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The Porphyria Scam

The Resurgance of Genetic Inferiority?

As you may recall, one of the favorite scams that the RAS use to run on their victims in Nazi Germany was to cover the harassment activities of the Youth Legions by saying that the person being vandalized was just paranoid (and losing their mind). Consequently, later on, this provided a perfect excuse to cart the victim off to a mental institution (and then to do medical experiments on them). And, if you are unaware of this routine, then we suggest that you read the previous Article on the RAS Relocation Policy.

Moreover, with so many Jews losing their head, the Nazis found even more "evicence" that Jews were genetic inferiors! After all, weren't so many of them going bonkers? So, they must be defective (or so the propagand line went). And, thus social programs for rounding up Jews and sticking them in mental institutions seemed only natural (and even, perhaps, humane)?

However, we in modern America are suppose to be above all that. And we are smarter than the Germans back then (or so we like to think). So, it will never happen in America. Well, guess again!


The discovery of DNA was heralded as one of the major bio-medical finds of this century. At last, Mankind has an open door to healing a whole host of genetic diseases. And, DNA research is pressing on feverishly in that pursuit. And, truly, some medical miracles may be about ready to take place! So, DNA research does have its place.

But, can politics muddy the scientific waters?

For, we all thought that those RAS ideas of Racial Inferiority died with the collapse of Nazi Germany. But, today, we are hearing them again. For example, many genetic disease have been traced to Blacks. And, while this is more likely the result of poor economic and dietary conditons for Blacks over centuiries of time, some have put if forth as being "proof" that Blacks are genetically inferior. Moreover, Asian tend to have a genetic problem with digesting milk, which some have trumped up to "prove" their inferiority. And, once again, some diseases seem to be common among som Jews, as well. So, is it any wonder that we are hearing those old RAS slogans again?

Thus, we need to sound a warning alarm, here! While the medical and scientific research on DNA has good potential for dramatic cures, it also has the unfortunate potential for becoming a club to "prove" Racial Inferiority. Consequently, we MUST take whatever steps are needed to prevent this last political fallout from developing. (NEVER AGAIN!)

So, is genetic researh being used to further RAS Porgrams?


Porphyria is a genetic condition in which the cells of a person's body fail to remove the build up of toxins (or inadaquately eliminate them). Consequently, normal by-products that are usually carried off tend to build up, causing a variety of damage (and, usually pain). The most normal damage is to inhibit or destroy enzymes, which are used by the body to repair itself. Thus, those afflicted with porphyria tend to age rapidly, as their body becomes less and less able to repair itself. (It can be a slow, and gruesome death.)

Also accompanying this is the inability of the brain to repair itself. Consequently, mental and emotional illness is quite common in porphyria patients. It is something like early senility, as the body is aging rapidly (and the brain begins to deteriorate).

Now, the hot question becomes, WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM?


Now, in early studies, porphyria tended to run in Families, so the potential for genetic inferiority was seized upon. Those afflicted with it were quickly labled as having inherited insanity. And, as modern tests became more and more accurate at showing the build up non-eliminated toxins or porphyrins, more and more diagnosis of genetic insanity were handed out.

And, into this flood, the RAS have stepped. Thus, now supposedly having "proof" of Racial Inferiority! And, this was aimed particularly at Jews (and Jewish sympathizers), for it was held that their belief in God was PROOF that the person was mentally insane! (And, Pentecostals, who speak in tongues, were labled as mentally ill with glossalia!) And, while these first few case were small and local, the numbers are growing and the diagnosis spreading! (Perhaps it will be at your community, next?)


However, while the politics of porphyria dug its trenches for genetic inferiority of Jews (and Jewish sympathizers), the scientific case was not closed.

Then, some cases of so called porphyria were found to actually be lead poisoning. Thus, the chemical exposure to lead caused the person to have a build up of toxins or porphyrins in their system, which their cells were unable to (or inadaquately) eliminate. The high lead exposures seemed to also damage the removal of normal toxins!

Well, this set off quite a debate!

Then, as the evidence continued to come it, the government turned up with numerous cases of where porphyria was actually caused by excessive exposure to pesticides. And, this in turn, seemed to explain why some farm families had prophyria all together. It was not genetic inheritance, but rather common family dwelling (and work in excessively pesticided crops).

So, it would seem that the debate was over. But, is anybody listening?


