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Finally a Grand Unified Theory That Works?

The Elusive Merger of the 4 Physical Forces of Nature into ONE

OKAY, so you are curious as to how the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (TDPT), or more popularly known as D'Stridium, actually works? Well, we tend to get requests to explain it (especially in about 25 words or less). However, to describe it accurately would take hundreds of pages of technical papers (things that many of the Scientists shake their heads at and say: Hey, I can't even understand all of this, either!!!) For, unfortunately, the Theory is truly comprehensive, and extensive--and mindboggling.

But, if we break it down into parts, perhaps you can grasp a bit of it here and there. And then put the whole puzzle together for yourself, later. Thus, we have presented various articles and views on it here, in the ZDK Institute Library. (Be sure to at least look at the other Articles to gain a feeling for the dimensions of exactly what we are discussing here.)

However, for this Article, we are going to look at what might be called the core of the whole Theory. For, this concept seems to pull many of the other componets of the TDPT together. And also gives us some practical applications that tend to support its validity. Consequently, this may be the easiest of the Articles to understand and grasp. Moreover, its graphic representation provides a visual look at D'Stridium that should make it easier to focus on in your mind, as well.

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G.U.T. - Grand Unified Theories

When Einsten first came up with the Theory of Relativity, he soon saw that he might have a key to explaining all the 4 Physical Forces of Nature. To try to tie all of these together, he proposed a Unified Field Theory. And, he spent the rest of his life, trying to make that concept work. Unfortunately, it did not!

Since then, others have came forward with proposals that are now called Grand Unified Theories or G.U.T., because they are basically very comprehensive Theories. Or as some say, Theories of Everything! However, despite their abilites to reconcile many things into groups or unities, so far, they have all failed to achieve the goal of uniting all 4 Main Physical Forces.

Into this controversial arena, has stepped D'Stridium. And, with our discovery of Einstein's slight error (lack of the parenthetical d), it appears that everything will now work! The workable and functional G.U.T. has apparently arrived.

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Now, without doubt, this is a mindboggling concept! So, how can we get a handle on it? Well, pictures often help. So, let us see if we can graph what we are talking about. Then, if we can visualize it, perhaps we can see what it is all about?

So, let's take a look:

[D'Stridium G.U.T. Graph]

Yeah, clear as mud, right? Well, D'Stridium is not a simple, 25 word or less, kind of Theory. But, if you can hang in there, let us go over a bit how that graph was developed and what it means.

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Originally, D'Stridium began to emerge as a Theory to explain Novas and Super-Novas. Consequently, the graph was developed around a Star or Sun (galactic core), which is pictured toward the top of the page. It was then assumed the the 4 Forces developed as a kind of entrophic spiral (along the lines of the Pathagorean Spiral): that eventually ended in collapse in those mysterious Black Holes. Thus, you find the graph of the 4 Forces terminating in the Black Hole at the bottom of the page (right reading).

However, in more recent days, as we pursued the parenthetical d or "(d)", it began to be obvious that we had the direction wrong! So, rather like electricity, which would logically seem to flow from positive to negative but which actual flows the other way, we found that Trans-Dimensional Particles actually have a REVERSE FLOW! Thus, while Black Holes swallow all light, they also seem to be great generators of Trans-Dimensional Particles, which then stream out into the Universe, looking for a prismatic source that can translate them from the higher dimension to our own dimension and Universe (i.e. Stars or Suns). And hence, a whole galaxy is born, with a Black Hole at its center, particle fountains at its poles, and an acreation disc composed of Stars and congealed Trans-Dimensional Particles orbiting is axis! (And those more tightly bound into a more disc like form by hyper-gravity.)

(Yes, it does seem to explain the whole ball game, huh?)

*** Now, for you hardened science nerds, this activity becomes the closest thing to the proposed Boskowitz Force, a force that actually gets stronger at a greater distance from its source. For, we see the amplitude of the Force rise, the farther it gets away from the Back Hole (but in actuality, it remains equal, for its lengtgh of effect reduces--thus keeping the areas under the curve of the graph roughly equal). ***

Anyway, therefore, we had to alter the graph slightly, so that it now should be read on its side, where actual Particle Flow streams out of the Black Hole and on up the line (going to the left) through the 4 Forces, as harmonic downwaves (which become 8 in the graph), and ends at the local Star or Sun! (Simple.)

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4 Forces - 8 Directions???

Woah, Nelly! Now how did you get 8, when there are only suppose to be 4 Primary Forces? Well, most people forget that old physics rule that for every action, there is an equal and oposite reaction. Thus, the 4 Forces need to be aligned on some axis so that their force in one direction, produces an equal and opposite force in the other direction! So, you need to break the 4 into 8, to balance each other with opposites. (Besides, later we found other confirmation of the 8--read the other Articles.)

