Systems will make possible the transportation of Earth Life (both flora and fauna) to suitable environments on other planets. (This is a conservationists or environmentalist's dream come true!) Take a look at this massive, engineering project of KoReY!


[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 6. KoReY INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION -- The ZDK Institute's development of Interstellar Propulsion Systems will make possible the transportation of humans or Earthlings to suitable environments on other planets. (And We hold that this Interstellar Migration is Our New Manifest Destiny!) Take a look at this massive, engineering project of KoReY (and its social impact, with the rising development of then Nordic Astaria in Space)!


[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 7. KoReY FUTURE SPACE REALM -- ZDK.F's Future Society out among the Stars (made possbile by Dimensional Engery Applications and spinoff technologies) Mankind's dreams of an Interstellar Nation are about to become a reality!


[ZDK Institute Shield] 8. ABOUT ZDK.I -- We are a complex academic and research organization, connected with the ZDK Foundation and ZDK.U. (Unfortunately, a good overview article on Us is not yet available, so please use the information on ABOUT KoReY for now, as it is somewhat similiar.)


[Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 9. KoReY UFO Literature -- ZDK.F's Future Society out among the Stars will most likely throw us up against Space Aliens in the Days to Come, or are we already bumping into them (Dimensional Engineering concepts could make UFO flight charcteristics possible!) And what of that so called International UFO Conspiracy?


[ZDK Foundation Shield] 10. ZDK.F PORTAL (Universe) -- ZDK.F's Main Portal to Our Universe and its branch Ministries. Or, jump to Our POPULAR DIRECTORY for more details on what is where in Our Web.


SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan):

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] SHADDOX CLAN -- Looking for links and Pages of the Shaddox Family (founders of ZDK)? Look no farther! And get a good look at the photos of our leaders and fore-fathers (as well as some of their mystery men). And, be prepared! For the Mediavel mirth and merriment is just around the corner! (And will strike when you least expect it!) So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy yourself, with the rest of Our Family.


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