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... Masterpieces Of Experience, Emotions ... AND ELLEGANCE:

Danitello Leonardi's


[Stuffed Bridal Gown - Gold]




Art Series (c)


ABSTRACT FASHIONS and CLOTHING ART of the Romantic and Heart-felt Events in your life: EVENT MOMENTOS from Major Happenings and Ceremonies!

This Artwork is a form of Danitello Leonardi's ABSTRACT REALIA Soft Sculpture MASTERPIECES (c), which are related to Clothing Art and Abstract Fashions--thus combining Fashion Art with Wedding Art, to produce Event Momentos or Marriage Memorabilia (nostalgic, tangible records of important events in your life). Yes! And a MUST for those Cultured Art Lovers on their Wedding Day (or as memorials to other important occasions)!

Moreover, these Artforms can be crafted into a complete and complex diorama [along with other Danitello Leonardi Item(s)] for a total Memory Sensation Recall of the WEDDING or Romantic Event that you want to treasure! (See WEDDING HUTCH Page.)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield)] [Stuffed Bridal Gown - Rose)]COMPOSITION:
Leonardi's STUFFED CLOTHING series consist mainly of a DRESS or GOWN (or women's fancy or formal outer garment), stuffed with a duffle bag or large long pillow (often the Danitello Leonardi Double 8--see below) filled with various articles of women's clothing (including lingerie or underwear) that reflect (or were at or involved with) important heart-felt events or major happenings in her Life--serving as tangible memory que or nostalgic memorabilia recording her experiences.

For display purposes, Demo Clothes are pictured here, but are not for sale. Others will be produced on consignment for Art Projects and should be similar but will vary, depending on your own order requirements (what you would like to see us do for you)--and availablitiy of materials.

STUFFED CLOTHING PROJECTS are by Art Contract, and take awhile to craft and produce, so please allow 6 - 8 weeks for collection, assembly, and delivery of your MASTERPIECE. Perhaps even 90 days, if you are seeking a difficult production. (And, keep in mind that Danitello is handicapped, and disabled, and his hands don't function well at times [especial in the cold, damp Winter]--so he can be considerably SLOW, occasionally. Please, have patience. And PLAN AHEAD!!!) DEFINITION - ABSTRACT REALIA:
is a New Wave Artform that takes items of the real world (such as clothing or lingerie), and twists them into other shapes or forms (geometical designs? Lingerie Orbs!) -- or perhaps alters them conceptually into new forms (such as DESHUND'S Lingerie for Men), or sets them out of time and/or place, perhaps surrealistically (like Danitello's WEDDING HUTCH!).

Those who like Abstract Art seem to be developing a passion for this new Artform, too! (Join the New Wave!)


ITEMS, Descriptions, and Prices...

Of these Absolute Abstract Art, Soft Sculpture FASHIONS--Stuffed Clothing for Weddings (or other important events):

[Revival Chapel (Wedding Site) Shield]


Bride's gown (or dress suitable for a Bride's gown), stuffed with a duffle or large pillow (Double 8? Or, perhpas a Tard, below?) containing various female clothing--nupital momentos and marriage memorabilia of the typical female wedding experience, as well as Romantic events leading up to that BIG DAY. (Prices will vary widely, depending on the style and material of the gown you choose--or save some money and supply your own gown to be preserved. Occasionaly, we may even decorate some with costume jewelry, for added effect (and higher price), or even real jewels at considerable EXTRA cost!) CONTACT us for PROJECT CONSIDERATIONS (or estimates).

For pictures and examples (and prices) of this Bridal Art see:

1. MODERN MAID - "Melanie"
(NOTE: various views of "Melanie" can be seen on this Page.)

2. SOUTHERN BELLE - "Sylvia"

3. L.A. SOCIALITE - "Linda"


[Abrahamic (Night Stars--Dreamers) Shield]


Bridesmaid gown (or dress suitable for a Bridesmaid's gown or evening dress), stuffed with a duffle or large pillow (Double 8? Or, perhaps even a Tard, below) containing various female clothing--momentos of the typical female experiences, leading up to her best friend's wedding. Useful for decorations as supporters of the Wedding at the Ceremony--later they can be given as gifts, to help your friends remember their part in the joyful occassion!

