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THE NEXT GENERATION of Our TDPT Applications for KIC Programs

One of the best Truths about good Science is that it does not stand still. Crackpot theories (and popular fantasies) come and go (usually to not be heard from again). But, solid science will grow, as new applications and further discovries are made about its full ramifications. And this is where we are now at, with D'Stridium Theory.

The previous Article on D'STRIDIUM ASTRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING took many of Our old files and systems, and up-graded them for more pratical uses today. Consequently, the TDPT is indeed growing! And, more is yet to come.

This Article then, is a look at some of Our latest and hotest stuff. Developments that are so new, that they are hitting the Net just about as soon as they are discovered. But, you haven't seen anything yet!

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D'Stridium Reactor Developments

After discussing what a D'Stridium Reactor ought to look like on the Net (somewhat, anyway), we have learn that someone out there apparently took us seriously. And now, plans for a spherical fusion reactor are in progress. Unfortunately, this is a really bad strike! For the fast ball we threw, was right over the plate and hittable. Why?

As we mentioned in Our other works, ZDK.I abandoned fusion research decades ago--BECAUSE IT SIMPLY WILL NOT YIELD THE POWER WE NEED TO MAKE INTERSTELLAR FLIGHTS! And, while TDPT Flow (or Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow) can make fusion as a by-product, this is a very inefficient use of its power capabilities. (Rather like trying to use a modern diesel engine to keep an ancient waterwheel turning for an old grain grinding mill.) But, any step in the right direction, is worth applauding.

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Nikola Tesla Again?

Having been introduced to Nikola Tesla's works, in the past couple of years, we have been greatly fascinated that he worked on things that seemed somewhat related to ours, but that he apparently did not take the full leap into the dimensional realm. (No fault to him, for his work was more experimental, and pratical, whereas Ours is more theoretical, and mathematical.) Consequently, we are able to see a bit beyond the corners of some of the blind alleys he thought he had gone down. (And, perhaps this is also because we now have about a century of further science, that tends to show that his ideas and inventions were not as crackpot as some held--they were just before their time.)

Correspondingly, one of Nikola's concepts was the oscillator for generating electrical power. In reviewing the current engineering, such generators can produce large amounts of electricity, and very efficiently. It was, indeed a concept ahead of its time! But, how far ahead, I don't think anyone had a real guess, until now.

One of the things about D'Stronics is that TDPT Flow often parallels and behaves much like electricity. So, we now arrive at the question: CAN A D'STRIDIUM REACTOR BE MADE TO OSCILLATE? Well, hold onto your hats!

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In the previous Article, we discussed the recent breakthrough that we made at ZDK.I for a dual-cycle reactor (a few months ago). Thus, the question now is, can these dual-cycle (galactic acretion like discs) be stack? Well, in spherical containment, there is only so much room--but we figured that we can at least squeeze in the dual-cycle.

So, what if we stretched or distorted the reactor, slightly? Say, more egg shapped, or perhaps like a clynder with rounded tops and bottoms? Now, this does seem to be stretching our technology a bit, but the Theory seems to support such a stretch. Thus the reaction, properly controlled, could be continued in such an environment.

Next step: if the dual-cycles can be stacked (like pancakes), does Tesla now enter the picture, and suggest that these slices can be made to oscillate? That would be Our impression. Not only could they be made to go on and off (making a kind of Alternating Current of TDPT Flow), but, there seems no restriction to synchronizing them so that the burst of the one below, would be followed by the burst of the one above, thus producing a continually increasing power wave as it passed each stack! Therefore, producing phenomenal amounts of POWER!

How much POWER? The end power results could be more than staggering! Dual-cycles ought to just about double the power output of static D'Stridium Reactors. And with larger and larger stacks (rather like the old style airplane engines, where stacks of pistons were welded to other stacks of pistions to make monster engines for bombers), it should not be that hard to produce 100 times the energy output of a static D'Stridium Reactor. In fact, properly done, ranges of 1,000 or even 10,000 times the power are more than possible.