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OKAY, but the 4 Forces don't flow in exactly oposite directions, together (i.e. along the same axis)! How come? Well, as we are also proposing something of a Super-String to carry all of this energy from the Black Hole (at the center of the galaxy) out to the local Star, we need to realize that this continum weaves in and out of our dimension (or Universe), something like a needle and thread on fabric. Consequently, when one Force peters out in our dimension, enters the other, and then returns, it becomes bent slightly (as light bends in a prism). Thus, rather than being exactly directionally opposite, they actually run opposite (mathematically), but at a right angles to each other! Thus, we know that electricity and magetism flow together, but one is at a right angle to the other. And the others will work similiarly.

ALL RIGHT, but what is all this other gobbledigook? Is this some kind of maze or mental puzzle? Well, rather than just let it mystify us (and overwhelm us), let us break the graph down into its parts and analyze what we are seeing here.

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D'stridium and the 8 Fold Wave Form

Most G.U.T. try to reconcile the 4 Forces and fail. We believe that part of this is due to a lack of understanding of the numbers. And, in setting up the D'Stridium G.U.T. we find that the number 8 works much better--and in fact, incorperates all the Forces of Nature. Now, let us see how that works (refer to above graph--numbers match):
This is the Force that sticks the parts of the atom together and holds them bound together. It is also the Force that gives us Fusion Reactions. And, its association with being near Stars or Suns shows its order in the scheme of things (i.e. the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow from Black Hole at the center of a galaxy out to the Stars, that make up the spiral arms of the galaxy--one giant flower-like super-string).

This is the Force that breaks apart atoms and causes them to disintergrate. It is also the Force that gives us Fission Reactions and of the Chain Reactions that produce our conventional nuclear power. Consequently, it is usually considered an opposite to Strong-N-Force, which is seen on the graph by it, yet being on the other side of the graph base line, below the wave formed by Strong-N-Force (but bent at a right angle).

This is the Force that binds atoms together into molecules and causes them to stick together into compounds and substances. It is also the Force that causes us to have normal electricity. Moreover, its association (on the same side of the graph baseline) with Strong-N-Forces shows that when you have Fusion occuring, you are also going to see the generation of a lot of electricity--such as we see in Cold Fusion.

This is the Force that breaks elements apart from molecules into their basic elements, such as we see in the electrolysis process (which turns water into hydrogen and oxygen). It is also the Force that makes our radios and T.V.s work! Moreover, its association with Weak-N-Force (on the same side of the graph baseline) indicates that when you have an atomic (fission) blast, you are also going to have a release of a lot of Electo-Magnetic Radiation or E.M.P.

This is the Force that causes matter to hang together, and be attracted to one another--and into clumps of stuff. This is also the Force discovered by Newton which keeps us anchored to the ground, rather than flying off into space as the Earth zips along. Moreover, its association with both Strong-N-Force and Electro-Chemical Force shows that Gravity may be generated along with a Fusion Reactions, like electricity (such as we see in Cold Fusion Processes).

This is the Force that causes matter to break apart, and to repel or push one another away from each other. Unfortunatley, this seems to be an elusive force, that is not readily apparent upon the Earth. However, its activity can be clearly seen in the hourglass shape of Novas and probably also in the activity of Particle Fountains or Galatic Fountains, found coming out of the tops of spiralling galaxies (and the Black Holes associated there).

This is the Force that causes matter to slow down (from hyper-light velocities) and congeal (or condense--collect) into actual solid substances. It is the doorman to the other dimensions of energy, which matter is tied to by Einstein's classic formula (hence the parenthetical d). Moreover, its near association on the graph with Black Holes shows that process by which matter is formed around a spiralling Black Hole at the center of a developing galaxy (and thus, making its spiralling disc of matter)--and is also likely to be associated the the tight waist of matter formed in the hourglass shape of Novas (thus developing solar systems about them). Moreover, the recent discovery that some quarks may escape from Black Holes would fit with this! (Moreover, it is most likely associated with inertia, too!)

This is the Force that causes matter to speed up (from sub-light to hyper-light velocities), and makes normal matter evaporate (or ascend to higher dimensions)--in what appears to be a burst of energy. Moreover, its near association on the graph with Black Holes shows its close proximity to the center of the galaxy, where anti-matter Particle Fountains have just recently been discovered.

Thus, if you survey that graph, you find all of the 4 Major Positive Forces of Nature united (along with all of their 4 Major Negative Forces)--giving us a balanced G.U.T. using an 8 wave form, so that each Force is just the downwave harmonic of its counterpart. Actually, what could be more simple in Nature? Or, more symmetrical? (Yes, a Super-Symmetry concept!)