For pictures and examples (and prices) of this Bridal Art see:


[Women Issues (Heart) Shield]


Formal or Prom Gown (or dress suitable for a Prom or nice evening dress), stuffed with a duffle or large pillow (Double 8?) containing various female clothing--momentos of the typical female experience, of her first Formal or Major Prom, Dance or other Romantic Event in her life. Useful for decorations as supporters of the Formal or Prom Event (major Balls)--later they can be given as gifts, to help your friends remember their part in this joyful occassion! Similar Bridesmaid's Stuffed Clothing, above. (Prices will vary, depending on just exactly what you want, but as a rough rule of thumb, these will often run in the ranges of the FORMAL ORBS or BRIDESMAID'S ORBS--see LINGERIE ORB GALLERY.)

No pictures or examples of this Artform are yet available. (But, take a look at the Bride's Maid, above.)

[F.A.R. (Futuristic Bride) Shield]


TARDS are made by taking a standard dance leotard (with tights) and stuffing them with various articles of female clothing (usually underwear, too), as a colage and collection of feminine experiences and events--from your Wedding, Romantic Events, Graduation, or other Life events. These make excellent supports or display stands for the above gowns or dresses, and provide a fancy way of presenting them--they really round out a WEDDING HUTCH diorama! So, we highly recommend them for the Artistic flair that they add! Suggested Retail is about $3,950 and we offer for wholesale at around $1,995.

No pictures or examples of this Artform are yet available.

[KoReY Heritage Worlds (Futuristic) Shield)]


ANDRENA are made similar to TARDS, by taking a standard dance leotard (with tights) and stuffing them with various articles of female clothing (including lingerie--usually 2nd Hand)--HOWEVER, rather than being a colage and collection of feminine experiences and events for the lady, these SOFT SCULPTURE ROBOTS are designed as abstract art nuptial momentos or even marriage memorabilia (Romantic Art) for men. (Something like the Science Fiction Fantasy of having your very own female android? Or perhaps even the weirder Stepford Wives or the trekkie I MUDD routine?) Suggested Retail is about $4,975 and we offer for wholesale at around $2,995.

No pictures or examples of this Artform are yet available.

For project discussion on any of these specialty artworks, CONTACT Leonardi at Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box STUFFED CLOTHING!)

[Star-Lords (Celestial Nobles) Shield)]


Both TARDS and ANDRENA can be futher decorated by us with additional clothing and/or historical costuming, depending on your wishes and desires (or diorama design).

However, there will be an additional charge for this, which is going to vary, depending on what clothing and fashion styles (or historical time, culture, or civilization) you want.

QUITE popular are ellegant evening wear or formals (complete with garter belt and nylon stockings) and other Romantic decorations or effects--but these also add considerably to the expenses.

Another popular variant are for sports styles: such as tennis outfits, ballet attire, or uniformed as a rally girl or cheerleader (occasionally, the western cowgirl can-can dancer).

Also, a favorite accessory are evening gloves (so that the clothing will appear to have hands). Usually around $100.

For project discussion on any of these specialty artworks, CONTACT Leonardi at Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box HISTORIC COSTUMES!)

Double 8 Pillow???

The Double 8 Pillow is a speciality Leonardi design (c). It looks something like a squashed violin case, and tends to fill stuffed clothing out with the more hour glass feminine figure form.

Double 8s are usually make of silk or satin for the wedding occasion. Colors are often beige or pale pink (skin tones) or white or light blue. A dark black velvit one can also be made, for a fancier look.

They also tend to be less expensive than Tards, so many people do make use of them--though we recommend the Tards for the Artistic effect that they provide.


STUFFED CLOTHING is normally produced without heads. However, if this is your wish, we can add a manequin head, with wig, via a turtleneck, to your stuffed clothing design.

HOWEVER, this is going to add considerably to your purchase price, as manequin art often runs more expensive than our Abstract Art Soft Sculpture. But, if you really want a head on it, we can do it! (Just be prepared to pay!)

Less expensive, plain pillow heads are also available, if you need to watch a budget.

