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Advanced Nuclear Concepts in Layman Terms - Dimensionality?

As word spreads about Our discoveries in D'Stridium and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (TDPT), we tend to get bombarded by requests to explain it. Unfortunately, to accurately describe it takes hundreds of technical papers that many of Scientists shake their heads at and say: I can't even understand all of this, either!!! For, the Theory is truly comprehensive--and mindboggling.

Consequently, we are often asked for a less technical presentation of the Theory--something that the average layman would have a respectable chance of understanding. Well, on previous occassions, I have tried, but I still get requests to explain what I just said, even then. So, yet once more, I am attempting here to set forth some easy and more readily understandable concepts of the Theory. And, then, the significance of what we are talking about may finally be grasp by most of the Public.

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T.D.P.T. - Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory

In a nutshell, the D'Stridium Theory is in fact more accurately described as a Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (or TDPT). In even more simple terms, this means that particles in other dimensions have an effect upon the events in our own dimension or universe. The most readily apparent effect of these particles are energy wave forms, which we experience as heat, light, gravity, etc. Less readily apparent, though perhaps just as frequent, are the effects such particles have when they slow down enough to enter our dimension and interact with particles of our universe (or dimension). Hence, they are not just dimensional particles (or imaginary number matter), but are trans-dimensional: having an effect back and forth across the dimensional (or light) barrier with our world.

For clarity, this is something similiar to a fish swimming in a lake and then jumping out into the air for us to see (or catch). Yes, some physics particles are like that!

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As laughable as it may seem, the actually foundations of the TDPT began in the Summer of 1966, when (between my Junior High and Senior High years), I dug into Einstein and the mysteries of Relativity. With my mind primed with those facts and figures, I then had a dream (that I believe came from God) about numbers doing very mysterious things. (Some have liken this to the cartoon: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, with subsequent snickers!) But, having a very curious mind, I began to tinker and experiment with the math concepts that I had dreamed about.

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As I began to play with these number concepts, I began to realize that I had uncovered some new Math Theorems, so I sat down to figure some of them out in detail and develop a few more along the same lines. This gave rise to my Variant Math System, which seems to boggle everyone's brain, as it tends to deal with imaginary numbers or numbers thought impossible for our REAL world. However, when such numbers are applied in use for describing other dimensions, we seem to find a good fit. And what we once thought impossible, becomes possible, but in the reality of a different dimension. However, as Math is Math, no matter what dimension it lies in, we now know that what looks impossible in our universe, becomes all too readily possible in other dimensions, especially if we can describe it with accurate Mathematical models--such as those now provided by Variant Math.

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As I began to play around with the new math system more, I hit upon another amazing discovery. Not only does Variant Math work well in other dimensions, but it seems to amazingly fit with Einstein's Relativity--however, with a slight ammendment. For, most presentations of Einstein's formula speak only to those within our dimension or universe. But, with Variant Math, we have to look at the effects of other dimensions. Thus, Einstein's formula now becomes:

E = m(d)c2

Now, how did I get that? Well, I promised not to delve into all the technical details, here, so let me say that it is more than mathematically provable. In fact, I have come up with about a half dozen different ways to prove m(d). But, lets move on, lest I lose the few that are still following me.

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As great as Einstein's work was, it still did not tie all the lose ends together. And, one of the biggest ends left hanging was all of Netonian Physics. Despite how people tried to add it up, Newton would just not fit with Einstein. So, it looked like something was wrong. (And, for decades, there was quite a squabble between supporters of Newton and those of Einstein, though today Einstein seems to have the upper hand.) Anyway, using Variant Math the two come to be reconciled, giving us:

m(d1)a = F <-> E = m(d2)c2

Now, how did I get that? Sorry, we need to move on. The masses grow restless (and I'd be hours explaining). (If you are interested, see Our D'STRIDIUM MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS Article for more info!)

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For those who have studied Newton, you know that he was fascinated by light. Moreover, Einstein was intriqued by light and the famous experiment on the speed of light led him to develop the Theory of Relativity. Now, as I studied light, I was drawn to the mystery of light being both particles and wave forms. No one in physics could explain why! They just know that it is so. Then, as I got to tinkering around with light, I made an amazing discovery--photons are trans-dimensional particles! When they are trapped (as in one hole experiments), they slow down to interact as particles with our dimension, but when they are travelling at hyper-light velocities, they impact our dimension as wave forms (as are found in the two hole experiments). Thus, the photon was the first true trans-dimensional particle that I ran across (and there are more).

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WOAH!!! Did you say hyper-light speeds? They aren't possible! Sorry, in our dimension, the light barrier does hold us to Relativity. But, in other dimensions, those barriers are not there--only IMAGINARY! Consequently, hyper-light speeds are more than possible. We just need to think of them in terms of other dimensions (rather like sub-space or warp technologies). As a simple Mathematical proof of this, the supposed light barrier is here, in our dimension, because it is impossible for a craft to eject an infinite mass to propel it beyond the barrier of c squared. But, with D'Stridium and trans-dimensional particles, it is possible to expell, as propellant, infinite masses, allowing many times the speed of light to be reached. And, besides, we can (now) see many particles doing the trans-dimensional thing, so if they can do it, then we can do it, too! The light barrier is an illusionary myth!