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Now, these topics are just too complex to completely detail here, however, from the graph, it ought to be obvious that both are at work in this process! Not only does the wave form that produces the 4 Forces (and their 8 Directions) exhibit Super-Symmetry characteristics, but the wave, itself, must be some kind of Super-String, carrying all of this energy out from the Black Hole at the center of each galaxy, to all of the Stars (and from there to their solar systems) in the acreation disc of that galaxy. Moreover, as it continues out into the other dimesions from our own (seen on the graph as dotted lines, continuing the waning Force, and then looping the wave back to the next harmonic, at a right angle), it becomes altered slightly, which not only gives us the Right Angle Rule, above, but also changes the characteristics of the energy displayed, so that it takes on the appearances of a separate, but equal, force!!!

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Now, wait a minute, why are these waves equal? They all sure look visually different to me!

Well, unfortunately, as you should know from Nature, physics often explains what appear to be optical illusions. Thus, they may appear to be different (and in fact, exhibit different charasteristics), but in actual fact, they are all (mathematically) equal. Why? Because, if you paid attention in calculus class then you know that functions can be equal, even if their waves are different--PROVIDED that the areas under their curves are all equal! (Yes, and I bet you thought I didn't learn anything in calculus class, huh? Hey, I wasn't always teasing Marilu!)

So, are they all equal? Well, theoretically and mathematically, YES! However, in actual practice (and in astrophysics) they aren't quite. Why? The answer I think lies in the dimensions beyond. That some how the Flow gets disrupted or altered here or there--perhaps by bodies out there in those dimensions that we cannot see or feel in our dimension? Yeah, so there is a lot more work that needs to be done on the Theory!!!

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However, from what we do know and understand of the Theory, now, we have a VERY SERIOUS condition developing here! As that Particle Flow comes out from the center of our galaxy and enters our Sun, everything works fine as long as the Flow is rather constant. However, as history clearly shows, that Flow has not always remained constant, and we have global warmings and coolings (i.e. the Ice Ages). Moreover, as recent scientific studies have shown, the sun tends to go through 11 year cycles, where solar flares and other disturbances are common. So, to put it in more layman terms, we seem to be sitting on the banks of a cosmic volcanoe here, hearing it rumble now and then--and perhaps seeing a wiff of plume once and a while (solar flare). The question, then, is when and if it will blow???

Consequently, this is an important field that seriously needs a lot more work and research done on it! For, we simply don't have enough data to make a good scientific judgement on when that Nova will occur. But, from the indications that we are seeing here (and in other data), it does, indeed, look like we have a Nova coming--and perhaps relatively soon.

Even worse, if you have read Our Article on Cold Fusion, then you should be aware that this Particle Flow could be massively disrupted and artificially so, by possible experiments. For, as we reported, others seem to have been very curious about our Trans-Dimensional Particle work, and if they begin fooling around in practice what we had done on paper, and during a high sun cycle (such as we have building now with the coming solar flare activity in the next year or two), that Particle Flow may be even more disrupted than occurs by Nature--and with totally, cosmically disasterous results (i.e. a full blown Nova or Super-Nova). Or, to put it in more layman terms, since we are sitting on a rumbling (stellar) volcanoe, it would be foolhardy to set off a nuclear blast near it! (Obviously, the odds would be good that this volcanoe would be set off by the explosion.)

And while some people seem to think that we are overly harping on this, the SERIOUSNESS of the situation demands that we get in some people's faces and tell them to knock it off! And, that is one of the reasons why we decided to put so much of this on the Net, so that at least some of the thinkers out there could see what we were bellyaching so much about. And figure out the danger for themselves.

So, do you really want to call me wrong (or off-base), and run the risk of seeing that Nova blow up in your face???

Give it some very serious thought!!!

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MORE ABOUT D'STRIDIUM - Possible Proofs???

To learn more about the rising tide of scientific evidence that supports the D'Stridium theory, look up the next Article in this series on the Histroy of Science and D'Stridium in the ZDK Institute Library, OR, use the handy link, below:
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HARD CORE SCIENCE - D'Stridium Mathematics

How did we come up with that tangled web of numbers that makes all of this Theory work? Well, Variant Math is about as mindboggling as the TDPT itself! But, if you are mathemantically inclined, and want to try to tinker a bit, yourself, we've put some of its foundational concepts into an Article for the Net. Look it up in the Institute's Library or use the handy link, below:
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PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS - D'Stridium Engineering???

So, is all of this just pie in the sky and far out theory stuff? Well, no! There are some very practical applications of TDPT that can do some very useful things! (Though some of its stunts are sure to make people's eyes bug out!) If you have more of an applications bent, then look at our first Article in this Engineering Section on D'Stridium Community Engineering. Find it in the Institute's Library, or use the handy link, below:
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