[Cloud Castle (Fantasy) Shield)] [Stuffed Bridal Gown - Green]


While some (who are not Artistic nor used to Abstract Art) sit and wonder what you use STUFFED CLOTHING for, we often get a lot of perfectly normal requests for them. Such as:

1 - WEDDING DECORATIONS tend to head the list. (See Leonardi's WEDDING HUTCH!)

2 - Next are WEDDING GIFTS, as Brides often supply their best friends with momentos of the Wedding, and the events leading up to it, with STUFFED CLOTHING as Nuptial Memorabilia of that BIG DAY.

3 - Often, we are asked to make them for special events, as some important occasion has occured and needs to be remembered (often these are romantic events or occasions of the heart--which the women want to savor).

4 - Occassionally, we are asked to make them for men as gifts for their special woman, on her birthday or anniversary--or as a sweetheart's gift on Valentine's Day (far more impressive, and romantic, than the old standard of a dozen roses!)

5 - Sometimes, we get women who want to use them as something of a scarecrow, to ride in their car with them, to appear as if they have a female companion travelling with them on their trips. It is soft, subtle security--but many women like that security blanket!!!

6 - And, yes, we get a few men, often divorced men, who find STUFFED CLOTHING a good vacuum filler: to sit across the dinner table or next to them on the couch while they watch T.V.--to make up for their missing wife. (Hey, if it works for you, it works for us! And, if it is good therapy, why not?)

PERSONALIZATION??? Individualizing!!!

Once in a while, we get some sensitive person who wants to remember their own very special event(s). And to do so, they want us to use the clothing that they wore while they were experiencing that important occasion. Thus, making a very personalized STUFFED CLOTHING Masterpiece. We will comply with such a request, PROVIDED that, you either:

A - don't mind if we DO NOT reduce the price to do so, but charge you as if we supplied the clothing... OR

B - you make a donation of your other, no longer used clothing to our efforts, for other Projects, so that we can recover the costs by selling Art from them to others (NOTE: be sure to plainly lable which you want for your project and which you are donating for our use!!!) Moreover, such donations should be at least of an equivalent (or greater) volume and quality as the batch that you want made into your Artwork!

We do not do monograming or other lettering or markings, though various other decorations can be worked into the Artwork, at additional cost.

[Spiritual Enlightenment (Book) Shield)] ABSTRACT ART PHILOSOPHY:
Absolute Abstract Art is a Mediavel Realm of heart-feelings, emotions, and experiences (rather than intellectual, head-knowledge), which often results in the same art piece having different meanings to different people, depending on what their perspective on life is--and what your past experiences have been. Thus, this work usually evokes 2 separate paths of thought.

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield)] FEMALE VIEW:
The Danitello Leonardi STUFFED CLOTHING series (c) serves as a psychological record of the hightened and tangled emotions of women during some of the important events of their Life (such as on their Wedding Day), as they bring all of their pleasant delights (dress, lingerie, perfumes) to experience and mentally record the sensations of those notable days (marriage memorabilia)!

Thus, for women, it is a feminine, Artistic expression of the hightened (and enjoyable) emotions of their romantic and emotional times and experiences!

[Men Issues (Arrow) Shield)] MALE VIEW:
Many men GASP at women throwing away good money on tons of clothes, that they rarely or never wear, rather holding them in their closets as keepsakes of important events or major happenings in their Life. (Yeah, what waste, huh, guys?) But, STUFFED CLOTHING Artworks are usually seen by men as a good, sound investments: they will last for years (if properly taken care off), and can be inherited by your descendants, like other Artwork! Moreover, they tend to retain value, and in a economic pinch, they usually can be sold or auctioned off, like other Art.

(Moreover, men have emotions, too, though they may not like to admit it. And some guys also like momentos to remember important events and major romantic happenings in their lives!)

Consequently, Men tend to like (and value) this Artwork, too!

Therefore, this is a MASTERPIECE Artwork that either a Woman or Man can relate to--and purchase.


Remember, all sales of STUFFED CLOTHING are subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leonardi Artworks.

If you are unfamiliar with these, be sure to read them on our TERMS PAGE! And before you make a purchase, as you will be bound to them.

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