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ZDK Medical Center

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Medical and Health Articles for ZDK Programs

Sorry, the ZDK Medical Center is way behind schedule! So, in order to provide some for the interest of those of you who are into Health Sciences, we are collecting a few of Our Health Related Articles here, for you to make use of. Pardon Our snail's pace and hang in there with us. It is coming. (For the BEST takes just a little longer to cook all the way done!)


1. D'STRIDIUM AND MEDICINE: The Future of Healing Arts in light of this amazingly new technology--and the needed medical research that the Theory (TDPT) indicates [transfer to ZDK Institute Library]

2. THE PROPHYRIA SCAM: The Resurgance of Genetic Inferiority? (Are you its next target?) Effects of Patient Confidentiality--can your records be used against you? [transfer to Office of Social Defenses literature]

3. PRO-POPULATION POLICY: Medicines and technology for Astarian (KoReY) Love, Marriage, and Family Life--Our Space Frontier's demand for manpower produces a great need for more population! (PG rating) [transfer to KUFOL Pages]

4. NOVA TRAUMA THERAPY: The rising indicators of Our Sun going Nova (and soon) creates the potential for unimaginable disaster--bringing about an emotional shock wave that will require an abundance of professional conunseling to help people cope with that cosmic catastrophy!

5. LIBRARY INTERCHANGES: transfers and skybridges to other Library Divisions (use Main Library Entrance for now)

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