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Now, in practical terms, what do these numbers mean? Well, for Interstellar Travel, our whole Galaxy is about 100,000 light years across. Consequently, if we could eventually develop a super D'Stridium Oscillating Reactor that could do the 100,000 times power output, then the whole galaxy would lay at our feet and be accessible! (And Astaria would become a Galactic reality.)

But, let us take a step back, say we could only build a 50,000 D'Stridium Oscilating Reactor. (Easier to do, and thus closer to us, down the time road.) This would mean that with the longer voyages of 2 years out, one year there, and 2 years back (in Star Trek like fashion--and certainly not long for sea voyages of discovery), we could send practical expeditions to the other side of our galaxy. (And this, in turn, would extend Astaria's dominion over most of the galaxy!)

And this is not Science Fiction hype. Nor a pipe dream. It is solid science! And the kinds of technologies that we will be developing in the Next Generation. We are getting ready to make the leap from mere interstellar travel to full galactic commerce!

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Now, what would this kind of high-speed travel be like? In looking back over most of ZDK.I past work, Our main goal has been to just achieve hyper-light speeds or do the so called space warp. Most of this has been aimed at the low ranges of from 50 - 64 times the speed of light. However, with the dual-cycle reactor, true hyper-light speeds of 100 - 200 became possible. Now, what could 100,000 times the speed of light mean?

Well, in our studies of dimensionality, we notice a trans-light zone, where the travel of particles or bodies there, has an effect upon our own universe. This appears to run to about 64 times the speed of light. What is beyond that? Well, it would seem likely that higher speeds are quite possible, for without that drag (of the effects cascading down the scale into our universe), such a craft ought to experience greater freedom of movement (much like airplanes have to fight the wind and storms, but orbiting satellites are above most of the air, and consequently, aren't usually affected by it much). Thus, the hyper-light craft ought to be free of the friction(?) or drag that such Trans-Light Speeds experience.

Now, since much of Our work is base on Trans-Dimensional Particles, this lower region (to around 64) ought to be called Trans-Light Speed (much in the way that trans-sonic precedes supersonic aircraft). The region beyond that would be truly Hyper-Light Speeds.

However, when you get into the 10,000 and plus ranges, Hyper-Light just does not seem to describe it. For it is so far beyond that (making travel to some parts of our nearby galaxy as rapidly as jets now fly between continents). As a result, we are beginning to call it Hyper-Dimensional Speeds. And, it is truly a whole New Generation of D'Stridium Engineering!

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Along with the D'Stridium Reactors to produce the gravity for the warp speeds, we planned that interstellar craft are also going to need sensors and communications equipment. Consequently, we have long discussed and designed the building various Trans-Dimensional Laser like devices, that we refer to as Dasers. And their applications seem endless.

However, many decades ago, we came up with a basic design, composed of a tall tower (for beam controllers) above a deep shaft in the earth, to house the linear accelerator. Crude, but effective. It could fire bursts of energy deep into space, providing something of a good radio like network, both for communications and for navigation (and eventually developing into a long range sensor and detections system).

Enter Tesla again: Nikola apparently came to a similar conclusion and undertook the building of a similar (though lower powered) device at Wardencliffe. But, rather than sinking a deep shaft into the earth, he broke it off into side branches, where the linear accelerators could be collected together at the base of the tower and then reflected, upward, into the tower. A very efficient design (though still bound to the electro-magnetic spectrum).

Now, with Our Oscillating D'Stridium Reactors, we can achieve those high power outputs without linear accelerators. Instead, rather like a Warp Tower (see previous Article), we could put a Daser Tower in the center of a cluster of Oscillating Reactors, and produce absolutely phenominal power outputs, by channeling all the power down and through the Daser Tower! (And this in the form of any kind of power or energy you may want, using the G.U.T.)