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Anyway, having found one trans-dimensional particle, the photon, I then began searching for others. But, where to look? Well, I figured that one of the best places would be where there was the strongest light source--at the sun, and then at super-novas. This study of stars led me down a rabbit trail that proved to be very significant. Super-novas were the largest light source we knew then, and they were strongely associated with super-condensed matter, with strong rises in density. So, I began wondering if density had anything to do with dimensionality and was totally surprized at what I found.

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One of the biggest puzzles and mysteries of Nature has been the periodic table. Why did it form the sets that it did? And, even more perplexing was why did it not fall in progression (i.e. from densest element to lightest element)? Then, as I got to studying the table, I realized that there were basically 8 density waves passing though it. And, then the wave form rule of thumb hit me, that if there were 8 waves, then whaterever was causing them had to be travelling at least at 8 times the speed of light!!! Thus, not only did I have trans-dimensional particles, I had some of them traveling at beyond 8 times the speed of light. But, there was more.

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As time progressed, other scientists began tinker with dimensionality models of the universe. And, in so doing, they set forth sets of 4 or models using 8, 12, and then 16 dimensions. Consequently, as I used the wave form rule of thumb, and found 8 waves, it first occured to me that this supported the 8 form dimensional model. But, I was wrong. For, these hyper-light shock waves go on to produce most of what we know as physical forces in our universe.

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While this light trail led me one way, I also began looking in another. Einstein had tried to reconcile all of the 4 major powers of physics into one super united force, which he refered to as the unified field theory. However, it would not hold up. So, as time progressed others tried to come up with a Grand Unified Theory (or GUT). But, none seem to work, either. Thus, while I was tinkering with Variant Math and Dimensionality, I began to wonder if there might be some way of making a GUT and reconciling all in one. And, my first attempt, though not totally acceptable, produced some amazing results, which indicated that I was on the right track. Eventually, as I worked it out, I found that the problem was not in that the forces were not united, rather that the number of the forces was off. To work with Dimensionality, I needed 8 forces (to match the 8 dimensions), but only 4 are listed in physics. So, I made a great leap here--obviously there are some things out there in the Universe that we have not discovered yet (or do not know fully well today). And, once I began using the 8 form GUT, everthing began falling into place!

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This discovery led to another mind boggling one. If the GUT took 8 to make it work, and matter formation (only 1 of those 8) had 8 waves in it, itself, then there must be a multiplier effect and the total velocity of the trans-dimensional particles was not 8, but rather 8 times 8 or 64 times the speed of light. And, thus, I have asserted for years that I have been tracking hyper-light particles at 64 times the speed of light. (But, the scientific community thinks I have been sniffing glue!) So, despite it being the sacred cow of modern science, the light barrier is, indeed, a myth! Now, how do we harness this new energy source?

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To tap this wealth of energy that is raining on us from other dimensions, we need some kind of trans-dimensional drill, rather like drilling through the layers of the earth until you strike a gusher! Or, as I have tended to put it--like finding a trans-dimensional volcanoe, with particles belching out all over. (Or as the Scriptures seem to put it, as ejecta or ToXoNs being shot out of a volcanoe Revelations 6:2.) Moreover, the popular press has so kindly refered to this effect as a Galatic Fountain (later on, below--or see recent articles in major publications). But, as I was looking on my own, I turned up with some things that pointed to the electron. And, by further study, it seemed to hold up. Thus, was born a whole new field of technology.

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The discovery that electrons were trans-dimensional particles and could be used to influence other trans-dimensional events was a major breakthrough! For, with the GUT, we could flip on the light switch and get anything you wanted--heat, light, gravity, fusion. This also led to theories of how the electon worked and set forth patterns that identified transmital elements (those that could influence trans-dimensional particles) and receptor elements (those that were most easily influenced by trans-dimensional particles), and even source elements (those that held high reserves of trans-dimensional particles). And, with transmitors, receptors, and battery (or source) like elements, it was more than possible to build transmiters, receivers, and detectors. Truly, a whole new field is just out there, waiting! (See Our D'STRIDIUM GUT Article for details!)

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Unfortunatley, every up side has its downside, also. And, while we were all ecstatic that electircity could now make gravity or fusion for us (for engineering marvels), the feds just about filled their pants to hear that we could flip a light switch and produce a fusion explosion well beyond the largest atomic bomb yet exploded!!! (And, seriously, it is a nuclear proliferation nightmare that won't quit!) However, rather than hiding the truth from the American Public, I think we, as informed citizens, need to know these issues and handle them responsibly. (Consequently, the details of how D'Stronics works are not available on the open Internet!)

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However, what I will say (and what I think needs to be known in this area), is that the alteration in the m to include the (d) changes nuclear physics, significantly. On the one hand, it indicates that we can obtain far greater yields from nuclear power than we have been getting (enough to propel a spacecraft at hyper-light velocity for Interstellar Travel--or build one mother of a fusion bomb). This, up-turn in nuclear power receives the common venacular of hyper-nukes, from its more than normal nuclear energy releases.

