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Danitello Leonardi's

... Absolute ABSTRACT ART

[Engiftment (Divine Flame) Shield)]


A Wild, Wacky World Wonder!

Take a look at his various artforms:

[Women Issues (Heart) Button)] 1. WEDDING ART
for Leonardi Artworks (Abstract Realia) related to nuptials--the ultimate romance art and marriage memorabilia! (Items to be put in your Wedding Hutch, below.)

[TEMPLE (Revival Chapel) Button)] 2. WEDDING HUTCH
the Nuptial Cabinet and Bridal Closet for the ultimate romance remembrance and marriage momentos display case -- Abstract Realia and Surrealistic Diaorama of Leonardi's Art Masterpieces! (Or, more economical: BRIDAL SEAT.)

[Realm Herald (Trumpet) Button)] 3. STUFFED CLOTHING Studio
for Leonardi's Abstract Art (Abstract Realia) Fashion Craze - artistically altered memorabilia of special events in your life (including momentos of your wedding: put in your Wedding Hutch, above)! Leonardi's ultimate soft sculpture! Also, old STUFFED CLOTHING Page.

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield)] 4. ORB GALLERY
for pictures of Leonardi's mindboggling Sci-Fi Romance FANTASY WORLDS (Abstract Art Orbs), including NEW ORB PROPOSALS and the old DETAILS PAGE on these Lingerie Orbs--which you can place on an Orb Pedestal in your Wedding Hutch, above. (And ORB ART PHILOSOPHY for explanations(?) of Lingerie Abstract Art!)

[Viking Ship (Northmen) Shield)] 5. CAMPUS RAIDS for Leonardi's humorous artworks and College Campus Orbs (Panty Raids) - good Fundraisers for your college sports team or pep squad! (The Roots of Abstract Realia with fun and laughs galore.)

[Nordic Peoples (Evergreen) Button)] 6. THE ART MASTER for Leonardi's basic bio information (and how his Artform came to be: and the roots of Absolute Abstract Art)--our Man of Mediavel Mystery!

Yes! And ALL of them a MUST among Art Collectibles for the Cultured Art Buyer!

So, see his works on the Net, at:


For Project proposals or discussions, CONTACT Leonardi or e-mail: Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box LEONARDI ART!)
Other Points of Interest in Leonardi's Web:


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