(NOTE: And good though this is, its power outputs do not approach Our original super-daser, conceived mainly to do interplanetary engineering tasks: such as moving or deflecting asteroids, relocating moons, and place planets in orbits where we want them--much in the same way that the Star-Bomb concepts were developed mainly for galactic engineering projects: of moving stars, and landscaping the galaxy, etc.)



Now, why are we making this all so publically known? So, that everyone can build an Oscillating D'Stridium Reactor in their own basement lab? You have got to be kidding! The technical specifications and engineering skills needed are not listed, HERE. (Ever try to fix your plumbing with a sledge hammer?) Or, as they tell the kids on TV: DON'T TRY THIS STUNT YOURSELF!!!

Staking our claim to the process? Well, perhaps in some ways, for like Tesla, many of our ideas have been stolen and used by others (without credit nor just payment). So, perhaps these early releases to the public will stop the snoops, and the thefts, as what we find out, is soon out and on the Net. And people can see and readily trace where these ideas are really originating from!

However, more than just mere economics, we want to raise a serious and cautionary note. Improperly constructed or operated D'Stridium Reactors have the potential to go into a melt-down that will produce about a 100 megaton blast! (Far larger than any nuclear device yet exploded!) Consequently, this isn't something to be playing around with in your own backyard. And we want to be sure that the officials out there are well aware of it!

Moreover, with these new technological breakthroughs, those power scales are considerably upped! The Oscillating D'Stridium Reactor could easily yield a blast 1,000 to even 10,000 times the static Reactor! (And, could even approach Star-Bomb like phenomena explosions.)

Consequently, if any government out there happens to spot some facility nearby resembling what we are describing, they need to SHUT IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!! For the mistakes of those who may think they know what they are doing, could easily have astronomical impacts, on all Mankind! (And serves as a basis for us to continue to make the request for a Deep Space Reseach Station, where the Earth would be relatively safe from any such blast effects.)

Furthermore, if the site is not in your country, then let the U.N. know (or us), that we can ALL take joint action to get it shut down! For this is, indeed, a nuclear proliferation nightmare that will not end. So, we need to be constantly on guard against it.

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The Lesson From Tunguska (Siberia)?

When we were first asked to take a look at Tunguska for possible D'Stridium Reactions, the blast site was quickly dismissed. A correctly built and functioning D'Stridium Reactor should produce a melt-down blast of around 100 megatons. However, the calculated blast at Tunguska was only 20 - 30. Thus far too small!

However, there may be a slightly different explaination.

In recent weeks, it has been brought to our attention that numerous eyewitnesses claimed that they saw some kind of clynder or airship in the sky just prior to the blast. Well, that does sound like Our classic cigar shaped mothership design. Moreover, if they didn't really know what they were doing, perhaps someone put together an extremely inefficient and low functioning reactor. Conceivably, they could have gotten some gravity effects, flown for a bit, lost their power from incorrect design, fell from the sky, and then finally went into a fizzled melt-down blast of only 20 - 30 megatons. (Moreover, a D'Stridium blast would not leave the residual radiation that conventional atomic blasts do--and as was reported at the Tunguska site). Yep, it is entirely plausible.

The question then becomes who? Tesla? Marconi? Someone else (whose disasterous death will forever keep them anonymous)?

The point here being: that it appears we may have already had a D'Stridium melt-down incident. AND WITH UTTERLY DISASTEROUS RESULTS! We are lucky it went off in Siberia. For, what would have happened if it went off near Berlin or Paris? Or, New York? Countless millions would have died! (We really need that Deep Space Research Station!)

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Perhaps, most importantly, we hope we have convinced you that D'Stridium research is not something to be undertaken lightly--nor by amateurs! It is far too dangerous. (KIDS: DON'T TRY THESE STUNTS AT HOME!)

Rather, leave it to professionals, such as ZDK.I, which has emerged as more than a leader in this field. So, don't settle for half best on such sensitive work (or you may find your work--and yourself--all blown to bits). Instead, come to us with it. ZDK.I can handle it!!!

And, even more amazing science, and resulting technologies, are on their way, through us! (Keep checking back with us.)

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