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Danitello Leonardi's MASTERPIECES (Wedding Art, Stuffed Clothing, Lingerie Orbs) are special works of Absolute Abstract Art and thus require added care in their maintenance and up-keep. By submitting an order for one of our MASTERPIECES, you are certifying that you agree to these terms and conditions of sale. And that you will take this extra care for the artwork(s) you purchase, as specified, below.

1. ABSTRACT ART is to be felt with the heart not understood with the head. Thus, one needs to EXPERIENCE the Art, not just critically analize it, in order to properly appreciate it. And to do this, you need to engage your senses.

2. However, MASTERPIECES are for Limited display purposes, ONLY!

* A-SIGHT: they are primarily for viewing or seeing--VISUAL,
* B-SMELL: they may be used for room scenting, air freshening, or deorderizing purposes (as the perfumes and scents of the women still tend to be retained by the 2nd Hand clothing--producing an essence of female kind of scent) and some are prefumed by us,
* C-TOUCH: and they may be handled--finger feeling for added sensations (BUT, bear in mind that those of 2nd Hand Clothing involved anonymously donated undergarments, and some of these girls, we haven't a clue where they have been, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling or any contact with any of these! CAUTION!),
* D-SOUNDS: when handled or moved, the MASTERPIECES tend to make a feminine rustling or swishing sound--such as you might hear when a woman walks by you, wearing some of these undergarments or clothing.
* E-TASTE: do NOT attempt to lick or eat or sample (or injest) any part or portion of any MASTERPIECE! (Not for any internal use!)
And in ordering, you certify that you agree to abide by these rules of sensation and experience.

3. You also agree that you will NOT dis-assemble, damage, or alter any of the MASTERPIECES in any way, shape, or form.

4. You further agree that you will NOT use any of the itmes in the masterpieces for normal clothing! (Do NOT present one of these to your girlfriend as a lingerie gift for her to wear!) Not for clothing or wearing purposes, at all! (This is ART not clothing!)

5. You may trade, sell, or exchange the MASTERPIECES as you see fit, EXCEPT that the purchasing party ALSO must agree to the terms and conditions of sale given here!

6. You will NOT dispose of the Masterpiece in the garbage or other trash! Nor allow it to decompose or suffer weather effects. such as in Out Door conditions. (If you must get rid of it, contact us for proper disposal procedures.)

7. STORAGE ADVISORY: To preserve the MASTERPIECES'S room scenting and air freshening characteristics, it is advisable to keep it stored in a large, sealed plastic bag when not on display, or in a sealed glass display case (Wedding Hutch).

8. If it is discovered that you have broken these rules and terms of sale, then SHADDOX ARTWORKS may chose to repossess the Masterpiece. In such a case, you WILL pay all Court Costs and Collection fees that may be needed for us to rescue and/or insure that the MASTERPIECE will not be further abused! (Abused orbs are considered a direct violation and damage of Danitelo's personal and professional Artistic reputation! And you WILL pay damages for that!)

9. From time to time, if may be necessary to alter or change the terms of Sale. SHADDOX ARTWORKS may do this as it sees fit, and without notice to you. However, you will be expected to keep up the new rules or terms, as well, hence forth. (Consequently, keep in touch with this Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement PAGE! It is your responsibility to keep current!)

10. Futhermore, you CERTIFY by ordering that you are at least 18 years of age or older! (Not for minors or children.) If you order, and you are under age, that is FRAUD! In such a case, the MASTERPIECE will be repossessed, the Court Costs and collection fees charged to your parents, AND the remittance of your payment to us DENIED!


By placing an order, you are saying that you agree to ALL these terms and conditions of sale, and that you will uphold these rules and regulations of ours, for the proper care and maintenance of the Orbs!


We take certified checks and money orders for the amount of sale (and in U.S. dollars, only). Make them out to SHADDOX ARTWORKS. (Personal checks are by permission, only--and that only for qualified, return purchasers!) Moreover, as we do wholesale art, send in your order ON LETTERHEAD or BUSINESS STAIONARY, with your payment, to:

Shaddox Artworks
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Please remember to include your phone number, in case we encounter any difficulties with your order!

Also, we will have to charge a $25.00 service fee for any returned checks (plus any other processing fees we may encounter, with LARGE checks).

Moreover, please note that by ordering, you are acknowledging that you are agreeing to the conditions and regulations of sale, which are given above!.

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Normally, for most regular sized MASTERPIECES, we will ship anywhere in the U.S.A. by UPS--you pay the shipping and handling costs.

Some of the larger or oversized Orbs may require other freight arrangements, which will be charged to you.

In general, we like to avoid International Orders and Shipping. However, if you are willing to pay the added shipping and handling (and proper customs and duties), contact us and we will see about making arrangements--but this will be an added expense and take longer in supplying the delivery. And you will be charged all costs here, including the added time for handling.

Orders are by Project Contract, so please allow 6 - 8 weeks for collection, assembly, and delivery of your MASTERPIECE. (And, keep in mind that I am handicapped, and disabled, and my hands don't function well at times--so I can be cosiderably SLOW. Please, have patience. PLAN AHEAD!!!)


NO CREDIT! Sorry, we are a small, specialty operation and simply have to have costs (about half the wholesale price) BEFORE we can begin collection and construction of your MASTERPIECE.

If you must, you can pay the other half of the payment, when you receive the finished Artwork. But, we prefer FULL pre-payment. (And work priority is assigned to those who pay in FULL first.)

[Panty Raid MINI-ORB]


Occassionally, we find Leonardi fans who have not quite made it all the way to the well-to-do status of most Art Collectors. And, to meet their demand (for less expensive Masterpieces), we sometimes produce Mini-Orbs (about 10 - 12 inches) out of left-over materials. These are not as costly (when we have them) and run around $4,000 for suggest retail and about $2,000 for our wholesale price--for All-Stars composition. (About half of the normal listed wholesale prices for others.) If you are interested in one of these, contact us for current availablity.

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E-Mail Contacts???

The ZDK Foundation, and its popular doorway VELDANTIA, has offered us limited use of their e-mail channels.

You can reach Leonardi by e-mailing Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com! (Be sure to put TERMS OF SALE in the subject box!)

But, please limit your e-mails and do not over-use or abuse this special offer of theirs! (We depend on their generousity, due to my handicapped status.)

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Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 by Danitello Leonardi for Shaddox Artworks
(All Rights reserved!)

Danitello Leonardi PANTY RAID Orbs series (Lingerie Orbs and Fantasy Worlds) and the STUFFED CLOTHING series are also copyrighted and may not be repoduced in any form, without our expressed, written permission!

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