Thus, while the correct diagnosis would seem to be treating people for chemical contamination or excessive exposure to pesticides, the RAS managed to get in place a variety of Social Programs to deal with the porphyria problem???

Now, rather than treating people for chemical contamination, the RAS are now pushing for porphyria victims to be drugged immediately to deal with their genetic insanity. And to have them removed to asylumns as soon as possible, to protect the populace from the further deterioration of the victim's brain! The Public PANIC button has been pushed!

However, should this be surprizing, considering what they did in Nazi Germany, to get dissidents labled as mentally ill?

Moreover, this is totally the wrong treatment! Porphyria is not, in most cases, wild inherited insanity. Rather, with the build up of chemical industries and excessive uses of pesticides, it is turning into quite a common chemical overdose. Thus, what really needs to be done is some kind of chemical leaching process, that will help remove the build up of these chemicals and the residue of toxins that they cause to remain in the cells. And, this may be accomplished over time, by eating healthy and living in a relatively uncontaminated area. But, if the person is immediately drugged, you have no idea of where their head really is at! And, if they are quickly carted off to isolation institutions, one has to wonder if something else is afoot!


Well, now we do seem to have something very interesting going on here. In the old days of Nazi Germany, the Youth Legions would harass Jews (and Jewish sympathizers). And, as time progressed, they would even sneak in and contaminate the victims food, so that they came down with a variety of illnesses. No doubt, some of these involved wild drugs that turned a person nutty so that they could be labled mentally insane and carted off to those asylumns (for medical experimentation). So, is this being done again? Here?

And, in fact, the rising evidence that we are getting suggest that it is! Even more so, the routine now seems to involve the old DMSO trick. And, for you non-James Bond fans, this is when an agent laces a person steering wheel or door handle with DMSO and a poison so that as the person gets in and starts driving the car, he gets hit with the poison making it look like a car accident (or a heartattack while driving). But, instead of a poison, a chemical or pesticide is now used. Thus, rather than killing the person outright (which might lead to suspicions of murder), the RAS fill a person with pesticides or chemical contaminations, which in turn create porphyria like conditions. This then will cause mental and emotional disturbances in the victim, giving the RAS Social Programs a supposed justification for drugging the person and having them carted off to some isolation institution.

Slick scam, huh???


When we first ran across porphyria, we thought it was pretty much an isolated case. But, then in talking with Social Services personnel, they claim that it is quite a common condition and that they have treated dozens of such people (ie by drugging them and having them carted off to isolation institutions). Moreover, as we have asked around in our local area, we have found some other people that seem to be victims of this routine. (And in fact, one lady reports that some sticky goop dropped on her head as she opened the door to her house. But, she immediately felt weird, so she rushed into the house and thoroughly scrubbed her face. Yet, now, she has been afflicted with sever bouts of asthma, ever since!)

So, don't think that this is just some isolated or randome case. It is not. It is becoming all too common. And, that is one of the reasons why we are putting it here. To alert you to what is coming. And to help you protect your flock from this kind of a RAS scam!

Don't let it get started in your community!

And, help us keep it from spreading other places, too!

While porphyria may seem remote and isloated to you. It can have very important and dramatic effects! The following testimonial is a good example. This person was clearly the victim of RAS harassment. However, at the end of the narative given, the person involved came down with some mysterious illness and ended up in the hospital. And. one of the tests done to them was a test for porphyrins, which turned up positive!

This produced two dramatic effects. First, the victim was labled as mentally ill. And, the RAS elements of the community seized upon this diagnosis to claim that all that the victim says about being harassed was JUST a fantasy delusion--the results of his genetically inherited insanity (and yes, he does believe in God). And, many attempts to order him social drugged and carted off to the funny farm have been undertake by the local Social Programs (though, so far, we have fought them all off).

Secondly, what should have been a clear-cut case of discrimination and grounds for a massive law suit has now been blocked. For, the RAS can now put forth medical evidence in Court that the harassment the victim reports NEVER HAPPENED, because of his porphyria and mental illness! (Thus, call a guy crazy and you can get away with doing anything to him you want. And, if he complains, well, you know, he isn't all there to know what is really going on!)

Consequently, we decided to publish the case, for as best as we can see, the evidence still shows that there was RAS Harassment! (And, it was not a fantasy, nor a delusion!)

So, read it. And see what you think, yourself.

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