Then, on the other hand, what goes up can also be made to go down. Or, in more layman terms, it is possible to reduce or "freeze" the radiation of certain substances so that they are no longer radioactive or minimally so. This down-turn is vulgarly refered to as frozen frizzies. (Which opens the door to massive and safe nuclear clean-up! And, in fact, we once wrote a proposal to develop these technologies to help clean up Chernobyl, but it feel on deaf ears--apparently for political reasons.)

Unfortunately, the govenment does not seem to take such a good attitude towards any of these spin-offs! So, these technologies are kept waiting in the wings.

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Despite its problems, D'Stridium is a major break-through. For, it now makes the technology possible to engineer hyper-light propulsion systems capable of Intersteller Travel (using the hyper-nukes avenue)! Hence, both Our Interstellar Colonization Program and Project Space Ark are now in the realm of practical realities. (These are not Science Fiction Fantasies, but technologically possible programs, in light of D'Stridium Theory.) All we need is the time and the money (and the government off our backs). Is that too much to ask for?

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Since D'Stridium was developed in relationship to the study of Novas and Super-Novas, the question was put to me years ago, could a bomb be built that might duplicate these D'Stridium Flow surges? Well, the answer is obviously yes. It is all too easy to build something to explode, rather than to contain it and make it work for you. Consequently, the plans for the so called Star Bomb were developed. Or, what in the vernacular is sometimes called a Nuclear Match or Solar Converter, for it is capable of igniting the whole Planet Earth and turning it into a Sun--and probably sucking the rest of the solar system down in on top of us, in Black Hole fashion. (For the info surrounding this development, see the Article on COLD FUSION CONTROVERSY.)

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While the effects of the Star Bomb in the wrong hands are more than a nightmare, D'Stridium, itself provides something of an answer. For, while hyper-nukes are possible, so are frozen frizzies. In other words, it would be possible to build a Nuclear Shield that would react to and suppress any nuclear explosion (something like a nuclear sprinkler system)! Moreover, it would be entirely possible to build a kind of force-field shield that would neutralize any radioactive substance or warhead passing through such a screen. (Star Wars, move over!)

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An associated defense concept is the DASER. For, as light and other electromatic radiation can be stimulated to fire in step, producing a highly concentrated beam, the same can be done with D'Stridium particles. And, in fact, one of my scientific collegues once wrote a paper about using an event horizon to bounce a light beam around into a kind of super-laser. This is crudely something like what a DASER would be, but on a much smaller scale.

Now, how big are we talking here? Well, when asked to put some parameters on it, I roughly calculated that advanced forms of the DASER were entirely capable of delivering a global wide burst of lethal radiation to a planet at the other end of the galaxy (discounting, of course, some of the anomolies that may exist at the center of our galaxy). Consequently, development of such technology will certainly put us on the galatic map for anyone who may be out there, and curious about us!

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Unfortunatley, it seems life is never simple (nor easy). For, on the one hand, D'Stridium provides the technology for us to produce spacecraft that will behave with characteristics similiar to those reported with UFOs--to allow us to travel and mirgtrate to the planets of other Stars (great!!!).

Yet on the other, as it seems to also lay bare the technology of UFOs that are now so commonly reported, the nasty question suddenly becomes: are they ours (secrets?) or theirs (invasion?). And, because of this question, the government (and the scientific community) is staying well away from our research. But, have we made the greatest discovery in the history of Mankind or have we found out the true horror that we are, indeed, being invaded (and controlled?) from beyond? (See Our KUFOL Section to ponder the mysteries these issues!)

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Even more puzzling in this most controversial issue, is the mysterious fact, that while the DARK PROJECT was underway (See the Article on Cold Fusion Controversy.), a considerable fuss was made about the photon and particle vents that I had designed for the D'STRIDIUM Reactors! I could not figure out what all the nosie was about, for according to the D'Stridium Theory, once you have a D'Stridium Flow going, it is going to form a variety of particles (though mostly photons) and these are going to have to go somewhere. So, I designed photon vents on the round D'Stridium Reactors (i.e. shaped like a star). So, what was the big deal?

Well, after the DARK PROJECT collapsed, and it was becoming apparent the close associations that things we experienced had with things of the UFO phenomena, someone kindly directed me to the Roswell Incident, and after discussing what had, appparently, gone on there, some brief information on the Reactor that was reportedly recovered from the downed spacecraft were also presented. And, lo and behold, there seemed to a VERY CLOSE match with my D'Stridium Reactors--to a T! Thus, in our minds, the Space Aliens must know considerable about D'Stridium and are using it to power their spacecrafts to our world, much as we had planned on using it to go to theirs!


Because of this (above), it is our firm belief that SETI (the Search For Extra-Terrestial Intelligence) is doomed to failure. Why? Because if the Space Aliens are using D'Stridium to come to our world, then most assuredly they are also using D'Stronics to communicate at hyper-light speeds over those vast distances. The electromagnetic mode of communuication that we now use (and which SETI uses) has, no doubt, been abandoned by them long ago!

So, where do we go from here?

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