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Our Sci-Fi Art (A Wild, Wacky World Wonder!)

Yes! Here is the Art Master, crafting a new field of Absolute ABSTRACT ART (Abstract Realia) that combines the elements of Fantasy Art, Romantic Art, Humorous Art, Sci-Fi Art, and abstract art soft sculpture into the Masterpiece of Danitello Leonardi Lingerie Orbs (c) WEDDING ART -- from Campus Stunts (and old fashioned Panty Raids).

So, explore his Sci-Fi Worlds and these ROMANTIC FANTASY ORBS with us, below.

(And if you are an Art Collector or Culture Art Buyer, then this is an absolute MUST have for you! From the New Wave of Abstract Realia!)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield)]BASIC COMPOSITION: (What in the World are these made of???)
The Fantasy Orbs are generally made of a collection of various female lingerie (mostly used or 2nd hand)--such as one might acquire on a traditional old-fashioned campus panty raid--bound, tied and fastened together in a long chain, and wound around into a large orb or ball (such as collectors of string might do to pieces of cord that they happened upon).

Demo Orb is pictured, above, but is not for sale. Others are produced on consignment and are similar but will vary, depending on your order requirements--and availability of materials.

[Spiritual Enlightenment (Book) Shield)] ABSTRACT ART PHILOSOPHY:
Absolute Abstract Art is a Mediavel Realm of heart-feelings, emotions, and experiences (rather than intellectual, head-knowledge), which often results in the same art piece having different meanings to different people, depending on what their perspective on life is--and what your past experiences have been. Thus, this work usually evokes 2 main (perhaps 3? or 4?) but separate paths of thought.

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield)] FEMALE VIEW:
The Danitello Leonardi LINGERIE ORB (c) often metaphysically engages the woman's feelings of romantic experiences and desires -- forming her own, private little FANTASY WORLD. This is what Romantic Art and Fantasy Art are all about! (Yet, on a deeper[?] or different feminine view, a LINGERIE ORB psychologically represents the historical condition and lot of women, who, like their lingerie in the Orb, get bound and tied together [by love, romance, and intimacy], and then wound round into a Ball or World by the pressure of Society, where they tend to be crushed and lose all sense of their individual identity. Thus, this perception sees such an Absolute Abstract Art piece as a work reflecting the historical oppression of women?) But, then, women seem helplessly drawn to this FANTASY ROMANCE WORLD, as the moth is drawn to the flame. (Like gravity urges the falling vase onward--and downward.)

[Men Issues (Arrow) Shield)] MALE VIEW:
Most men, who have gone to college, have either experienced (or heard in detail) about the traditional campus panty raids. Thus, for most men this work tends to symbolize the YOUTHFUL TRIUMPH of a major success or Rite of Passage in life. Often this is represented by capturing and carrying off a some sizeable or notable trophy! (The Cups and Plaques on the mantle or shelf for the athlete or sports fan!) Even if these conquests are only in fantasy -- like they might experience in their dreams or favorite Sci-Fi World. Thus, the masculine perception usually sees the LINGERIE ORB as an Absolute Abstract Art piece symbolizing victory and accomplishment--the spiritual sign of manly coming of age (males pulling off some successful raid, of all kinds, in their lives -- like our Viking ancestors?).

Consequently, this is a MASTERPIECE that either men or women can easily relate to--and eagerly purchase.


[Holy Scriptures (Scroll) Shield)]


How can you dare to have such filth on the Net???

Unfortunately, those Puritans of the Religious Establishment do not share our understanding of the Scriptures. For, if they knew the First Commandment (the very First One that God gave to Mankind), then they would not be saying such things.

For it is written...
...AND GOD SAID UNTO THEM, BE FRUITFUL [prolific], AND MULTIPLY [reproduce]... (Genesis 1:28)

Therefore, conception and repoduction are not dirty nor evil, but are rather following God's Divine Directive!

So, while you are considering your wedding, why not also think about getting your Future Family and Love Life on track, spiritually? (With the right track that God has really laid down in the Scriptures!)

VELDANTIA also has a MEN ISSUES SECTION, and a WOMEN'S ISSUES LITERATURE Section, within Our Ministry of FAMILY. And, as you are thinking of your wedding, why not check with these on how to make your marriage and Family a BIG success?

Descriptions and Prices...

For more information, specific orb compositions, colors, and prices, click on LINGERIE ORB GALLERY!

Orders are by Project Contract, so please allow 6 - 8 weeks for collection, assembly, and delivery of your MASTERPIECE. (And, keep in mind that I am handicapped, and disabled, and my hands don't function well at times--so I can be considerably SLOW. Please, have patience.)

For some information about the Artist, click on DANITELLO LEONARDI!

Or, see his bio infomation on the Net, at:

[Historical Literature (Scroll) Shield)] Curious about HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT:
So, where did this ARTFORM come from? After Danitello's infamous "accident" that left him handicapped and disabled, several of his college friends tried to get him out and about with various wild and crazy activities. Among these was an Internet Scavenger Hunt, to collect rumage from across the Nation. This led to a zany follow up idea of their's to do a National Panty Raid, which failed dismally, as most women were just not willing to donate to that bizarre cause! (See CAMPUS PANTY RAIDS for College Fundraisers.)

However, some time later, Danitello happened upon a good source of women's lingerie, and having acquired a few items and then easily selling them to some of the college crowd, he realized that he might have some kind of a money maker here. And, with his previous Art Talents, he began to try to come up with various artworks that would make this medium truly marketable.

Then, one night, he hit on the idea of doing the Lingerie Orb, and this form of Absolute Abstract Art was born.

Shortly afterwards, it was enhanced and has grown into all the variants you see here, of this Fantasy Art, and Romantic Art, AND WEDDING ART -- offered for contract purchases. (See, these SCI-FI RAMANCE WORLDS in the old LINGERIE ORB DETAILS Page, below...)

So, this is from one of those wild, campus stunts--filled with college pranks and practical jokes (and Our Humorous Art).

But, also, as a serious Art Form that fits with Our own FANTASY of an emerging Sci-Fi World of KoReY. So, despite its obvious humor, the Sci-Fi Romance Worlds or Lingerie Orbs are no joke! They are a real expression of a new Abstarct Art Field! And, a SIGN of a Future, Coming World and UTOPIA! (Our Veldantia)


Abstract Realia is a New Wave Artform that takes items of the real world (such as clothing or lingerie), and twists them into other shapes or forms (geometical designs? Lingerie Orbs!)--or perhaps alters them conceptually into new forms (such as our Lingerie for Men), or sets them out of time and/or place, perhaps surrealistically (our Wedding Memorabilia).

Those who like Abstract Art seem to be developing a passion for this new Artform, too! (Join the New Wave!)

Other spots of interest in Danitello's Web:


For spiritual insights on religious significance and experiences related to these Sci-Fi Romance Worlds, such as SIGNS, see BIBLICAL LINGERIE by Deshund.

Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 by Danitello Leonardi for Shaddox Artworks
(All Rights reserved!)

Danitello Leonard PANTY RAID Orbs series or LINGERIE ORBS are also copyrighted and may not be repoduced in any form, without our expressed, written permission!

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