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[PICTURE:  L.A. Socialite STUFFED CLOTHING (in red)]





Art MASTERPIECES series...

Here is the New Art Wave of ABSTRACT REALIA as expressed in these Danitello Leonardi SOFT SCULPTURES. You are seeing his ROMANTIC ART as it produces FANTASY WORLDS from these Abstract Art WEDDING DRESSES and sometimes their UNDERWEAR and STOCKING ART. (And, for the more practical minded--have your marriage memorabila woven into your own personal WEDDING ART, including your wedding jewelry! See the WEDDING HUTCH for proper storage and display.)


ITEMS, Descriptions, ... and Prices ???

This wonderful Art Collectible is from the Art Master's own crafting creativity. And you can get a good look at this Artform, here.

(His other artform, the LINGERIE ORBS that have been done, are pictured in the ORB GALLERY. Proposed and already Designed Orbs are on the ORB PROJECT PROPOSALS PAGE.)

However, please realize that this is not quite a CATALOG, as many of these MASTERPIECES are already done, and are not available for immediate sale. But, it gives you a good idea of what can be done, and what we have done, so that if you are interested in a Project, you will have some basis and understanding of what they are all about.

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1. NAME: "Linda" -- L.A. Socialite
CLASS: Bridal Stuffed Clothing

Like the Bridal Orbs, "Linda" is mainly of pure white (or various shades of off white--virginal), with occassionally some blue (or purple? or pink?) decorations; And as with Wedding Orbs, "Linda" has a fancy MODERN wedding gown, or dress suitable for a wedding, stuffed with a pillow (here, an improvised Double 8 Pillow) or duffle containing various articles of women's clothing (sometimes, also lingerie)--these are often of used or 2nd Hand clothing (which was what we used here), though clean, pure off-the-rack garments can be used for that virginal ambiance (but at higher costs). Stuffed Clothing can also be made with decorations (extra cost) and even jewelry (but more expensive!)--lkie "Linda's" simulated gold beeds, here. Stockings, lingerie, or TARDS can be added as additional decorations, to complete the effect. (Here, "Linda" uses dark stockings, to convey here more sizzling image--complete with a slight peek at her pink panties, to raise the temperature a bit.)

[PICTURE:  Linda in Blue]

Suggested Retail: $6,750

Our Wholesale Price: $3,925

(Other views of this Artform can be seen on the Stuffed Clothing Studio Page.)


They say that each and every snowflake, though similar to all the others, is unique and different from the rest. And it seems that each Stuffed Clothing Masterpiece has something of its own "personality", either from incidents in its planning and construction or from events that seem to occur with it after it is all together.

"Linda" started out with a BANG! Coming across her 2nd Hand, we were immediate struck by her modern style--with its hints and clues that this was no traditional girl! And the sizzle began to grow!

Unlike "Melanie", whose "personality" was mostly planned in the design, or "Sylvia", whose slowly came forward with her story as we got to know her better--"Linda" was hot from the very moment we met her. And rather than the blushing, we had often ended up blushing a bit ourselves over just what a hot "personality" she had.

As a typical California gal, Linda grew up with AMBITION! She was on the fast tract to becoming a movie star. And if that meant that she had to sleep with a few toads along the way, that did not matter to her, just so the affair got her one more leg up, in the climb to be a STAR! (Blush!)

That is until she met her MAN. Now, he wasn't exactly star material, himself. But, his parents were SUPER-RICH, and the concept of "Linda" becoming an early retired, rich lady, suddenly caused her to consider a career change! Not that she was a "gold digger" and just after his money--for she really did like him (well, sort of). And, besides, let's face it, money is often attractive.

However, this picture was complicated a bit by his parents being rather old fashioned. So, rather than the palimony thing, they insisted that the couple get married, formally. Well,"Linda" was sleeping with him anyway, so the marriage thing did not put her out, but when his folks tried to make it a traditional wedding, she stepped in, and gave things her own hot sizzle!

This included a modern wedding gown, rather than a traditional one. And rather than a long hemline, that reached to the floor, "Linda" took a short skirt that went to about the knees. And the top was nearly TOPLESS, with only spegettie straps holding it up. (Rather scandalous in his parent's eyes!) Moreover, to assert her hot starlet status, she also insisted on wearing dark stockings under the gown, to let people know that she had plenty of appeal. In addition, for some strange reason, her pink panties kept peeking out from under the gown (either because she was quite the vamp and tease--or she just did not know how to sit prim and proper, like a lady, in a dress?

Like we said, "Linda" had plenty of sizzle! (Blush!) Though she seemed to be perferctly comfortable, herself, with that hot Hollywood hooker look!



[PICTURE:  Linda in Gold)]





Art MASTERPIECES series...

"Linda" is a reasonable example of what a decorated design and construction can add to the end artwork.

Her MODERN, SHORT wedding gown, was a bit flat and dull on its own--not at all bringing out her "personality".

But, the addition of dark stockings, and then the slight peek at her pink panties, set the fire that lit up her sizzling nature.

And to decorate it up even further, we added a nice necklace of gold beads, to give it just that touch of ritziness, to hint at her successful "career".

All in all, "Linda" was an artistic designs, and makes a much better presentation, that some of the other stuffed clothing. And she seems to have quite an appeal to the more modern, progressive women. (Though some of the church-goers sure raise their eyebrows over her!)

(Different colored Nylon stockings could be added to this design, peeking out the bottom of her gown. Red was considere. Or, perhaps the dark fishnets might have worked better--to bring out her sizzling "personality"? Or, if you'd like, we could tone her down a bit with the more the traditional white stockings routine--though I think some color contrast would be good [maybe pale pink or powder blue stockings? Purple might go, too.].)

Moreover, I definitely think "Linda" is a good example of what leaving a TARD out will do. For, despite her good presentation (and hot sizzle), the effect would have been much better to have a stuffed TARD underneath, for not only would it have supported the gown better, especially since it was nearly TOPLESS, but it would have rounded out the dark stockings, and made them look more fleshed out and attractive--whereas, now (pardon the pun) they look rather FLAT!

Futhermore, we have often been told(by grooms) that the little peek up the corner of her gown to her pink panties is a rather pleasant surprise that most grooms enjoy--like the view they get when they go after the garter, in the after wedding picture sessions!

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Typically, we place them as one of the main center pieces in a Bridal Diorama.

See the Leonardi WEDDING HUTCH!

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The Prices we have listed are not catalog prices, as if we have these items in stock and can readily ship them to you. Rather, they are suggested prices, based on what we have done before. And the actual price of your own, personal Stuffed Clothing will vary depending on exactly what you want with it--for your Art Project. (Moreover, Auction Prices tend to be higher than what we list here, so you are getting good value!)

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